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1.16.220 is a minor update to Bedrock Edition released on April 6, 2021, which fixes bugs.[1]

Development phases contained some of the Caves & Cliffs features through experimental gameplay, which were not included in the full release but became part of 1.17.0 and 1.18.0.[2][3]



  • Sign text's color can now be changed with any of the 16 dyes to match Java Edition.


Map making and add-ons
  • Renamed all references of Actor to Entity.
  • Renamed 'BlockPos' to 'BlockLocation'.
  • Added 'startSequence' to GameTest, which allows finer control over advanced test sequences.
  • GameTest sequence callbacks no longer take test as a parameter as the initial test object now lives as long as the whole test.
  • Updated Behavior Packs to require explicit module dependencies when using other native modules.
GameTest framework
  • Updated Blocks shorthand helpers to be camel case.
  • Updated Blocks shorthand to only include vanilla blocks.
  • Added Blocks.get to fetch a block and return null if it doesn't exist.
  • Added BlockStates to enumerate all block states.
  • Added setState to Block to update its block state.
  • Added BlockPos class.
  • Added ItemStack class GameTest module.
  • Added Tags to enumerate all built-in tags.
  • Updated all methods that took x, y, z position to take a BlockPos.
  • Exposed padding when registering game test.
Movement prediction
  • Fixed projectiles on third-party servers ignoring server movement packets.
  • The server adjusts the player's fall distance to take into account the client player's position when a player movement correction or anomaly is detected.
Network packets
  • Changed cipher algorithm to AESGCM256 for UDP stream.


Performance / stability
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to rename a map on an anvil while its second slot was occupied (MCPE-112905)
  • Fixed a crash when entering a Nether Portal and throwing a Bottle o' Enchanting at the same time (MCPE-114793)
  • Improved input latency on Windows 10 when VSYNC is enabled (MCPE-98861)
  • Fixed fog in Nether biomes not rendering properly in some Resource Packs (MCPE-111680)
  • Players with Visitor permissions now drop inventory on death (MCPE-47563)
  • Fixed Drowned holding tridents backwards during attack (MCPE-118213)
  • Drowned now swing their arms when throwing tridents
  • Zombie, Zombie Villager, Husk, Pillager, and Vindicator now use correct bone to attach shields (MCPE-98606)
  • Mobs that pick up shields now place it in their off-hand
  • Non-persistent mobs no longer despawn immediately after loading into the Nether
  • Projectiles now pass through Structure Void blocks (MCPE-103579)
  • Improved placement rules for placing blocks on sides of stairs, slabs, and Top Snow blocks
  • Pistons and Sticky Pistons no longer appear black when Outline Selection is disabled (MCPE-53858)
  • Enabled screen narration with touch input on the new achievements screen
  • Fixed a bug where the screen reader didn't read out default controller focus and checkbox state on the 'Online Play is not Rated' prompt
  • Fixed a bug where the screen reader would read the wrong text while using VR
User interface
  • Enabled "Find Friends" button on Xbox
  • Controllers are now able to select the "Button Mode" toggle in the Advanced Settings NPC screen in the Jurassic World pack (MCPE-66446)
  • The "Results" field for search within the marketplace inventory now updates properly between different sections within the screen
  • The death screen is now visible when behind full-screen effects (on fire, standing in a portal, etc.) while playing in VR
  • Fixed translucent rendering of occluded UI elements, also when viewing menus near blocks while playing in VR
  • Selecting the featured offer on the profile screen now properly redirects to the complete list of featured offers
  • Made the Sign In button text fit the button in Portuguese-BR
  • The Storage menu on now uses lighter text color
  • Fixed an issue where button textures weren't scaled properly when applying Resource Packs
  • Enabled navigating to the Back button using only keyboard in some screens where it was not possible
  • Entity selectors no longer allow self-selection with cheats disabled (MCPE-92635)
  • The '/clear' command now applies the correct "data" argument for the sapling item (MCPE-117889)
  • Command blocks in a command block chain now list the correct amount of ticking areas when a new ticking area is added before listing
  • Title command no longer duplicates % symbols in message (MCPE-51033)
  • Using teleport with the execute command now uses the dimension of the origin for its operations (MCPE-44104)
Character creator
  • Steve’s Pants no longer change the color of the bottom of feet when no footwear is equipped
  • Fixed other players appearing as Steve in multiplayer
  • Changing skins while in split-screen now properly saves for all local players and update properly for remote players
  • Alex’s shirt no longer looks corrupted when equipped with different pants
  • "Hooray!" emote now displays in the emotes section if already owned (MCPE-111165).
  • Identifiers within "render_controllers" are now considered content errors if there is no render controller matching that name
  • Entity json before version 1.16.100 no longer gives a content error for the deprecated field "minecraft:foot_size"
  • modified condition in 'trident.animation_controllers.json' to allow mobs to enter  'wield_third_person_raise' (MCPE-118213)
  • Fixed an issue where loading into a world would cause continuous MoLang errors around "unhandled request for unknown variable"
  • A black screen no longer covers the player icon in the pause menu in some worlds. Content creators no longer need to override both focus_border_frame.png and pause_screen_border.png for correct behavior
  • Items can now have the "transparentattachable" tag applied to make attachable items not render for the player wearing them in the first person perspective
  • Fixed an issue where V2 Villagers were not properly updating their MoLang variables on initialization.
  • Fixed issue where previous failed GameTest markers still show up in new worlds.