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Java Edition version history

1.17, the first release of the Caves and Cliffs update,[1] is an upcoming major update for Minecraft: Java Edition and Bedrock Edition themed around revamping caves, mountains, and cliffs. It was announced during Minecraft Live 2020 on October 3, 2020, and will likely be released in December 2020.





Glow Squid

  • A squid with a luminescent texture.
  • Will spawn in the new underwater caves.


Alvibino Axolotl


  • Spawns in lush caves
  • Can be picked up with a bucket
  • Come in 5 different textures
  • Have playing dead ability, when playing dead they regen to full hearts and nothing will attack them.
  • Deals 1 damage.



  • Spawn in mountains. They can jump up to 5 blocks high and might even headbutt players.
  • When they ram a tree, they will drop a goat horn that has a (most likely) placeholder Pillager Raid horn sound when right click is held down
  • Can be milked.
  • Bred with wheat.
    • When bred, they will produce litters of 4-7 baby goats.
  • Naturally pathfind around powder snow.
  • Are not rideable.
  • Will attack creepers and cows.
  • When charging, they have tunnel vision, and will not try to hit if the players move before they charge.




  • Spawns in the deep dark. It is blind, and can only spot players if they make vibrations.
  • Very powerful. As seen on MineCon , it can most likely one shot every type of armor except for Netherite armor and diamond armor (both have the same protection). Even then, it is still extremely powerful.
  • Will have either no drops, or just a trophy drop.


Amethyst Shard



  • Used to brush layers off of certain blocks.
  • Found in archaeological excavations.


Bucket of Axolotl

  • Can be used to empty the bucket.
  • When emptied, the axolotls will be the tamed.


Bucket of Powder Snow

  • Obtained by using a bucket on a Cauldron full of Powder Snow or using it on a block of it.


  • Used to store multiple types of items in one stack.
  • Will not suck items of the same type into them when the item is collected.

Ceramic Shardyes.png

Ceramic Shard

  • Gathered by using a Brush on certain blocks in an archaeological dig site.

Copper Ingot

  • Gathered by smelting copper ore.
  • Used in many crafting recipes, including lightning rods and telescopes/spyglasses.



  • Can be used to zoom in on the screen.



Block of Amethyst


Budding Amethyst

  • Unobtainable block that has amethyst crystals growing on it.
  • Makes a special sound when walked on.


Amethyst Clusters

  • Grows on budding amethyst.
    • Have multiple growing stages.


Azalea Leaf

  • Generate on azalea trees.
  • Sometimes have purple flowers growing on them.


Azalea Bush

  • A miniature tree with special leaves that have purple flowers growing on them.
    • Might be the sapling variant of the azalea tree.


Azalea Roots

  • A block that appears to have roots growing though them.
  • Appear to have roots growing underneath them
  • Follow them to find a lush caves biome.



Candle Cake.gif


  • Block placed similarly to sea pickles that emit light.
  • Have 16 color variants
  • Can be placed on cakes to create birthday cakes.


Clay Pot


Copper Block

  • Mineral block version of copper.
  • Becomes green over time due to oxidation, a process that takes 50-84 in-game days per stage, which there are four of.
  • Can be waxed with honeycomb at any stage to stop oxidation.


Copper Ore

  • Can be smelted to yield copper ingots.
  • The third Overworld ore with a unique texture.


Cut Copper

  • A cut version of copper with a different texture
  • Can be crafted into slabs and stairs


Cut Copper Slab

  • Slab version of copper block.
  • Can be waxed with honeycomb at any stage to stop oxidation


Cut Copper Stairs

  • Stair version of copper block.
  • Can be waxed with honeycomb at any stage to stop oxidation


Dripleaf Plant

  • Can be walked on.
  • After a while of holding weight, it droops and loses collision for a short time before popping up again.
  • Seems to have a miniature version.

Dripstone Block

Hanging Azalea Roots.png

Hanging Azalea Roots

Pointed Dripstone

  • Drops from Stalactites and Stalagmites.


Glow Berries

  • Edible
  • Emits light


Lightning Rod

  • Attracts lightning in a 64-block radius.
  • Gives a redstone power level of 15 when struck.
  • Can be placed vertically or horizontally.
  • Despite not being an entity, it causes lightning to strike when hit with a trident.

Moss Block.png


Moss Blanket.png


Powder Snow

  • Looks like snow, but when an entity goes over it, it falls through.
  • You can use leather boots to stand on it and climb up it.
  • When your head is inside the block, your vision goes white and a frost affect appears around your screen.
  • Standing in it for too long will cause the player to take freezing damage, but this effect can be slowed by wearing Leather Armor.
    • Wearing full Leather Armor will prevent any freezing.

Spore Blossom

  • Creates a particle effect nearby where it is placed.
  • Naturally found in lush caves.

Dark Stone.png

Dark Stone

  • Possibly a new type of stone that generates in the deep dark.


Sculk Block

  • Nothing is yet known about this block, other than that it is a member of the Sculk family.

Sculk Trap.png

Sculk Trap

  • Nothing is yet known about this block, other than that it is a member of the Sculk family.


Sculk Chute

  • Nothing is yet known about this block, other than it is a member of the Sculk family.
    • This block could amplify vibrations for the skulk sensors, because bones in real life actually increase the intensity of vibrations.
  • Made of something similar to bones. [2]

Sculk Sensor

  • SculkSensor.gif
    When it senses a nearby vibration, it sends out a redstone signal.
  • This allows for wireless redstone.

Sculk Growth.png

Sculk Growth


Tinted Glass

  • Is transparent, but does not let light through.

Geode Casing.png


  • Outermost layer of Amethyst Geodes.



Mesh Caves

  • Likely filled with many corridors.[3]


Deep Dark

  • Found very deep in the world.


Dripstone Caves

  • Filled with stalagmites and stalactites.


Lush Caves

  • Filled with all kinds of plant life.


Mobs Voted out


  • When an open Shulker is hit by a shulker bullet, it has a chance to create another shulker.
  • Freezing - a type of damage that only takes place when the player is in Powder Snow.
  • Archaeology - a game mechanic where the player can find items and blocks in gravel and dirt by using the brush. Possible items that can be excavated include diamond blocks, emerald blocks, and ceramic shards of any color.
  • Deep dark flash - while in the deep dark, the screen occasionally darkens, limiting the player's visibility
  • Wireless redstone - A feature of the new sculk sensor blocks.
  • Vibrations - a feature that occurs when sound is made near the new Sculk Sensor blocks and Wardens. Vibrations have an animation that shows visible blue sound waves.


  • Clocks and Compasses have new textures


As of November 30, 2020, there are three snapshots: 20w45a[4] and 20w46a[5] and 20w48a.[6]


  • This update is the first to add a new ore to the overworld since Java Edition 1.3.1 snapshot 12w21a in 2012, Legacy Console Edition TU14 in 2014, and PE Alpha 0.9.0 in 2014 when emerald ore was added.
  • This update is the first to add a real world metal into the game since Java Edition Classic 0.0.14a in 2009 and TU1 in 2012, which brought iron and gold, and PE Alpha 0.3.0 in 2012, which brought iron.
  • This update adds wireless redstone into the game.


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