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Ambience (also called ambience sounds or ambient sounds) are sounds that can be heard in specific conditions. They were created by C418 and Samuel Åberg.

In Java Edition, the volume of ambient sounds can be changed individually through "Music & Sounds" in the Options menu by changing the "Ambient/Environment" bar. However, this also affects the sounds of firework rockets and such. Many players also find them to be a bit unnerving.

Cave ambience

Cave ambience (eerie noise according to subtitles) is a set of sounds that occasionally play when the player is in proximity to a dark space.

A dark cave. This is where one will most likely hear cave ambient sounds.

Cave ambience can be played in any dimension, and can be heard in both singleplayer and multiplayer.

Cave ambience may occur when the player is in the vicinity of an air block with a light level lower than 9, without lighting from the sky. In addition, it can be played in the void. The air block that actually plays the sound does not have to be sealed off from the player. There is an interval of several minutes before another sound can be played. When cave ambience is to play, one of the sounds will be chosen randomly. Cave ambience can be used to locate caves, but can also serve as a warning that the area may be prone to hostile mob spawns.

There are 19 cave ambience sounds in total:

Name Sound
Cave 1
Cave 2
Cave 3
Cave 4
Cave 5
Cave 6
Cave 7
Cave 8
Cave 9
Cave 10
Cave 11
Cave 12
Cave 13
Cave 14
Cave 15
Cave 16
Cave 17
Cave 18
Cave 19

Underwater ambience

Not to be confused with the sound produced by flowing water called "Water Ambience".

Underwater ambience plays while the player's head is underwater. They can be heard within a body of water of any size and in any dimension.

The sound "Underwater Ambience" plays in an endless loop, while the other sounds occur randomly and the "Dark" sounds play more rarely than other sounds.

There are 22 underwater ambience sounds in total:

Name Sound
Underwater Ambience
Animal 1
Animal 2
Bass Whale 1
Bass Whale 2 File:Bass Whale 2.ogg
Bubbles 1
Bubbles 2
Bubbles 3
Bubbles 4
Bubbles 5
Bubbles 6
Crackles 1
Crackles 2
Dark 1
Dark 2
Dark 3
Dark 4
Driplets 1
Driplets 2
Earth Crack
Water 1
Water 2


v1.0.3Added 13 different cave ambient sounds.
Java Edition
1.2.112w07aThe map format was updated to the Anvil format, which now allows ambience to be heard in multiplayer.
Cave Ambience was known to play only in 3×3×3 spaces or larger, but it's been heard playing in spaces of smaller size.
1.915w43aAdded cave sound 14.
1.10pre2Added cave sounds 15 and 16.
1.1217w13aAdded cave sounds 17 and 18.
1.1318w02aAdded cave sound 19.
18w10aAdded 22 different underwater ambient sounds.


Issues relating to "Ambience", "Ambiance", "Cave sound", "Eerie noise", "Underwater sounds", or "Ocean sounds" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.


Cave 14 viewed in a spectrogram.

  • When "Cave 14" is viewed in a spectrogram, it appears to show the face of a creeper.
  • Ambience still shows up in the subtitles even when turned off.

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