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1.17.40 is a minor update to Bedrock Edition released on October 19, 2021, which brought new features behind the experimental toggle and fixed bugs.[1]



  • Now available on Windows 10 ARM-based PCs.
  • Raised cloud level from 128 to 192.


Data-Driven Blocks
  • Updated documentation for the Block Rotation component.
  • Updated documentation for 'BlockExplosionResistance'.
  • Added required toggles to documentation and to content error for block components.
  • Added a content error for using a material but not providing the required number of textures to the render controller.
  • Fixed 'item_remaining_use_duration'having improperly scaled or inverted results (This fix is a Versioned Change as of engine version 1.17.30).
  • Add new compile errors for expressions like 'text' + 3, which were previously ignored (This is a Versioned Change as of engine version 1.17.40).
  • Molang expressions that contain capital letters are properly evaluated now
  • 'query.get_equipped_item_name' will now recognize Sea Lanterns (MCPE-67893).
  • Added new compile errors for expressions like 1 + (9 10), which were previously ignored (This is a Versioned Change as of engine version 1.17.40).


These additions and changes are accessible by enabling the "Caves & Cliffs" and "Enable GameTest Framework" experimental toggle.


Donkey and Sheep
  • Can now spawn in meadow biome.
  • Can now spawn in grove biome.

World generation[]

  • The cavern now generates in 2 layers of different stone bases depending on the depth.
    • Cavern layer above Y=0 is made up of regular stone.
    • Stone transitions to deepslate from Y=0 to Y=-7.
    • Deepslate now completely replaces stone from Y=-8 to bedrock.
      • Certain types of ores and structures still generate in the deepslate layer.
      • Dirt, diorite, granite and andesite do not generate in this layer.
Dripstone Caves
  • In world generation, grass is replaced with stone (if generated near grass).
  • Meadows sometimes spawn a lone oak or birch, often with a bee nest.
  • Infested stone now generate in the new mountain biomes.

The new ore generation behind the experimental toggle.

Ore distribution
  • Tweaked ore distribution to match in parity with Java Edition.
Pillager outposts
  • Now generate in all the new mountain biomes.
Stony peaks
  • A new mountains biome that is a variant of lofty/snowcapped peaks that uses stone and strips of gravel, instead of snow and ice.
    • Is used to avoid temperature clashes.
Stone shores
  • Sometimes generate layers (strips) of gravel.
  • Tweaked biome placement, river size, and terrain shapes for a better overworld experience.
  • Added new world/cave generation when upgrading saved chunks below Y=0 using the Caves and Cliffs experimental toggle.
    • Chunks previously upgraded with Bedrock underneath will not see this change.
  • Upgrades older flat worlds to the new extended heights available with the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle
  • New flat worlds using the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle will generate starting at "y=-64"


GameTest Framework
  • Renamed method succeedWhenBlockTypePresent to succeedWhenBlockPresent
  • Identifier strings returned from property idnow include the item's namespace
  • Updated the GameTest Framework interface and added a new SimulatedPlayer capability:
    • Added 'SimulatedPlayer'class to GameTest. This class enables GameTest to simulate a variety of player behaviors such as movement, using items, and interacting with blocks and entities. See the GameTest API reference documentation for more details.
      • Added function spawnSimulatedPlayer(blockLocation: BlockLocation, name: string): SimulatedPlayer
      • Added function removeSimulatedPlayer(simulatedPlayer: SimulatedPlayer): void
    • mojang-gametest.Test type
      • Changed signature of function assertEntityInstancePresent(entity: Entity, blockLocation: BlockLocation, isPresent: boolean = true)
    • mojang-minecraft components
      • Component inventory now works with Player inventories
  • GameTestSequence
    • Removed method thenWaitWithDelay
    • Added method thenWaitAfter(delayTicks: number, callback: () => undefined) - After a delay, executes the given callback every tick until it succeeds. Exceptions thrown within the callback will end sequence execution
  • Player
    • Fixed a bug where the location property would return an incorrect height for players
    • Added property id
  • Block
    • Replaced method getLocationwith property location
    • Replaced method getPermutationwith property permutation
    • Replaced method getTypewith property type
    • Replaced methods isWaterloggedand setWaterlogged with property isWaterlogged
    • Replaced method getBlockDatawith property permutation
    • Replaced method isEmptywith property isEmpty
    • Removed property canBeWaterlogged
  • BlockType
    • Replaced method getNamewith property id
    • Replaced method canBeWaterloggedwith property canBeWaterlogged
  • BlockPermutation
    • Replaced method getTypewith property type


Performance / Stability
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using Character Creator
  • Fixed a softlock that could occur when on the Realms world slots screen and the internet connection was lost
  • Fixed an issue causing Marketplace downloads on Nintendo Switch to fail after entering and leaving a world
  • World settings are now carried over on to Realms when replacing worlds
  • Fixed a most unfortunate issue that caused players to be set on fire upon changing dimensions if there was Lava underneath the Nether Portal (MCPE-28765)
  • Improved world visibility culling for underground situations to eliminate seeing sky at the end of tunnels/stairs (MCPE-128372)
  • Players can no longer eat food at full hunger in Survival mode (MCPE-60807)
  • Amethyst geodes are now much less likely to generate in Strongholds, and if they do they will not destroy End Portals (MCPE-129861, MCPE-128799)
  • Dungeons are no longer misplaced or missing outside of the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle (MCPE-121708)
  • Vanilla Parity: Players are now able to activate Elytra gliding while moving upward (MCPE-59580)
  • Tropical Fish no longer lose their colors upon grabbing them with a Water Bucket and then releasing them (MCPE-137158)
  • Bees now spawn properly in the world (MCPE-132195)
  • Mobs no longer casually stroll into open flames (MCPE-23835)
  • Villagers can no longer spam doors open and closed (MCPE-28055)
  • Cartographers now more consistently give new maps on all platforms
  • Improved mob pathing around partial blocks (MCPE-127381)
  • Armor no longer renders on Pillagers and Vindicators, but the mobs are still granted armor effects (MCPE-74242)
  • Fixed an issue with mob rendering that caused Vindicator Axes to be visible even when they're not attacking on older Resource Packs (MCPE-123229)
  • More mobs will now spawn underground in the Overworld
  • Fixed failure to render Leads when attached to mobs out of view (MCPE-63931)
  • Iron Golems now spawn only on solid blocks (MCPE-140145)
  • Falling Stalactites are now offset properly to avoid interacting with entities outside their intended hitbox (MCPE-132772)
  • Beehives now generate in the world facing South
  • Trapdoors now rotate correctly when loaded from a Structure Block (MCPE-66933)
  • Powder Snow no longer disappears when looking at it from a distance (MCPE-127565)
  • Sea Grass no longer spawns under Lily Pads during world generation to avoid breaking them
  • Holding Top Snow in hand while hovering over Grass Blocks no longer causes incorrect behavior (MCPE-140659, MCPE-140660)
User Interface
  • Riding an animal now displays the correct button prompt when playing with non-touch controls
  • Using Dye on Signs that contain formatted color text will now overwrite the formatted color text
  • Fixed text on Signs losing their formatting when new lines or word-wrapping are encountered. Formatting will now persist until the reset code or an overriding code is found. This is not retroactive and previously created Signs will not be changed
  • Altered the message that is displayed when players change skins in-game (MCPE-92772)
  • Fixed an issue where the D-pad and directional keys could not be used to navigate in certain parts of the user interface (MCPE-132826)
  • Fixed an issue where an error message could be shown after suspending the game on the Achievements screens with Screen Animations disabled (MCPE-132269)
  • Fixed an issue where an obscure game rule was added to Settings (MCPE-139025)
  • The sign in text on the main menu no longer overlaps the Marketplace button
  • Added space between tab title and the word 'Tab' for text-to-speech on Settings screen
  • Added a "More Info" button to the sign in error screen
  • Several seeds have been removed from the seed picker in preparation for the 1.18 release, which introduces significant changes to terrain generation.
  • All changes to settings made on new worlds before creation are now transferred to the world after creation
Character Creator
  • In Character Creator, tweaked color tint for the default Steve skin to match default Steve (MCPE-120818)
  • Back appearance pieces will no longer cover the left and right arrows in the profile screen
  • Sidebar no longer opens upon expanding any of the classic skin packs in the Dressing Room
  • Improved the navigation flow for Character Creator so that it always switches to the selected Character Creator profile (MCPE-139022)
  • Skins that are equipped from Marketplace while in-game now apply to the player’s character
  • Education Edition items are no longer shown as an option when using @e[type=] (MCPE-78363)
  • Command Blocks with 'Needs Redstone' and a non-zero 'Delay in Ticks' will now execute only if they remain powered for the delay duration (MCPE-74281)
  • Fixed alignment of the sidebar display from the '/scoreboard' command when text length changes
  • Fixed the ability to summon experience orbs via the '/summon' command (MCPE-130835)
  • Fixed display only entity destruction in chunk discard scenarios
  • Fixed a bug that caused animations to be restarted when changing render controllers
  • Fixed 'item_remaining_use_duration'having improperly scaled or inverted results (This fix is a Versioned Change as of engine version 1.17.30)
  • Add new compile errors for expressions like 'text' + 3, which were previously ignored (This is a Versioned Change as of engine version 1.17.40)
  • Molang expressions that contain capital letters are properly evaluated now
  • 'query.get_equipped_item_name' will now recognize Sea Lanterns (MCPE-67893)
  • Fixed a bug where property id would return "Unknown" for custom entities (MCPE-137786)


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