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The Armadillo is a mob in update 1.20.5. It spawns in warm biomes. The items you can use on the Armadillo are the Spider Eye, Brush and the Lead.

When a player is sprinting, mounting, or causes harm to an Armadillo, or when an undead hostile mob is nearby, it rolls up into a cube-like shape to protect itself from harm.

The armadillo was featured in the Minecraft launcher loading animation following its announcement in 1.20.5, in April 2024.


You can breed Armadillos with Spider Eyes, creating a baby armadillo. Feeding spider eyes to a baby armadillo will accelerate its growth by 10%.


When an adult armadillo is killed by a player or tamed wolf, it drops 3. Baby armadillos don't drop anything.

1–7 xp orbs are dropped upon succesful breeding

When a brush is used on it, the armadillo drops an Armadillo Scute. Doing so wastes 13 points of the brush's durability. There is no cooldown for brushing an armadillo, and no limit as to how many scutes they can drop, given the player has enough brushes.


With 6 Armadillo Scutes, you can craft every piece of Wolf Armor for a Wolf.


  • In real life, Armadillos are excellent swimmers, being able to hold their breath for up to 6 minutes. This is not the case in Minecraft, however, as it drowns just as easily as any other mob.
  • Similarly to turtles, armadillos don't drop scutes when killed, even though it wouldn't make sense in real life.
    • This is because Mojang is against the unnecessary killing of real-life animals in Minecraft
  • Spiders are afraid of them, possibly due to the fact that they eat spider eyes.



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