1.8 (also referred to as The Bountiful Update), was a large update to Minecraft, released on September 2, 2014. It added many map-making and survival mode features.

Java Edition version history

Mojang promotional screenshot.



  • New statistics: distance traveled while crouched, distance traveled while sprinting, and how long since a player's last death.
  • New achievement: Overpowered- Eat a Notch Apple (Enchanted Golden Apple) 



  • @e - Targets all entities.
  • /blockdata
    • Gives the block at the specified coordinates the data in <dataTag>.
  • /clone
    • Copies the area within the first two set of coordinates and pastes it at the third.
  • /execute
    • Executes <command> at the location of <player or entity>, relative to <z> <y> <z>.
  • /fill
    • Fills the between the 2 coordinates with <block Name>. If replace is used for oldBlockHandling, the next parameter tells what block <block Name> should be replaced.
  • /particle
    • Displays the particle <name> at <x> <y> <z>, viewable only by [player] (if specified) [count] times at the specified <speed> and <dx> <dy> <dz>. See Particles for a list of particles.
  • /replaceitem <entity/block> (replaces the items in either a player's or the entity's inventory)
  • /scoreboard
    • Changes scoreboard settings/options with the used parameters. See Scoreboard for more details.
  • /testforblocks
    • Compares two areas' blocks. Gives all block ids, data values, and data tags (except for coordinate tags for the block entity) must match.
  • /trigger
    • Adds or sets <value> to the <objective> for a player. It proves useful in tellraw texts as it is non-op friendly.
  • /worldborder
    • Sets an impassible border that is <size> blocks as its area, and is centered on a location when "/worldborder center" is used. Any mobs outside of the box will gradually take damage.


  • logAdminCommands
    • Whether to log admin commands to server logs.
  • showDeathMessages
    • Whether a message appears in the chat when a player dies.
  • randomTickSpeed [value]
    • How often a random block tick occurs (e.g. plant growth, leaf decay, etc.) per chunk section per game tick.








  • The difficulty of each world is unique to only that world.
  • The difficulty can be locked in specific worlds to prevent the difficulty from being changed.
  • Superflat worlds can now be customized.


  • This is the longest wait for a major update to Minecraft, since the last version was released on October 25, 2013, 253 days ago.
    • 1.3.1 had the previous longest development version, with a release on August 1, 2012, 153 days after the release of 1.2.1.
  • This is also the longest development to a major update in the history of Minecraft, with the first snapshot coming out on January 9, 2014, 177 days ago.
    • The previous longest was also 1.3, with 111 days from the first snapshot to the final release.