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1.14.30 is a minor update to Bedrock Edition released on February 11, 2020, which fixes bugs.[1] While it was not the last update to 1.14, it was the last one before the beta builds of 1.16.0 started.


  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay.
  • 256x resolution packs are now restricted on Xbox One to prevent crashing.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in certain worlds. (MCPE-59756)
  • Split screen now displays a message to join when the main controller is disconnected.
  • Realms can no longer be purchased if not logged into Xbox Live.
  • Players that are not linked to a Nintendo account on Switch are once again able to edit characters.
  • Fixed an issue where joinable friends on Nintendo Switch were still visible after the world has been closed.
  • Auto-jump no longer triggers unexpectedly when trying to walk through open doors. (MCPE-52213)
  • Restored kelp growth to its proper, faster rate. (MCPE-57330)
  • Bamboo in flower pots are no longer empty after converting a world from Editions.
  • Crafting multiple honey blocks now returns the correct amount of empty glass bottles on a 2x2 grid. (Still not fully fixed) (MCPE-58579)
User interface
  • The 'Sign In' button is now scaled properly on all platforms.
  • Fixed placeholder text appearing on the pause menu when hosting a game without an internet connection.
  • Entities no longer stop moving when the circle_around_anchor behavior is added via a component group added by an event and/or there was a block close to their hitbox.


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