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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition. 
For aquatic mobs in spin-off games of Minecraft, see Minecraft Dungeons:Aquatic and Minecraft Earth:Aquatic.
Update Aquatic

Many aquatic mobs seen in the Update Aquatic artwork.

The term Aquatic refers to an in-game group of mobs that live in oceans and rivers and are able to swim.


They take extra damage from tridents enchanted with Impaling,‌‌[until JE Edition Combat Tests] and, except axolotl, do not cause pufferfish to inflate nor take damage from them. All aquatic mobs except dolphins are immune to drowning, and all except guardians, elder guardians, and turtles take suffocation damage if out of water for too long. Aquatic mobs have the ability to swim, whereas other mobs simply float on water or sink.

Although drowned are an underwater variant of zombies (and can swim in Bedrock Edition), they are classified as undead, not as aquatic.

In Bedrock Edition, there is no in-game classification for these mobs.

List of mobs[]

Name Face Behavior Notes Image
Axolotl AxolotlFace Passive Axolotls are salamanders that can be found in Lush Caves. Lucy Axolotl JE2
Cod CodBody Passive Cods are a common fish found in oceans. Cod
Dolphin DolphinFace Neutral Dolphins are neutral animals that live in non-frozen oceans. Dolphin
Elder Guardian ElderGuardianFace Hostile Elder Guardians are mini-bosses found in Ocean Monument, they are the biggest aquatic mob. Elder Guardian
Glow Squid GlowSquidFace Passive Glow squids are variant of squids found in ocean depths, ravines and underground lakes. Glow Squid JE1
Guardian GuardianFace Hostile Guardians are pufferfish-like monsters that spawn in and around ocean monuments. Guardian
Pufferfish PufferfishFace Passive Pufferfish is a fish found in oceans that defend themselves by dealing damage and inflicting poison. Pufferfish large
Salmon SalmonBody Passive Salmon are common passive mobs found in oceans and rivers. Salmon
Squid SquidFace Passive Squids are common ink-squirting mollusks found in oceans and rivers. Squid
Tadpole TadpoleFace Passive Tadpoles are the juvenile form of a frog which only spawn through breeding. Tadpole swimming
Tropical Fish TropicalFishBody Passive Tropical Fish are common mobs that have 2,700 naturally occurring variants. Clownfish
Turtle TurtleFace Passive Turtles are friendly reptiles that lay eggs on beaches. Turtle


  • Corals and sea pickles instantly die if they are out of water for too long, similar to the the aquatic mobs.
  • Frogs are not considered an aquatic mob, while tadpoles are. Despite this, frogs will not drown in water.