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Archaeology is an upcoming mechanic that allows the player to find history.[1][2]

Discovering artifacts[edit]

Little is currently known about archaeology. What is known is that by using a Brush on blocks such as dirt or gravel at an "archaeological dig site", players can obtain artifacts, such as diamond blocks, emerald blocks, and Ceramic Shards. If the player is not careful while brushing away sediment, they may permanently break these artifacts. Ceramic Shards can be placed on Clay Pots, which can then be turned into Painted Clay Pots.

Planned additions[edit]


Restoring clay pots.png Clay Pot
  • Uses the texture of clay.
  • Ceramic Shards can be incorporated into an unfired pot.
  • Can be fired by lighting fire under the pot.
  • Pot can fit up to 8 Ceramic Shards.
Painted Clay Pot.png Painted Clay Pot
  • Uses the texture of terracotta.
  • Created by firing a clay pot.
  • Upon firing, any placed Ceramic Shards become permanently incorporated on to the clay pot.
Processing rubble[unofficial name]
  • A technical block associated with archaeology.
  • At least comes in dirt and gravel variants.
  • Created upon using a brush on what appears to be normal dirt or gravel.
  • Has 16 layers.


Brush.png Brush
  • Used to sweep away debris from archaeological items.
  • Sweeps debris off archaeological items one layer at a time. If interrupted, the block it was being used on simply disappears, and does not yield custom block heights.
  • Also comes in a blue-green variant: Brush 2.png
Blue Ceramic Shard.png Orange Ceramic Shard.png Ceramic Shard 1.png Ceramic Shard 2.png Ceramic Shard 3.png Ceramic Shard 4.png Ceramic Shards
  • Obtained with a brush at archeological sites.
  • Come in different colors and different designs, each depicting a different picture, such as an ender dragon, a cow, Alex, a skeleton, a tree and a vindicator.
  • Can be placed/customized on clay pots.
  • Currently using placeholder art, according to Jasper Boerstra.[3]


Excavation Site
  • Seen during the Minecraft Live 2020 stream.
  • Consists of wool tents and a large pit containing rubble.


  • The player can find items and blocks in gravel and dirt inside the dig site structure by using the brush.
  • Possible items shown in the preview footage include:


October 3rd, 2020Archaeology was announced.
April 14th, 2021Archaeology was delayed.


Issues are currently unavailable for archaeology as it is not yet released or in snapshots.