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This page describes an education-related feature. 
This feature is available only in Education Edition or when enabling the "Education Edition" option in Bedrock Edition.
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In Education Edition and Bedrock Edition worlds connected to a WebSocket server, the agent is a mob that helps players learn coding, by getting players to code the actions on it. The agent can be programmed to execute several tasks, like planting and harvesting, mining, chopping trees, and building.

In a Bedrock Edition world not connected to a WebSocket server, it is unused and thus has no AI, but can still store items given to it by the player in its inventory. It can also teleport between dimensions with the player. It can be spawned with its spawn egg, obtainable with /give @s spawn_egg 1 56 .


In Education Edition, the agent is used in conjunction with Code Connection for Minecraft / Code Builder, and is programmable by a visual programming language.

In Education and Bedrock Editions, the agent can be used in conjunction with WebSocket servers.

The agent carries its own 27-item inventory, which can be manipulated by commands that the player programs it to use, or edited directly by a GUI that the player can access in-game, in any dimension.

The visual interface allows the player to drag and drop commands, structural constructs and other components into a sequence, and associate the sequence with a custom-named slash command, which can be executed in the traditional way, from the console.

The agent can push pressure plates, but cannot interact with buttons, levers or other right-click mechanisms like doors and gates.

Agent commands[]

  • attack <direction>
  • destroy <direction>
  • drop <int:slotNum> <int:quantity> <direction>
  • drop all <direction>
  • move <direction>
  • turn <turnDirection>
  • inspect <direction>
  • inspect data <direction>
  • detect <direction>
  • detectredstone <direction>
  • transfer <int:srcSlotNum> <int:quantity> <int:dstSlotNum>
  • create agent
  • remove agent
  • teleport to player
  • teleport to location facing direction
  • collect <string:item>
  • till <direction>
  • place <int:slotNum> <direction>
  • place on move<int:slotNum> <true/false>
  • get item count <int:slotNum>
  • get item space <int:slotNum>
  • get item detail <int:slotNum>

<direction> refers to forward|back|left|right|up|down

<turnDirection> refers to left|right

Data values[]


NameIdentifierNumeric ID Translation key


Pocket Edition Alpha
v0.16.0build 1Agent.png Added agent.
build 2Agent has been removed.
Pocket Edition
1.0.0alpha agent has been re-added, hidden in a(n) .apk file.
Bedrock Edition
1.8.0beta agent spawn egg texture file.
Education Edition
1.0.1Agent.png Added the "learn to code mascot".
1.0.2The entity ID changed has been changed from "learn_to_code_mascot" to "agent".
1.4.0Agent's default name tag color has been changed to blue.
1.7Agent can now be removed through /remove.
Players now can show the agent coordinates on the HUD.
/summon agent now creates or teleports the executor's agent to the executor.
Added spawn eggs for agents.


  • The agent is seen in the official image of Education Edition.
  • The agent is the only mob exclusive to Education Edition. Bedrock Edition also contains resources for the mob, however, the mob is unusable, and invisible in game. By installing Code Connection, it is possible to use in Bedrock Edition on Windows.
  • On the free 10th-anniversary map that @BlockworksYT released, there is a puzzle in the "Library" area that involves controlling the Agent with glazed terracotta. On the Bedrock version of the map, the agent is added in as a new mob, while on Java, it is an armor stand with remodeled infested chiseled stone bricks on its head.
  • The agent spawn egg can be obtained with /give @s spawn_egg 1 56. However, when spawned via the spawn egg it is completely invisible.