Bedrock Edition

Planned release date


Development versions

1.18.10 is an upcoming minor update to Bedrock Edition, with no set release date, which will fix bugs and bring more parity with Java Edition.[1]



Banner patterns
  • Added a new "Globe" banner pattern.

Command format

  • Used for players deal damage to entities.
  • Re-added to the game.


  • Added new "Wild Update" toggle.
  • Added "Thumbstick Opacity" option to the touch controls settings.



  • Slightly changed the hammer texture on its GUI.
  • Changed the bottom texture to match the spruce planks.
Big Dripleaf
  • Texture of crop stage3 was changed from Carrots Age 3 JE2 BE2.png to Carrots Age 3 JE3.png , removed an extra pixel.
Cartography Table
  • Texture was changed from Cartography Table JE2 BE1.png to Cartography Table JE3.png , to match the dark oak planks texture after being updated a second time in the Texture Update.
Cave Vines
  • Changed cave vines plant texture from Cave Vines Plant JE2.png Cave Vines Plant (berries) JE2.png to Cave Vines Plant JE1 BE1.png Cave Vines Plant (berries) JE1 BE1.png .
Cocoa Beans
  • Textures of cocoa pods (stage0 and stage1) were changed.
Dirt Path
  • Side texture was changed to better match its top texture.
  • Changed spruce door's model,[verify] to fix top/bottom texture.
  • Changed textures of oak doors and iron doors to remove a horizontal line.
Glass Pane
  • Top texture was changed to better match its side texture.
Glow Lichen
  • Now emits with light level 7, instead of 10.
  • Base texture was changed to match the oak planks texture after being updated a second time in the Texture Update.
  • Changed the top texture of dark oak log.
  • Changed the side texture of stripped dark oak log, to match the color of its top texture.
Redstone Comparator
Stained Glass
  • Changed textures of blue stained glass and red stained glass, to match transparency of other types of stained glass.


Beetroot Seeds and Melon Seeds
  • Textures were moved down by 1 pixel.
  • Changed item textures from Oak Boat (item) JE4 BE3.png Spruce Boat (item) JE2 BE3.png Birch Boat (item) JE2 BE3.png Jungle Boat (item) JE2 BE3.png Acacia Boat (item) JE2 BE3.png Dark Oak Boat (item) JE2 BE3.png to Oak Boat (item) BE4.png Spruce Boat (item) BE4.png Birch Boat (item) BE4.png Jungle Boat (item) BE4.png Acacia Boat (item) BE4.png Dark Oak Boat (item) BE4.png . The paddles now represent their respective wood color (except spruce) and the inside rims of the boats are darker.
Campfire and Soul Campfire
  • Changed the item textures from Campfire (item) JE1 BE1.png Soul Campfire (item) JE1 BE1.png to Campfire (item) JE2.png Soul Campfire (item) JE2.png .
Wooden Doors and Iron Door
  • Changed the item textures of all doors except crimson and warped from Birch Door (item) JE3 BE1.png Spruce Door (item) JE3 BE1.png Jungle Door (item) JE4 BE2.png Acacia Door (item) JE3 BE1.png Dark Oak Door (item) JE3 BE1.png Iron Door (item) JE2 BE2.png to Birch Door (item) JE4.png Spruce Door (item) JE4.png Jungle Door (item) JE5.png Acacia Door (item) JE4.png Dark Oak Door (item) JE4.png Iron Door (item) JE3.png .
Item Frames and Glow Item Frames
  • Changed the item textures from Item Frame (item) JE2 BE2.png Glow Item Frame (item) JE1 BE1.png to Item Frame (item) JE3.png Glow Item Frame (item) JE2.png .


  • Texture of the wild axolotl was changed.
Evoker, Vindicator and Witch
  • Removed hoods in their textures.
  • The bottom texture of all parrots' wings has been flipped.
  • Now attack snow golems again.
Iron Golem
  • Now starts cracking upon losing health.
    • A sound plays on every cracking stage.
      • There are 4 stages, from uncracked to fully cracked, before the golem dies.
  • Can be healed using iron ingots.
    • A sound plays each time the golem is repaired.
  • One iron ingot restores 25 Heart (icon).png × 12.5.
    • It takes 4 iron ingots to repair an iron golem from 1 HP to full health.
Villagers and Wandering Traders
  • Removed the emerald icon above their head when trading.

Non-mob entities

Armor Stand
  • Smooth stone outline texture was changed.

World generation

  • Now the gradual transition from stone starts at height between Y=0 to Y=8, rather than Y=-8 to Y=0 previously.
  • The fossils in the deepest part of the underground generate with Deepslate Diamond Ore instead of Coal Ore.
Grove biome
  • Now has more variety of trees.




  • The splash "[this splash text has been delayed until part 2]" has been changed to "[this splash text is now available]".
  • Added the "Don't feed chocolate to parrots!" splash text.


  • Fixed the food cooldown visual not being semi-transparent on the HUD (MCPE-55206)
  • Ruined Portals under Ocean and Swamp biomes are no longer waterlogged and will spawn dry
  • Primed TNT will no longer explode when spawned using '/summon' and the TNT Explodes game rule is disabled (MCPE-49044)
  • Capped the freezing range of the Frost Walker enchantment to 8 blocks to avoid server unresponsiveness
  • Farmer Villagers now do not pick up more than 8 stacks of items (MCPE-123412)
  • Offset Maps held in hand relative to the screen's aspect ratio so it always stays close to the screen's edge and remains fully visible
  • Fixed Monster Spawners that sometimes stopped spawning mobs when the chunks they were placed in were reloaded (MCPE-142285)
  • The 'Iron Belly' achievement can once again be unlocked (MCPE-146036)
  • Fixed Structure Blocks infinitely spawning the same entities when loading a structure (MCPE-137617)
  • Players can no longer be hurt by their own armor enchantments such as Thorns (MCPE-142735)
  • Food once again applies effects when eaten
  • Water blocks near edges should now flow properly
  • Fire can no longer be placed on top of Lightning Rods
  • The width of Walls connecting to Candles is now correct (MCPE-141156)
  • Improved the animation of falling blocks entities (e.g. Sand and Gravel) (MCPE-142010)
  • Big Dripleaf, Amethyst Buds, and Amethyst Clusters no longer break in Structure Blocks
  • Amethyst Clusters are now properly destroyed when the supporting block is destroyed (MCPE-126076)
  • Copper Blocks and variants now oxidize in the Nether (MCPE-134954)
  • Big Dripleaf placement has been restricted to Clay, Grass, Dirt, Farmland, Moss, Rooted Dirt, Podzol, and Mycelium (MCPE-123392)
  • Pointed Dripstone can now only be placed on full faces of blocks
  • Glow Lichen is now oriented the correct way when placed
  • Magma Blocks no longer deal damage when FireDamage gamerule is set to false (MCPE-99718)
  • Player can now use emotes on scaffolding (MCPE-147624)
  • Players no longer have problems moving after respawning or getting out of bed
  • Villagers, Rabbits, and Foxes spawned in the Frozen and Jagged Peaks biomes now spawn as their respective snowy variants (MCPE-119561)
  • Goats now spawn in the Jagged Peaks and Frozen Peaks biomes (MCPE-146886)
  • Fixed a camera issue when entering a Bed while still in glide mode (MCPE-117339)
  • Fixed lighting bugs when removing light sources after returning to the Overworld from other dimensions (MCPE-145828)
  • Updated textures for multiple blocks and items to remove bugs and achieve parity between Bedrock and Java Edition (MCPE-127539)
  • Fixed coin purchases not updating displayed coin amount until after relaunching the game
User Interface
  • Fixed the Achievements button not being accessible when scrolling up on the Pause Screen
  • "Invite to game" and Crown buttons on the Pause Screen now have a white border when focused with custom resolution
  • Fixed the height of the scrolling content panel on the Marketplace sidebar navigation to display the scrolling bar for varying device resolutions
  • Fixed a redundant " - " beside the player's username being seen after adding them to friends (MCPE-105464)
World Generation
  • Fixed Mesa and Frozen Ocean biomes having inconsistent generation on Realms
  • The old Bedrock layer between y=0 and y=4 in old chunks is now replaced with Deepslate when upgrading old worlds (MCPE-147373)
  • Copper Ore can now generate in Deepslate variant in Dripstone Caves (MCPE-144800)
Vanilla Parity
  • Adjusted the "otherside" music disc to give off a Redstone signal of 14 to match Java Edition (MCPE-145751)
  • Adjusted the "Pigstep" music disc to give off a Redstone signal of 13 to match Java Edition (MCPE-74030)
  • The Bow’s shaking animation now only appears when the Bow is fully drawn
  • The '/effect' command no longer has the redundant argument 'empty' (MCPE-62903)
Performance and Stability
  • Added log messages to help identify the cause of the BDS crash (BDS-12751).


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