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For a guide about all content currently released in this update, see Bedrock Edition guides/The Wild Update.

1.19.0 (Android, iOS, iPadOS, Fire, Windows, Xbox, PlayStation) or 1.19.1 (Nintendo Switch), the first release of The Wild Update, is a major update to Bedrock Edition released on June 7, 2022.[1] The update was first announced on October 16, 2021 during Minecraft Live 2021. It introduces the deep dark biome, the mangrove swamp biome, mobs like the allay, the frog, the tadpole, the warden, and some new items included like sculk blocks and other items that are useful and for decorations.



Pearlescent Froglight BE2Verdant Froglight BE2Ochre Froglight BE2 Froglight
  • Dropped by small magma cubes when they are eaten by frogs.[2]
  • Has three variants: pearlescent (purple), verdant (green), and ochre (yellow).
    • Which variant is dropped depends on the frog variant that eats the magma cube.
      • A pearlescent froglight is dropped if a warm (white) frog eats the magma cube.
      • A verdant froglight is dropped if a cold (green) frog eats the magma cube.
      • An ochre froglight is dropped if a temperate (orange) frog eats the magma cube.
  • Emits a light level of 15.
Frog Spawn BE2 Frogspawn
  • Non-solid blocks that can be placed on the surface of water.
    • Disappears when water under the frogspawn is gone.
  • Can't be obtained in survival: does not drop upon breaking, even with Silk Touch.
  • Is laid by frogs after mating when they are bred with slimeballs.
  • Hatches tadpoles after some time.
    • Tadpole variant depends on the biome where it grows into a frog.
Mangrove Leaves Mangrove Leaves
  • Generated in mangrove trees.
  • A decorative block.
  • Can grow mangrove propagules if bone meal is used on it.
Mangrove Log Mangrove Log
  • Generated as a part of mangrove trees, which are located in mangrove swamps.
  • Can be crafted into mangrove planks and wood.
  • Has a stripped variant as well.
Mangrove Planks Mangrove Planks
Mangrove Propagule JE1 BE1 Mangrove Propagule[3]
  • A new type of sapling which grows into a mangrove tree when planted.
  • Grows underneath mangrove leaves.
    • Can be grown by applying bone meal to mangrove leaves, grows from the exposed bottom of it.
    • Propagules can also grow spontaneously from leaves, but only if they're naturally generated (not player placed leaves).
    • Have 4 stages to fully grown, can be accelerated with bone meal.
  • Can break off a fully grown one, plant it to growing a mangrove tree.
  • Can be planted both on land and underwater.
  • Can be placed in flower pots.
  • Bees can pollinate them.
  • Bees follow players holding them and can be bred with them.
Mangrove Roots Mangrove Roots
  • A see-through decorative block just like leaves, but can be waterlogged.
    • Water currently doesn't spread outwards like with other waterlogged blocks.
  • Mining faster when using axes.
  • Unlike leaves, it does not break when moved by a piston.
  • Has unique sounds.
Mangrove Wood Mangrove Wood
  • A new type of wood, as well as a stripped variant.
  • Can be used to craft mangrove planks.
Mud Mud
Mud Bricks JE1 BE1 Mud Bricks
Muddy Mangrove Roots Muddy Mangrove Roots
  • Found in mangrove swamp biomes.
  • Can be crafted from 1 mud and 1 mangrove roots.
  • This is a full block, not like lichen.
  • Unlike regular roots, they are an opaque block that can't be waterlogged.
Packed Mud JE1 BE1 Packed Mud
  • Can be crafted from 1 mud and 1 wheat.
  • Can be used to craft mud bricks.
Reinforced Deepslate Reinforced Deepslate
  • Is not craftable.
  • Can be broken, but won't drop anything, even with Silk Touch.
  • Is completely blast-resistant, is immune to withers and ender dragons, and takes an incredibly long amount of time to mine (82.5 seconds, which is almost 9 times longer than obsidian with a diamond pickaxe).
  • Cannot be moved with pistons.
Sculk BE1 Sculk
  • Generates in the deep dark biome.
  • Has an animated texture.
  • Drops only experience when broken without Silk Touch.
    • Does not drop anything or experience when blown up with TNT.
  • Sculk blocks grow when a mob dies near a sculk catalyst.
Sculk Catalyst Sculk Catalyst
  • Generates in the deep dark biome.
  • Emits soul particles after a mob dies within 8 blocks, and grows sculk related blocks.
    • Spreads sculk blocks to wherever a nearby mob dies. The amount it spreads depends on the amount of experience the mob is meant to drop.
      • Even if the mob doesn't drop experience as it wasn't killed by a player, the blocks would still spread based on the amount of experience it normally drops.
      • Experience does not drop in these cases.
    • The charge decays over time, faster the furthest away from the catalyst it moves.
      • If a charge decays more than 4 blocks away from the catalyst, it has a chance of creating either a sculk sensor (90%) or a sculk shrieker (10%).
      • If a charge decays more than 24 blocks away from the catalyst, it merely vanishes.
  • Drops only experience when broken without Silk Touch.
  • Emits a light level of 6.
  • Sculk Catalyst Bloom Blooms when activated.
Sculk Shrieker JE1 BE2 Sculk Shrieker
  • Generates in the deep dark biome.
  • Has two soul-shaped patterns in the center.
  • Has the ability to "shriek", emitting ring-like/sonic particles.
    • Is activated by a sculk sensor, redstone signal or player's stepping.
    • Gives players the Darkness effect when activated.
    • If activated three times, a warden is summoned from the ground.
      • Player has 4 levels of warning_level (0-3), everytime activated, the levels increased by 1, and never decrease.
      • If a player had successfully summoned a warden, only one attempt is required to summon a warden next time.
  • Drops only experience when broken without Silk Touch.
  • Has a can_summon blockstate, which determines it summon a warden or not.
    • Set to true by default for sculk shriekers placed via worldgen.
    • Set to false by default for sculk shriekers placed by a player or generated via sculk spread.
Sculk Vein BE1 Sculk Vein
  • Generates in the deep dark biome on the edge of sculk patches.
  • Generates in a layer on top of blocks, similar to snow.
  • Can be placed in all directions, like glow lichen.
  • Has an animated texture.
  • Drops nothing when broken without Silk Touch.
  • Some have parts that are transparent, allowing the player to see the block it is on top of.
  • Can be waterlogged.


Bucket of Tadpole JE1 BE1 Bucket of Tadpole
  • Added bucket of tadpole, can be obtained by catching a tadpole using a water bucket.
Disc Fragment 5 JE1 Disc Fragment
  • A fragment of the Music Disc "5", which can be crafted into the disc.
  • Can be obtained only from the chests in the ancient cities. They are extremely rare and hard to obtain.
Echo Shard JE1 BE1 Echo Shard
Goat Horn Goat Horn
  • Drops when a goat rams coal ore, emerald ore, iron ore, log, packed ice, or stone.
  • Can play a loud sound that can be heard from afar, with a cooldown around 8 seconds between each use.
  • Have 8 variants, each variant have their unique sound.
    • "Ponder", "Sing", "Seek", "Feel" can be obtained from the regular goats' ramming, or the chest in pillager outposts with 100% chance.
    • "Admire", "Call", "Yearn", "Resist" can only be obtained from the screaming goats' ramming.
    • The variant of horn that a goat may drop is completely random.
Mangrove Boat (item) JE2 Mangrove Boat
  • A new type of boat, crafted with mangrove planks.
Music Disc 5 JE1 Music Disc 5
  • A new music disc, by Samuel Åberg, titled "5".
  • Obtained by restoring it from a fragmented state: can be obtained only through crafting by using 9 "Disc Fragment 5"s.
  • Track is similar in nature to 11.
Recovery Compass JE1 BE1 Recovery Compass
  • A new type of compass which can point to the last place where player died.
  • Randomly spins if not held by a player, the player hasn't died, or when the player is not in the same dimension of the death point.
  • Can be crafted with a compass surrounded by 8 echo shards.
Spawn Eggs
  • Allay Spawn Egg JE1 BE1 Allay spawn egg.
  • Frog Spawn Egg JE1 BE1 Frog spawn egg.
  • Tadpole Spawn Egg JE1 BE1 Tadpole spawn egg.
  • Warden Spawn Egg JE1 BE1 Warden spawn egg.


Allay Allay
  • Voted to be in the update during Minecraft Live 2021.
  • Can find dropped blocks or items for a player, collecting the same items from the world as it holds in its hand.
    • Picks up dropped items in loaded chunks and can carry up to a stack at a time,[6] and cannot duplicate items[7] or take items out of chests.[8] It drops its collected items when in range of a note block.
    • Allay collects an item within 32 blocks of the player.
  • If holding an item it got from a player, it follows that player.
    • It can be made to hold an item by interacting with the allay.
    • The item can also be removed by interacting with the allay while with an empty hand.
  • Able to drop items at nearby note blocks, and stay close to a note block that has been played near them.
  • When playing a note block near them, that note block becomes their favorite one for 30 seconds, and they attempt to drop off items at the note block rather than at the player.
    • Connecting with note blocks is visualized by the vibration particle.
    • Connecting with note blocks can be blocked by wool, by placing wool between the allay and the note block.
  • If they have items in their inventory, they attempt to give them to their owner.
  • Sometimes spawn in cages next to pillager outposts (similar to iron golem), and inside woodland mansions.
  • Has a delay for picking new items after delivering items (3 seconds).
  • Immune to damage from its owner while holding an item.
  • Have 20♥ × 10 health points and a natural health regeneration of 2♥ per second.
Temperate Frog JE1 BE1Cold Frog JE1 BE1Warm Frog JE1 BE1 Frog
  • Comes in three variants: temperate, warm, and cold.
    • The temperate variant is orange, the warm variant is white, and the cold variant is green.
  • Can croak, jump, swim, and slowly walk on land.
    • Are able to jump over 5 blocks.
    • Frogs are faster in water than on land.
    • Prefer to jump to lily pad and big dripleaf.
  • Are able to target specific mobs as food, using a base attack strength of 10.
  • Can be tempted and bred using slimeballs.
    • Lay eggs on water after mating.
  • Grow from tadpoles.
    • Variants depend on the temperature of the biome it turns from a tadpole to a frog in.
  • Have 10♥♥♥♥♥ health points.
Tadpole Tadpole
  • Grows up into a frog 20 minutes after birth, which can be sped up using slimeballs.
    • Frog type depends on which temperature it grows in.
  • Can be held in a water bucket.
  • Jump around like fish when on land, and eventually die.
    • Panics on land and pathfinds to a nearby water source.
  • Are hunted down by axolotls.
    • Also panics if there are axolotls nearby.
  • Have 6♥♥♥ health points.
Warden JE1 BE1 Warden
  • The first fully blind mob (bats have basic eyesight, both in-game and in the real world).
    • Because of this, it stumbles as it walks.
    • Has a sense of smell. It can detect and pathfind toward the general location of a player or mob through a "smelling" action.
      • Prioritizes smelling the player or mob that it is most suspicious of, rather than the one closest to it.
    • Has a sense of vibration. When sensing movement, it pathfinds toward the source of the movement.
      • It follows and attacks players, mobs, and other entities that make vibrations.[note 1]
        • It does not attack other wardens.
      • When it detects a vibration, the growths on its head rattle and light up, similar to the sculk sensor.
        • Seems to follow the same rules as the sculk sensor when detecting vibrations.
        • If any projectile (e.g. egg, snowball, arrow) lands near it, the warden inspects the location where the projectile landed, due to the projectile creating significant vibrations. This feature can be used in order to cause a distraction.
      • Does not detect players that are sneaking.
    • Can detect players or mobs that have the Invisibility effect.
  • Becomes more suspicious of a player or mob as it detects its location more through vibrations and/or smelling. When it suspects the target enough, it identifies its exact location, which aggravates it, causing it to pathfind toward the target to attack regardless of outside distractions.
  • Spawns in the deep dark biome, specifically when a player activates sculk shriekers four times.
    • It is the only mob that spawns in the deep dark biome.
  • "Emerges" from the ground when spawned by sculk shriekers.
    • Digs back into the ground when it doesn't sense any vibration after 60 seconds.
      • Like how name tags prevent despawning, name tags can also prevent wardens from being able to burrow back to the ground.
  • A mob designed to be extremely difficult, intended to be avoided and fled from.
    • Has 500♥ × 250 health points and does 30♥ × 15 damage on Normal difficulty, bringing players wearing full netherite armor from full health to 7♥♥♥♥ health points. Wardens also disable shields when they hit the players with their fists, and are at least as fast as a walking player. (More health than a wither (300♥ × 150) except in BE, hard mode, where Wither HP = 600♥ × 300)
  • Warden's chest has a glowing core that appears to brighten and dim in tandem with the Darkness effect.
    • The core creates a low throbbing or "heartbeat" sound as it pulses. The sound and animation speed up rapidly as the warden gets more suspicious of or closer to attacking a player or mob.
  • Is about 3.5 blocks tall, making it one of the tallest mobs in the game, exceeding the iron golem and enderman in height and width (the same).
    • Wardens have long melee reach, being able to hit the player when on top of a four block pillar, thus making it capable of countering certain cheese tactics, such as pillaring.
  • Can charge a ranged attack when the player is building high, hiding behind walls or being out of range of their melee attack.
    • Their rib cages open up to shriek a sonically charged ranged attack that can penetrate walls and bypasses shields and armor.
    • The ranged attack deals 10♥♥♥♥♥ damage in Normal and can hit at a horizontal distance of 15 blocks.
    • The ranged attack can hit only one target at a time.
  • Is immune to lava and knockback.
  • Drops a sculk catalyst upon death.

Non-mob entities[]

BoatsWithChests MinecraftLive2021

An image of two variants of the Boat with Chest shown during Minecraft Live 2021

Oak Boat with Chest JE2 BE1Spruce Boat with Chest JE2 BE1Birch Boat with Chest JE2 BE1Jungle Boat with Chest JE2 BE1Acacia Boat with Chest JE2 BE1Dark Oak Boat with Chest JE2 BE1Mangrove Boat with Chest JE2 BE1 Boat with Chest
  • Similar to a minecart with chest, but with a boat instead of a minecart, so the player can take a journey on the water and carry things.
  • Can hold only one entity.
  • Crafted by combining a chest with any boat.
  • Comes in different wood plank variants, including the dark oak, jungle, and the newly added mangrove wood plank variant.
  • Opening its inventory makes nearby adult piglins angry.
  • Breaking it drops itself and all its items.

World generation[]

Ancient City
Deep Dark
  • New biome at the "deepest depths of the world".
  • Tends to generate under continental/mountainous areas, exclusively within the deepslate layer between Y=-1 and Y=-64.
  • Ancient Cities can generate here.
  • Wardens can spawn here through the activation of sculk shriekers.
  • The surface contains patches of sculk-related blocks.
  • With the exception of spawners, no mobs other than wardens can spawn there, similar to mushroom fields.
Mangrove Swamp
  • A new swamp biome with teal water that often generates in warmer clusters, usually next to jungles and deserts.
  • Contains mangrove trees, a new type of tree, and are the only trees that can generate there (unlike the regular swamp, that can also generate oak trees).
  • Naturally spawns warm frogs and slimes, but there are no sheep, cows, pigs or chickens.
  • Does not generate witch huts.
  • The floor is coated with a layer of mud which goes all the way from the surface down to stone.
  • Tropical fish can spawn in water.
  • Water fog color is pale green instead of yellow like in the normal swamp.
Mangrove Trees
  • New type of tree variant that is found in mangrove swamp biomes.
  • Has an unique shape, with a root system of mangrove roots leading up to a forking trunk and mangrove leaves.
    • Composed of mangrove logs.
    • Generated roots composed of mangrove root blocks.
    • Has propagules hanging from the leaves of the tree.
    • Moss carpet generates on top of some roots.
  • Grows from mangrove propagules.
  • It has a chance to generate a bee nest.


Death messages
  • Added new death messages to wardens' ranged attack:
    • "<player> was obliterated by a sonically-charged shriek".
  • Added the Swift Sneak enchantment.
    • This enchantment can be found exclusively in chests in ancient cities.
    • Cannot be obtained by fishing, enchanting, or other loot chests, similar to Soul Speed.
    • Has a total of three levels.
    • Only available for leggings.
    • Allow the player to walk faster while sneaking, up to 75% of normal speed at level III.
Status effects
  • Darkness Darkness
    • A status effect triggered by the sculk shrieker, causing the player's camera to dim in brightness, thus limiting the vision of players.
    • Lowers the gamma down at an equivalent of “Moody” while having this effect.


  • A new accessibility slider has been added in the options menu called “Darkness Effect Strength”.
    • It controls how dark the Darkness effect gets when a Warden or Sculk Shrieker gives it to the player.
  • Added new particles:
    • Sculk Soul minecraft:sculk_soul_particle
      • Sculk Catalyst Bloom Emitted by sculk catalysts when activated by sculk sensors.
    • Shriek minecraft:shriek_particle
      • Sculk shriek particles Emitted by sculk shriekers when activated by sculk sensors.
    • minecraft:sculk_charge_pop_particle and minecraft:sculk_charge_particle
    • minecraft:sculk_sensor_redstone_particle
      • Active Sculk Sensor JE1 Emitted by sculk sensors when activated by players.
  • Added the following splash text:
    • "Shriek like a Sculk Shrieker!"
    • "Who let the frogs out?"
    • "RIBBIT!"
    • "Croak team!"
    • "Nooooooooooooo!"
    • "Flower forest TM perfume"
    • "Hat Fridays!"



Brewing stand
  • Slightly changed its texture, to make their arms connect to their bases.
End portal frame
  • Slightly changed its texture, to make better transition with the end stone texture.
End rod
  • Removed unused pixels in its texture.
  • Slightly changed its side texture, to match other dirt-based blocks.
Sculk sensor
  • Now available without enabling experimental gameplay.
  • Generates in the deep dark biome.
  • Can only be obtained with Silk Touch, otherwise it drops experience.
  • Detects vibrations 9 blocks or less away.
    • Cannot detect vibrations on any wool block or wool carpet.
    • Cannot detect players if they sneak.
      • Always activates when stepped on, even when sneaking.
  • Able to activate sculk shriekers when activated (spreads vibrations to the nearest shrieker).
    • Able to communicate with wardens by activating sculk shriekers.


  • Changed item textures of all previously existing boats.


Endermen, Skeletons, and Wither Skeletons
  • Now spawn from light level 0 to 11 in the nether, which is wider range than before.
  • Now can drop 2 horns each.
    • The number of horns left to drop is represented on the model.
Spiders and Cave spiders
  • Fixed texture mapping of both types of spiders.
Wandering trader

Non-mob entities[]

Minecart with Chest, Minecart with Furnace, Minecart with TNT and Minecart with Hopper
  • Crafting recipes are now shapeless.
  • Now drop themselves when broken.


  • The places where the following existing music can be played are changed:
    • "Stand Tall", "Wending", and "Infinite Amethyst" can no longer be played in the main menu.
    • "Left to Bloom" and "One More Day" can no longer be played in the main menu, can be played in all types of forests, jungles, and old growth taigas.
    • "Floating Dream" and "Comforting Memories" can be played in all types of forests, jungles, and old growth taigas.


Performance / Stability
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during splitscreen play
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when lightning hits a Lightning Rod in certain scenarios
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur on some Marketplace worlds
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when players are battling each other and both players are wearing Thorns enchanted armor (MCPE-153593)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when players died while affected by Wither
  • Fixed a crash which could occur when trading with a villager that last traded with a disconnected player
  • Fixed a crash that would occasionally occur in villages on iOS
  • Cleaned up leftover biome/block/light memory when leaving a world
  • Fixed an issue that caused Marketplace downloads to get stuck in queue (MCPE-54531)
  • Fixed being unable to edit characters in the Dressing Room on Nintendo Switch (MCPE-156209)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to take fall damage after getting into a bed while falling (MCPE-153122)
  • Fixed issue where the Invert Y Axis setting was not working correctly with touch controls
  • The player can now slide from movement directions to jump and not get interrupted when jump and sneak are swapped on 'Classic’ touch controls (MCPE-151149)
World Generation
  • Several improvements to level chunk blending
  • Fixed an issue causing baby llamas to fire llama spit from above their head (MCPE-144948)
  • Mirrored the spider's left legs (MCPE-152927)
  • Mobs do not get stuck into open trapdoors anymore (MCPE-154106)
  • Fixed an issue causing the parrot's head to always face the player while riding the player. (MCPE-152510)
  • Villagers will no longer begin sleeping while riding something near a bed
  • Illagers are now allowed to migrate to other villages and progress raids (MCPE-151310)
  • Trader llamas can now breed after being fed hay bales
  • Trader llamas will no longer be persistent after being unleashed from the wandering trader (MCPE-102302)
  • Fences and walls no longer connect to bells and brewing stands (MCPE-152757)
  • Fixed a bug where the brewing stand's arms textures did not touch the base (MCPE-152932)
  • Moved the brewing stand's base UVs and updated the base texture
  • Fixed the brewing stand's arms rotation
  • Created a better transition between the end portal frame side texture and the end stone (MCPE-152930)
  • Removed unused pixels in the end rod texture (MCPE-152929)
  • Updated the mycelium's side texture to match other dirt-based textures (MCPE-152928)
  • Fixed light blocks being destroyable from within while underwater (MCPE-148393)
  • Fixed a bug where end crystal beams would point far above their target blocks
  • Blocks affected by gravity now fall correctly on replaceable blocks (MCPE-152937)
  • Slabs can once again be placed continuously (MCPE-151887)
  • Torches can no longer be placed on bells
  • Updated boat item icon textures to make them consistent with Java Edition (MCPE-153353)
  • Fixed incorrect names for white dye, black dye, brown dye, and blue dye (MCPE-153522)
  • Fixed a bug where an undamaged tool, such as a pickaxe, when name-changed on an anvil, would fail to work correctly when used for the first time (MCPE-152637)
  • The recipes for minecart with chest/hopper/TNT are now shapeless
  • Fixed a bug where the trident, bow, spyglass and crossbow would not render when picked up by a fox (MCPE-135346)
  • Fixed a bug causing z-fighting to occur on bottom of player’s head while wearing a skull (MCPE-149125)
  • Each minecart variant (chest/hopper/TNT) drops itself as a single item when broken, instead of splitting into two items (such as chest and minecart)
  • Fixed an issue that caused Leads to render on top of glass (MCPE-145764)
  • Fixed a bug causing the fire animation to flicker when the player is standing in a lava cauldron while in Creative mode (MCPE-148999)
  • Fixed an issue that could cause severe visual glitches when using emotes more than once (MCPE-155049)
  • Fixed graphical corruption issues on Android devices (MCPE-155509)
User Interface
  • Minor changes have been made for Xbox players when switching accounts while the game is open. See this article for details
  • Shift-clicking items will once again combine items of same type into a stack (MCPE-153992)
  • Added settings to change duration of notifications
  • The "Submit Feedback" button is now described as a link by Text-To-Speech
  • Added appropriate messaging when there is no internet connection on Xbox devices
  • Fixed enchantment option on Pocket UI Profile not being displayed
  • Fixed a bug where items could be dropped by clicking in the dark gray area of the left side of the player inventory when using a furnace, blast furnace, smoker, enchanting table, grindstone, brewing stand, anvil, beacon, and smithing table
  • Players can now sign in with a QR code on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles
  • Featured Servers message text is no longer centered
  • "Controller lost connection" prompt will now be shown after the world generation screen if a controller was disconnected while on that screen
Wandering Trader
  • The wandering trader no longer opens or closes doors (MCPE-113452)
  • The wandering trader now randomly moves around (MCPE-45756)
  • The wandering trader now matches Java Edition's drinking sounds (MCPE-47057)
  • The wandering trader now has disappear/reappear sound effects when gaining/losing the Invisibility effect
  • The wandering trader can now be named with a name tag (this will not prevent it from despawning)
  • Shulkers are now fire immune (MCPE-33236)
  • Shulkers now remain in upright position in vehicles (MCPE-115269)
  • Shulkers no longer fail to spawn when there’s another shulker at relative negative y and x axis


  1. The Warden does not attack non-mob entities but it does follow the vibrations that they make.