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Agnes Larsson
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Date of birth

June 13, 1988 (age 32)[1][2]


Minecraft Vanilla Game Director




English, Swedish

Known for

Designing llamas, turtles, pandas, ocean ruins, icebergs and lush caves

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Minecraft name


Agnes 'LadyAgnes' Larsson[3] is a Mojang Studios employee currently working on Java Edition.[4] She was announced as a new team member on August 3, 2016 working on the Java Edition 1.11 'Exploration Update' and eventually as the lead gameplay developer.[5] In March 3, 2021 she got promoted to Minecraft Vanilla Game Director.


She was born in Sweden and comes from Falkenberg located in southwest Sweden.[6]

Larsson earned a master's degree in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering in 2013. Before joining Mojang, she was employed by 2 companies, Configura and Scania Group.


Larsson led designs of new additions to Minecraft, such as icebergs, turtles and llamas. She is known for appearing in the Minecraft Live videos that show her and Jens Bergensten in a 2D type of Minecraft whereas her goal is to create as much player happiness as possible using Minecraft updates, encompassing many gameplay styles.


  • Lady Agnes has 3 cats, named Magnolia, Isacco and Gemini.[7][8][9][10]
  • In Minecraft Dungeons, her painting on the church seems to be more fancier than the others and it has a cat besides her.