This article contains content about features that are not yet released.
These features are not currently in Minecraft, but may have been announced by Mojang AB to possibly appear in a future update, or may be available only in a snapshot.
1.14 (also referred to as Village and Pillage) is an upcoming update for Minecraft: Java Edition, planned to be released in early 2019. This update will include new varieties of stairs, slabs[1], blocks, Mobs, and other features.

As announced at Minecon 2018, the update may include any of the content that was mentioned in the the live stream.[2]

It has been confirmed that combat will not be overhauled in this update, with Mojang preferring to collect more player feedback. [3]

Java Edition version history
1.131.14 • 1.15(NYR)



  • Fox
  • Pandas
  • Pillager
    • Hostile mob
    • Pillages villages with Illagers, killing villagers
    • Also found leading patrols of illagers in the wilderness
    • May be found riding an Illager Beast
  • Illager Beast
    • Hostile mob
    • Large four-legged beast with a head like an illager
    • Appears in illager patrols and illager raids
    • Tramples crops
    • Deals massive damage
    • Slow moving

Building Blocks

  • Scaffolding
    • New building blocks made of Bamboo
  • Lantern
  • Jigsaw Block
    • Unobtainable technical block
    • Responsible for generation of Pillager Outposts as well as the new villages.
  • Variants of Signs in Birch, Jungle, Dark Oak, Acacia, and Spruce woods
  • New Stair, Slab, and Wall variants
    • Mossy Stone Brick
    • Mossy Cobblestone
    • Red Sandstone
    • Andesite
    • Diorite
    • Granite
    • Red Nether Brick
    • End Stone Brick
  • More Stair and Slab variants
    • Stone
    • Smooth Sandstone
    • Polished Andesite
    • Polished Diorite
    • Polished Granite
    • Smooth Quartz
  • More Wall variants
    • Brick
    • Stone Brick
    • Sandstone
    • Prismarine

Utility Blocks

All of these blocks are found in Villages

  • Barrel
    • Compact storage container
    • Similar to a single Chest, but functions with a solid block above it
    • Found at the fisher cottage
  • Bell
    • Goes 'ding' when right clicked
    • Found at villages' common meeting areas
    • Uncraftable
  • Blast Furnace
    • Allows faster ore smelting and metal melting
    • Same fuel efficiency as a standard furnace
    • Gives less Experience Points
    • Found at the armourer shop
  • Cartography Table
    • Adds a GUI for expanding maps
    • Found at the cartographer shop
  • Grindstone
    • Removes non-curse enchantments from tools
    • Refunds a small amount of Experience
    • Can also combine the durability of two damaged tools
    • Found at the weaponsmith shop
  • Lectern
    • Lets multiple Players read a Book at once
    • Found at the library
  • Loom
    • Adds a GUI for patterning banners
    • Found at the shepherd house
  • Smoker
    • Allows faster food cooking
    • Same fuel efficiency as a furnace, running at 8 porkchops-per-coal
    • Found at butcher shop

The following are uncraftable and have no functionality, but are still found in villages

World Generation


The new "ice plains" village introduced in snapshot 18w49a


New desert villagers and building aesthetics introduced in snapshot 18w50a


  • Crossbow
    • New ranged weapon
    • Deals slightly more
    • After loading, remains in the inventory ready to fire
    • Can be enchanted, with three new Enchantments unique to the crossbow
  • Bamboo
  • Suspicious Stew
    • Can be found in Shipwreck supply chests
    • Can be crafted with different flowers to produce different effects if consumed.
  • New Dyes
    • Brown Dye
    • Blue Dye
    • White Dye
    • Black Dye


Status Effects

  • New Status Effect called Bad Omen
    • Applied when the player kills an Illager Patrol Leader
    • Triggers an illager raid when the player next enters a village
    • Two attack waves come for every level of Bad Omen
    • Villagers stop trading, instead emitting blue particles



  • Grindstone is now required to repair tools and weapons without an anvil instead of inventory/crafting table repairing


  • Removed option to turn off VBO in the settings of the game. VBO are now forced on.


  • Vines can now be climed without the need of support blocks


  • Villagers will have different themed outfits, depending on the biome they are in.
  • Cats and Ocelots are now two separate types of mob.
    • Stray cats can now spawn in Villages
    • Cats get a collar when tamed
      • Cats come into ten different textures.



  • All textures are being updated
    • The legacy texture pack will still be available (called Programmer Art)