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Bedrock Edition

Internal version

PS4: 2.13 & 2.14

Release date

PS4: September 22, 2020

Protocol version


1.16.42 is a minor update to Bedrock Edition released only for PlayStation 4 on September 22, 2020, which added support for PlayStation VR.[1] This version was re-released immediately after to fix further bugs.[2]



  • Added support for PlayStation VR on the PlayStation 4.
    • Wireless Controller are used to play in PSVR.[3]
  • Added "PlayStation VR" settings, as following:
    • Center Cursor
      • Toggles to set the cursor to the center.
    • Camera Movement
      • Chooses the toggle between "Snap", "Classic", "Wheel", and "Snap Wheel".
    • Snap Angle
      • Toggles the size of each camera movement.
    • Variable Snap Angle
      • Toggles the size of each camera movement should change based on how far the player push Right Stick.
    • Snap Sound
      • Toggles sound to play each time the camera direction is changed.
    • Movement
      • Chooses the toggle between "Linear" and "Classic" movement behavior.
    • Jump
      • Chooses the toggle between "Linear" and "Classic" jump behavior.
    • Immersive Mode Auto-Jump
      • Toggles the auto-jump feature, while on Immersive Mode.
    • Head Steering
      • Chooses the toggle between "Follow Gaze" and "Follow Player Angle".
    • Sticky Mining
      • Chooses the toggle between "Lock-On" and "Disabled".
    • HUD Position
      • Chooses the toggle between "Drift" and "Fixed".
    • HUD Distance
      • Controls how far from the center of the player's vision the HUD displays.


2.13 fixes
  • Fixed trophy translations for several languages
2.14 fixes
  • Minor bug and crash fixes.


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