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1.11.3 is a minor update for Bedrock Edition released on May 17, 2019,[1] for all Bedrock devices except Nintendo Switch, which fixed some bugs.[2]


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when mobs found the nearest attackable mob.
  • When converting from old villagers to new villagers, they will now keep their XP level.
  • Villagers cured of being zombie villagers can no longer change their profession if they have enough XP (MCPE-42348).
  • Another fix for villagers changing their professions when they are not supposed to.
  • Fixed pathfinding so when an entity cannot float, swim, or be amphibious, it can still walk at the bottom of water.
  • Fixed player tags and profile pictures of Realms members not appearing on the members list.
  • The Realms members list no longer returns to the first page when navigating to another page.
  • When using commands, the villager, and zombie_villager target selectors now target both old and new villager types.


  • This version was released 10 years after Classic 0.0.11a, the first publicly released version of Minecraft.