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This article is about the upcoming mob. For the music track, see Music § Underwater music.
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This article describes content that may be included in Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. 
This content has appeared in Java Edition 1.17 and Bedrock Edition 1.16.230 development versions, but the full update containing it has not been released yet.
This content is locked behind the experimental gameplay option in Bedrock Edition.
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This page contains content on features that are part of Experimental Gameplay in Bedrock Edition. 
These features may be properly added in a future update, but require the "Caves and Cliffs" option toggled to be enabled in the current version.
Lucy Axolotl JE2.pngWild Axolotl JE1.pngGold Axolotl JE2.pngCyan Axolotl JE2.pngBlue Axolotl JE2.png
Lucy Axolotl JE2.pngWild Axolotl JE1.pngGold Axolotl JE2.pngCyan Axolotl JE2.pngBlue Axolotl JE2.png
Health points

14♥ × 7



Attack strength

2♥ (Only with fish, squids, glow squids, drowned and guardians.)

Hitbox size

Height: 0.6 blocks
Width: 1.3 blocks

Items usable on

Axolotls are aquatic passive mobs that attack most other underwater mobs.


Axolotls spawn naturally in underground water sources.[more information needed] In Bedrock Edition, they can’t spawn naturally yet due to a glitch.


Axolotls can be one of five colors: pink (lucy), brown (wild), gold, cyan, and blue. The blue variety has a 11200 (0.083%) chance, giving the common varieties a 11994800 (~24.98%) chance individually.

Pose Color
Lucy Wild Gold Cyan Blue
Ground crawling Lucy Axolotl JE2.png Wild Axolotl JE1.png Gold Axolotl JE2.png Cyan Axolotl JE2.png Blue Axolotl JE2.png
Ground stationary Axolotl Lay Still Ground (lucy) JE2.png Axolotl Lay Still Ground (wild) JE1.png Axolotl Lay Still Ground (gold) JE2.png Axolotl Lay Still Ground (cyan) JE2.png Axolotl Lay Still Ground (blue) JE2.png
Swimming Axolotl Swimming (lucy) JE2.png Axolotl Swimming (wild) JE1.png Axolotl Swimming (gold) JE2.png Axolotl Swimming (cyan) JE2.png Axolotl Swimming (blue) JE2.png
Water stationary Axolotl Hovering in Water (lucy) JE2.png Axolotl Hovering in Water (wild) JE1.png Axolotl Hovering in Water (gold) JE2.png Axolotl Hovering in Water (cyan) JE2.png Axolotl Hovering in Water (blue) JE2.png

Baby axolotls picked up and re-spawned with a bucket did not preserve their growth stage and turned to adults before 21w13a.


Axolotls are passive toward players and can be attached to leads. Axolotls give Regeneration I and remove Mining Fatigue when a player kills a mob that is in combat with an axolotl.

Axolotls attack all aquatic mobs except turtles and dolphins. They also attack drowned. After killing a non-hostile mob, there is a two minute cooldown before another non-hostile mob can be hunted. Axolotls prioritize attacking hostile mobs over non-hostile mobs.

If an axolotl takes damage underwater, it may feign death, dropping to the ground for 200 game ticks (10 seconds) while gaining Regeneration I. Monsters ignore healing axolotls. There is a 13 chance for an axolotl to play dead to recover 4♥♥. In addition, if either a random integer from 0–2 (inclusive) is less than the amount of incoming damage, or the axolotl's health before the damage is dealt is less than 50% of its maximum health, it plays dead.

On land, axolotls move toward the nearest water source because they die outside of water after 6000 game ticks (5 minutes). Unlike fish, dolphins, and squid, axolotls do not die on land during rain or a thunderstorm.

As aquatic mobs, they take extra damage from the Impaling enchantment.

They spin around at high speeds when attached to a lead on land due to a glitch.


Main article: Breeding

Adult axolotls can be led and bred with tropical fish or buckets of tropical fish. After breeding, a baby axolotl spawns and 1-7 experience is generated. The parents cannot be bred again for 5 minutes. The baby axolotl has a 11200 chance to be the rare blue variant; otherwise, it inherits the color of one parent. Babies follow adults, and grow to adulthood in 20 minutes. The growth of baby axolotls can be accelerated using tropical fish; each use reduces the remaining growing time by 10%.


SoundSubtitleSourceDescriptionNamespaced IDTranslation keyVolumePitchAttenuation
Axolotl attacksFriendly CreaturesAttacking a mobentity.axolotl.attacksubtitles.entity.axolotl.attack???
Axolotl diesFriendly CreaturesDyingentity.axolotl.deathsubtitles.entity.axolotl.death???
Axolotl hurtsFriendly CreaturesTaking damageentity.axolotl.hurtsubtitles.entity.axolotl.hurt???
Axolotl chirpsFriendly CreaturesRandomly when in waterentity.axolotl.idle_watersubtitles.entity.axolotl.idle_water???
Axolotl chirpsFriendly CreaturesRandomly when not in waterentity.axolotl.idle_airsubtitles.entity.axolotl.idle_air???
Axolotl splashesFriendly CreaturesEntering waterentity.axolotl.splashsubtitles.entity.axolotl.splash???
Axolotl swimsFriendly CreaturesMoving through waterentity.axolotl.swimsubtitles.entity.axolotl.swim???

Data values[edit]


Java Edition:

NameNamespaced IDTranslation key

Entity data[edit]

See also: Chunk format

Axolotls have entity data associated with them that contain various properties.

  • Entity data
    • Additional fields for mobs that can breed
    • Tags common to all entities
    • Tags common to all mobs
    •  FromBucket: 1 or 0 (true/false) – if true, indicates the axolotl has been released from a bucket.
    •  Variant: ID of the axolotl's variant.

Axolotl color

Main article: Axolotl/DV


October 3, 2020Lucy Axolotl (pre-release).png Wild Axolotl (pre-release).png Axolotls are announced at Minecraft Live 2020.
They are shown to spawn in lush caves biomes.
October 3, 2020Green Axolotl (pre-release).png An unreleased[1] green variant was shown at the Minecraft Live 2020 recap, which was not shown on the live event.
Upcoming Java Edition
1.1720w51aLucy Axolotl JE1.png Wild Axolotl JE1.png Gold Axolotl JE1.png Cyan Axolotl JE1.png Blue Axolotl JE1.png Added axolotls.
Axolotls do not avoid lava.[2]
When an axolotl is held with a lead on the ground, it begins walking at an exaggeratedly fast speed.[3]
21w03aAxolotls attack glow squids.
21w13aLucy Axolotl JE2.png Gold Axolotl JE2.png Cyan Axolotl JE2.png Blue Axolotl JE2.png The texture of the axolotls for four variants except the wild has been changed.
Axolotls now spawn naturally underwater in caves.
Axolotls now give the player Regeneration I, as well as removing Mining Fatigue, when engaged in combat.[4]
Axolotls now correctly attack elder guardians.[5]
Upcoming Bedrock Edition
1.16.230beta Axolotl JE2.png Wild Axolotl JE1.png Gold Axolotl JE2.png Cyan Axolotl JE2.png Blue Axolotl JE2.png Added axolotls.


Issues relating to "Axolotl" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.


  • Axolotls are small salamanders that are endemic to Mexico, which are critically endangered, following Mojang Studios' trend of adding endangered species such as polar bears, giant pandas, sea turtles and bees into the game for awareness purposes.[6][7]
  • Axolotls are the first amphibian mobs implemented into Minecraft. However, it was not the first announced amphibian because frogs were announced at MINECON Live 2019.
    • In addition, Rana was based on a frog.
  • Blue is the only color variant of axolotls not based on real life. The blue variant was a suggestion by user Darkiceflame on the r/minecraftsuggestions subreddit. It is a reference to Mudkip from the Pokémon series.[8]




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