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For a guide about all content in this release and the other releases of Village & Pillage, see Bedrock Edition guides/Village & Pillage.

1.11.0, the first full[note 1] release of Village & Pillage, is a major update to Bedrock Edition that was released on April 23, 2019.[1] It adds many of the features of Village & Pillage that were not previously added in the past three versions.[2]



Illager banner


Illager Captains


  • Triggered when a player goes to a village with the Bad Omen status effect applied to them.
  • A large group of illagers that come to attack villages and kill the villagers.
  • Mobs appear in waves – the amount of mobs and length of waves is 3 on easy, 5 on normal and 7 on hard regardless of Bad Omen level.
    • Version exclusive: Higher bad omen level, doesn't give extra raid waves.
  • A raid boss bar will show the player how many enemies are left.
    • Version exclusive: Boss bar color is pink, instead of red.
  • A sound similar of a battle horn will play during raid waves, centered from raiding mobs.
  • Version exclusive: Pillagers and vindicators that spawn from raids drop special loot.
Illager patrols
  • A group of 2–5 random illagers that spawn in the world.
  • One of the illagers will be a raid captain.
  • Version exclusive: Illagers are always pillagers on easy and normal difficulties.
  • Version exclusive: Can spawn in snowy taiga and giant tree taiga biomes, but cannot spawn in snowy tundra biomes.
Status effects
  • Added Bad Omen
    • Version exclusive: All players will receive bad omen if all beds destroyed or all villagers are killed during a raid.
  • Added Hero of the Village.
    • Gives trading discounts.
    • Only given to players within raid defeated village boundary, for 3 in-game days.
  • Updated the villager trading UI for pocket and classic UI profiles.
  • Revamped the trading system, for each villager type.
    • A experience bar will show the player the villager's level and what next trades are available.
  • Players will receive a discount from villager trades if they have the Hero of the Village status effect.
  • Added villager economy supply system:
    • The supply of trades is only restored when the villager is given the opportunity to work at their job site block.
      • Up to twice per day.
      • Villagers can be resupplied instantly by using the command /resupply.
    • When the villager's trades are restored to full, it takes whatever supply was used up (number of trades), and converts that into a price increase called "demand". Demand goes up by the amount of supply used, and down by the amount of supply not used.
    • When villagers make trades, they gain experience. When they gain enough experience, they level up. Leveling up unlocks new trades, which are locked until the villager is at the appropriate level.
  • Version exclusive: New Achievements, which include:
    • Plethora of Cats - Befriend twenty stray cats (20G)
    • Kill the Beast! - Defeat a ravager (30G)
    • Buy Low, Sell High - Trade for the best possible price (50G)
    • Disenchanted - Use a grindstone to get experience from an enchanted item (20G)
    • We're being attacked - Trigger a pillager raid (20G)
    • Sound the Alarm! - Ring the bell with a hostile enemy in the village (20G)
    • I've got a bad feeling about this - Kill a pillager captain (20G)

Command format[]

  • Resupplies villagers with new items to trade with.


  • A message "Press T, ↵ Return, or Gamepad Button8 to open chat" is now sent when the player opens a world.
Skin packs
  • When choosing a skin from a purchased skin pack, the selected skin will now be available between Bedrock devices using the same account
  • The selected skin will roam between Bedrock Edition devices using the same account.
  • Added a screen for "Accessibility" in settings.
    • Text-to-speech can be enabled for chat.
    • UI screen reader can be enabled to say the name of controls and their current state.
Seed picker
  • Added 12 new seeds.



Barrel, Bell, Blast Furnace, Composter, Smoker and Stonecutter
Cartography Table
  • Added functionality.
  • Changed crafting recipe.
  • Is no longer only available through Experimental Gameplay.
  • Updated texture and model.
  • Added smoke particles, sounds, and extinguishing.
  • Added cooking functionality.
  • Added missing recipes for the campfire, that include wood, stripped wood, and stripped logs.
  • Is no longer only available through Experimental Gameplay.
Fletching Table and Smithing Table
  • Changed crafting recipes.
  • Are both no longer only available through Experimental Gameplay.
  • Will now store experience from smelting items when emptied by a hopper.[3]
  • Added functionality.
  • Can now be crafted with multiple wood types.
  • Now has the blast resistance of a stone slab, instead of obsidian.
  • Is no longer only available through Experimental Gameplay.
  • Can now be used to fill and empty composters.
  • Now emits a redstone signal when a page is turned.
  • Increased the amount of scaffolding that can be placed out from its initial support from 4 to 6.
Sweet Berry Bush
  • Is no longer only available through Experimental Gameplay.


Splash water bottles
Sweet Berries


Illager Beast
  • Renamed to ravager.
  • Added bite and roar attacks.
  • Now has a chance of getting stunned when their attack is blocked by a shield.
  • Can now be ridden by vindicators, pillagers, and evokers.
  • Added sounds and animation.
  • Now has the ability to destroy certain blocks, and will avoid cactus and sweet berry bushes.
  • No longer attacks baby villagers.
  • Are no longer only available through Experimental Gameplay.
  • No longer attack baby villagers.
  • Now drop special loot if spawned from raids.
  • No longer attack baby villagers.
  • Now drop special loot if spawned from raids.
  • Can now break down doors during raids.
Evokers and vexes
  • No longer attack baby villagers.
  • Old villagers in existing worlds will now convert to new villagers.
  • New villagers are no longer only available through Experimental Gameplay.
  • Now restore health by sleeping in beds.
  • No longer teleport through or get stuck in walls when trying to sleep.
  • Farmers now choose composters instead of farmland as their job site blocks.
  • Farmers and Librarians now properly go to work.
  • Improved pathfinding.
  • Now hide in houses during raids.
  • Can no longer be traded with during a raid, and will emit sweat particles.
  • Some other fixes and optimizations.
Iron golems
  • Now respawn based on the number of beds in the village.
    • One cat spawns for every four beds in the village.
    • Total caps at 10 cats per village.
Snow golems
  • They now take damage when walking over campfires.
Zombie villagers
  • Old zombie villagers in existing worlds will now convert to new zombie villagers.
    • Removed old zombie villager spawn egg.
  • New zombie villagers are no longer only available through Experimental Gameplay.
  • Zombie villagers now update to new zombie villagers when not part of template worlds.
Trader llamas
  • Are no longer only available through Experimental Gameplay.
  • Wandering Trader Llamas can no longer be bred.
  • Wandering Trader Llamas can no longer spawn as baby variants.
  • Wandering Trader Llamas now spit at mobs that are hostile to their owner.
    • Player damage will trigger llama aggro, but will not cause the trader to hide.
Wandering Traders
  • Are no longer only available through Experimental Gameplay.
  • Now drink an invisibility potion when hostile mobs are nearby.
  • Now hide when struck by projectiles and magic attacks.
  • Now despawn shortly after they run out of trades.

World generation[]

Bamboo Forests
Pillager outposts
  • Illager banners now generate instead of black banners.
  • Are now less common.
  • Are no longer embedded in the ground too much.
  • Are no longer only available through Experimental Gameplay.
  • New villages are no longer only available through Experimental Gameplay.
  • Village chests now all have loot.
  • Improved village spawning and generation.
  • Increased the radius for job site blocks, so villagers can get to them more often and are less angry.
  • Some other fixes and changes were made to villages.
    • Removed desert blacksmith house.
    • Plains large house now has floor.
    • Changed building type that generates in villages.
    • Plains farm, plains large farm, and plains toolsmith can generate now.
    • Plains tannery only consist of a single cauldron.
    • Added sandstone floor to some floorless desert house.
    • Added torches to buildings with a poorly lit area.
    • Plains fisher cottage only consists of a single barrel inside the hut and a crafting table.
    • Taiga, savanna, and snowy fisher only consists of 2 barrels.


Seed picker
  • Removed most outdated/inaccurate content in the seed picker.
Map making and add-ons
  • Added data-driven furnace recipes.
    • Custom furnace recipes can be added to the game using JSON.
    • Furnace recipes are one per file, like to other craft recipes.
    • Added tags to furnace recipes and made the UI screens use them to filter the recipes down.
  • Recipes now have tags so they can be filtered by crafting type.
  • Leash positions now use vanilla positions if not specified in the pack.
  • Baby zombie pigmen now properly scale their sword in marketplace content.
  • Sound-event is now displayed in the scripting documentation.
  • Renamed blocks in resource packs now keep their custom names.
  • How to Play section has now been updated with helpful Village & Pillage knowledge.
  • Updated the scaffolding guide in How to Play slightly, to change the diagram of how much scaffolding can be placed from its support.
  • Removed all the particles include prefix example_.
Texture Update
  • Added even more new textures to blocks and items, including stained glass and status effect icons.
User interface
  • Changed the user interface background from gray to transparent black.
Main Menu Screen


  • Improved the performance when opening the player inventory with the crafting recipes open (MCPE-41772, MCPE-41166, MCPE-27167)
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when using invalid characters on signs (MCPE-41671)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when enabling texel anti-aliasing
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when spawning a vile spider from the MINECON Add-On pack
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on a Bedrock Dedicated Server
  • Using a pick block on a nether portal no longer causes the game to crash (MCPE-41735)
  • Giving the player a cobblestone wall variant no longer crashes the game (MCPE-41657)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when selecting Save & Quit on Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when signing in or out of Xbox Live on Xbox One
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when resuming gameplay while connected to a server
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when replacing a world with an unsynced world
  • Windows 10 players with Minecraft installed on a different drive no longer get an error message saying that they are out of storage space, unless they are truly out of space (MCPE-32501)
  • The Treasure Hunter achievement can now be unlocked when using a treasure map in the off-hand slot (MCPE-33382)
  • Global resource packs will now stay applied if you revisit the settings screen after restarting the game, then restarting the game
  • Disabling the multiplayer game setting will now apply when the world is packaged as a world template
  • Players on Xbox are no longer prompted to sign into Xbox Live if they have already done so
  • Made further improvements to world saving, to prevent worlds becoming disappearing from the world list
  • Players can view skin selection menu when offline on Nintendo Switch without receiving the internet connection message
  • Nintendo Switch payers can now select the Super Mario skins from the expanded skin pack list while in-game
  • Fixed an issue with renewing Realms on Windows 10 (REALMS-1319)
  • Players no longer float around beds while sleeping (MCPE-41344)
  • Players can now climb vines and ladders using the jump button again (MCPE-40535)
  • Players using VR controllers no longer fly after swimming (MCPE-39833)
  • Players can no longer suffocate in the ground while spawning into the world (MCPE-42310)
  • TNT now knocks back healing players
World Generation
  • Fixed mineshaft generation - no longer generate in a giant cluster and should more closely resemble those found in the Java Edition" (MCPE-28485)
  • Mesa Plateau biomes now generate more like those in the Java Edition
  • Villagers will actually follow proper etiquette and close doors behind them (MCPE-41170)
  • Mobs can now path their way through waterlogged blocks, such as seagrass (MCPE-37005)
  • Underwater mobs no longer spawn on land (MCPE-40783)
  • Panda eating animation is now faster. (MCPE-40743)
  • Shulkers now have a chance to drop more shulker shells when killed with looting (MCPE-39893)
  • Vindicators no longer become passive when renamed (MCPE-27927)
  • Guardians no longer spawn outside water (MCPE-39941)
  • Pandas no longer roll into dangerous blocks
  • Creepers can now spawn in a 1.8 high space, like under trapdoors (MCPE-24120)
  • Skeletons once again turn before shooting
  • Skeleton horses spawned in from earlier versions can be ridden once again (MCPE-40857)
  • Tamed cats now lay on their sides when sleeping on a bed (MCPE-40726)
  • Mobs now rotate correctly after exiting boats (MCPE-41341)
  • Farmer villagers no longer produce infinite amounts of bread (MCPE-33608)
  • Drowned converted from zombies will now attack players
  • Villagers no longer get stuck on lanterns
  • Reduced the range of drowned attacking the nearest player
  • Fixed particles not appearing while mining blocks
  • Seagrass can no longer delete blocks above it as it grows (MCPE-43617)
  • XP can now be stored for auto smelters using furnaces, blast furnaces, and smokers
  • Coral plants and sea grass now break when a supporting block is removed
  • Smooth and chiseled quartz blocks no longer have directional placement (MCPE-39074)
  • Scaffolding placed over the void now supports the player (MCPE-38064)
  • Using Ctrl + Pick block no longer creates a new bed with extra data attached (MCPE-42494)
  • Surrounded leaves are now the correct color
  • Banners can once again be copied in the crafting grid (MCPE-42534)
  • Fixed some items having invisible bits when placed in item frames (MCPE-42415)
  • Maps once again show underwater terrain differences (MCPE-40740)
  • Smelting stone into smooth stone now gives XP (MCPE-41551)
  • The fishing bobber now floats slightly higher in water (MCPE-32976)
  • Silk touch tools now work correctly right up to their very last use (MCPE-41789)
  • Renamed firework stars and firework rockets now display their new names
  • Fixed an item duplication issue that involved sticky pistons
  • Leather horse armor is now properly colored (MCPE-40124)
  • Banners no longer render as wall variants when held (MCPE-41228)
  • Shields held in the off-hand are no longer upside-down (MCPE-41221)
  • Creative players no longer get additional buckets when collecting water or lava (MCPE-37070)
  • Renaming items using an anvil no longer increases the prior work penalty (MCPE-36931)
  • Signs can now be used as fuel in furnaces (MCPE-35740)
  • Chorus fruit now plays the teleport sound after eating it
User Interface
  • Fixed signs not having a text limit, leading to performance issues (MCPE-42647)
  • Items can now be split if they are spread in a crafting grid on touch devices
  • The on-screen keyboard no longer obscures text entry when writing in a book on Xbox One
  • The outline of the saddle item on the horse inventory screen now matches the new saddle texture
  • Fixed the lack of controller tooltip for interacting with the lectern
  • Global resource reset message now appears if the load screen is taking too long on some devices (MCPE-39045)
  • Ratings button for server consumables now shows 'Rate this pack!' instead of the purchase button
  • Fixed performance issues when using selectors with commands
  • The "/replaceitem" command now takes selector arguments into account when replacing items in the offhand slot
  • Fixed command suggestion icons offset (MCPE-41169)
  • Different cauldron types will no longer overwrite each other in the player's inventory when using the "/give" command
  • End portal blocks no longer drop as items when destroyed using the 'setblock' command (MCPE-42991)
Add-Ons and Script Engine
  • Fixed pivot point changes to endermen made with add-ons
  • A component group is now correctly removed on second activation of "minecraft:damage_sensor"
  • Target selectors are no longer case-specific
  • Scoreboard scores are no longer saved earlier than other information when exiting a world
  • Leash positions now use vanilla positions if not specified in the pack
  • Renamed blocks in resource packs now keep their custom names
  • Fixed baby zombie pigman sword scale with add-ons


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See also[]


  1. The fourth update petraining to Village & Pillage