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The balloon is an item that exists in Minecraft: Education Edition, and in the beta of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. The balloon comes in all colors of the Minecraft dyes.


The balloon can only be placed on fences. It floats towards the sky while it is on the fence, however, when the fence is removed, it floats into the air. It can only affect animals (i.e. cows, pigs, sheep, etc.), but not pets. It also does not affect monsters. They can be destroyed with an arrow and/or a trident. It cannot be destroyed with a melee weapon/tool since it will only knock it back slightly.



5 Carbon and 8 Hydrogen in the Compound Creator.


The way to craft the Balloon.

To craft the item, a player will need latex. To craft latex, 5 Carbon and 8 Hydrogen are needed. Latex is made in the compound creator. Players need 6 latex, 1 Helium, 1 lead, and a dye of their choice to make a balloon. Put it in the crafting table like the image shows.


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