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Agnes Larsson
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Date of birth

June 13, 1989 (age 32)[1][2]


Minecraft Vanilla Game Director




English and Swedish

Known for

Designing llamas, turtles, pandas, ocean ruins, icebergs, lush caves, tadpoles and frogs
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Agnes 'LadyAgnes' Larsson[3] is a Mojang Studios employee who joined the gameplay development of the 'Exploration Update' from Java Edition in August 3, 2016.[4] Later, she was announced as the lead gameplay developer for Minecraft and, in March 3, 2021, she was promoted to Minecraft Vanilla Game Director.[5]


Larsson was born in Sweden and comes from Falkenberg, a seaside city located in southwest Sweden.[6][7] Larsson has a child[8] and three cats, named Magnolia, Isacco and Gemina.[9][10][11][12] She earned a master's degree in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering in 2013 and was employed by 2 companies, Configura and Scania Group before joining Mojang Studios.

Larsson serves as a spokesperson for Mojang Studios as she holds Minecraft workshops for children, for exemple.[13] Futhermore, Larsson led designs of new additions to Minecraft, such as icebergs, turtles and llamas at first. Her goal is to create as much player happiness as possible using Minecraft Java and Bedrock updates, encompassing various gameplay styles, whereas keeping the principles of the game's inclusivity and simplicity, which include the dinamic of one block at a time.[14] She is known for appearing in the Minecraft Live teaser videos that show her and Jens Bergensten in a 2D type of Minecraft. Nir Vaknin, a Minecraft gameplay developer, tells during Minecraft Live 2020 that Agnes likes to make the roofs of her houses with wool. In Minecraft Dungeons, a painting of her character on a church seems to be fancier than the other paintings and it has a cat besides her. Agnes' Minecraft character also appears in the screenshot of Mojang's blog post about the Java Edition 16w43a snapshot, fishing in a river biome.



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