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Modlar (en: Mods) ( modifications un kısaltılmışı) Orjinal oynanışda yapılan değişiklikler, eklemeler, silmeler vb. Modlar genellikle orjinal oyuna "kısmi değişiklikler" olarak adlandırılan içerikler ekler , ve ne zaman modlar tamamen yeni bir oyun yaratsa onlara "toptan değişiklikler" (en: Total Conversions) denir , ve modlar gayriresmi yamalarda oluşan hataları düzeltir .

Mods for Minecraft can introduce an entirely new experience and increase the creativity in many different ways, and the Mojang team plans to add an official modding API that allows modders to more easily add content to the game.[1]

Most mods in Minecraft add content to the game to alter gameplay, change the creative feel, or give a player more options in how they interact with the Minecraft world. Some may be bigger expansions, such as the Aether Mod, that add a significant amount of new content to the game. Other mods take away content to create a simpler or more specific gameplay experience. Some mods, such as the Portal Mod, attempt to bring over another game's content, experience, and feel. And still other mods do more technical things such as adding or expanding more settings/options or optimizing the speed, graphics, or gameplay of the game. Server mods or plugins mainly give server admins more options and ease of use, and most mods for single-player have a server version that allows or optimizes the mod in multiplayer.

Ideally, the creator of a Minecraft Mod updates the mod whenever the game updates - bringing more content, bug fixes, or optimizations. Otherwise, the mod may not work with a new version. Many in the Minecraft community appreciate the additional experience and ease of use that come with mods, while others play "vanilla", the original game, with only the original content, and might view mod usage as cheating. While Minecraft mods are generally safe to install, one should exercise caution with mods to prevent crashes, deletion of game or save data, sredystem instability, or potential malware infections from a bad link or the mod itself. There are many mods or plugins available to complement the original Minecraft game or give server admins more options and control over their servers.

Mod Packs

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Modlar nasıl Yüklenir

Ana Başlık: Mods/Installing Mods

Zaman Aşımına Uğramış Desteklenmeyen Modlar

Zamanı geçmiş modları bir listesi buradadır: here.

Client Mods

Client Mods are modifications to your Minecraft program (Alpha or Beta). They are not custom clients, and require modification of minecraft.jar. Like high resolution textures, they only work with the launchers, and won't work if you play Beta through a browser.

The most common form of client mods are aesthetic and/or functional. However, some client mods add content to the game, and others fix issues with the game. While some do work on SMP, mods that add content, and thus could be used for griefing, do not work, as the server will ignore custom content.

Mod List

Note to people editing this page to post their own mods:

First, please put your mod in the correct section. If it adds new mobs, items, or blocks (or dimensions), put it in New Content. If it changes features of an existing item or adds settings, like adding a new difficulty level or making mobs drop more experience, put it in Aesthetic and Functional Mods. If it fixes a bug in "vanilla" Minecraft, put it in Fixes. Second, please keep the mods in alphabetical order. It's much harder to find older, established mods when they are buried beneath the mods that have been thrown on top of them.

Thank you for following these simple rules.

APIs and Loaders

For a list of Outdated APIs/Loaders, see here.

Name Description Version Link Latest Compatible Release Requires ModLoader Author SMP Compatible
AudioMod Updates the sound system in Minecraft to allow support for three more file types and allows the ability to add custom music. 1.1 Forum 1.1 No Risugami Yes
Creative API Add custom blocks or Items with subtypes to the creative mode inventory. 1.0.0 Forum 1.1 Yes pitman-87 N/A
Custom Mob Spawner This API allows you to add mobs and creatures to Minecraft that spawn randomly instead of at predefined points based on the world seed. 1.3 Forum 1.0.0 No DrZhark N/A
ID Resolver Stops ID conflict 1.1.0 Forum 1.1 Yes ShaRose N/A
Minecraft Forge Picks up where Modloader leaves off, adding extensive hooks that allow compatibility between more advanced Mods. Source code is available, and participation is encouraged. This API is meant to form and promote a standard for mods, reducing incompatibilities between mods using it. 1.3.0 Forum 1.1 Yes SpaceToad Yes
ModLoader A mod manager that stops many conflicts between mods. Modders are free to decompile this and learn how to make mods work with it. Supports 303's mods. Also supports texture packs for override images, and chunk population hook was added. 1.1 Forum 1.1 N/A Risugami N/A
MyCraft Mod Manager A mod manager that will work on any Minecraft version. MyCraft can load any mod, except for patcher style mods, and keep them organized without ever modifying the Minecraft jar. MyCraft includes a proof-of-concept API which is not version-specific, allowing mods to work on any version if they are using the API. MyCraft also contains built-in mods for proxying, changing render options and flying, which are made with the API. 2.4.1 Forum


Alpha and above No xthexder and jli N/A


For a list of Outdated Fixes, see here.

Name Description Version Link Latest Compatible Release Requires ModLoader Author SMP Compatible
FiniteLiquid Transforms the Minecraft water physics. Water will now have actual volume and simulated water pressure. The mod also adds pumps, pipes, grates, fixes sponges, and much more. 5.4 Website 1.1 Yes djoslin No
FM DebugMod Fixes problems with the debug screen on by remapping the graph to F4 and limiting its maximum height so it doesn't overlap the text. 1.1v1 Forum 1.1 No FinalMinuet Yes
HD Texture Fix (MCPatcher) Fixes the fire, water, lava, and compass issues with textures larger than the default size. Also has an option for better grass and randomized mob textures. 2.3.1 Forum 1.1 No Kahr Yes
Mattyp153's Fixes Lets you stack more items to 64 and more. 0.3 Forum 1.1 Yes Mattyp153 No
VerticalRedstone Allows redstone to be placed on walls. 5.1 Website 1.1 Yes djoslin No

Mod Packs

Name Description Version Link Latest Compatible Release Installer Compiler SMP Compatible
Cheetah Pack

"Its not Cheating"

A compilation of the best mods made for multiplayer. Designed to make playing Minecraft online much easier.

Includes: Social Miner, Useful Ingame GUI, Rei's MiniMap, Inventory Tweaks, Whats My Light Level, Macro/ Keybind Mod, World Downloader and More!

3.1.1 Forum


1.1 Yes Hectic Craft Yes
Zombe's Modpack Currently contains: "weather", "flying", "recipe", "cart", "wield", "compass", "build", "cloud", "growth", "item", "death", "path", "spawn", "sun", "safe", "craft", "boom", "ore", "teleport", "cheat", "resize", "furnace" and "dig". Each mod has its own uses. Though officially updated for 1.0.0, many bugs have appeared in some of the mods, including "resize". 5.9 Forum 1.1 No tanzanite (zombe) No
Yogbox Currently contains: Airships, Mo' Creatures, Millenaire, Tale of Kingdoms, Rei's MiniMap, Twilight Forest, Thaumcraft, Elemental Creepers, Sensible Enchanting, Risugami's Mods, DaftPVF's Mods, Convenient Inventory, Inventory Tweaks, More Health RPG, Pfaeffs Mod, Somnia, Treecapitator & Equivalent Exchange.
  • Note: More Health requires Java 7. If you don't have Java 7, More Health will bug the Installer.
1.2.1 Website 1.0.0 Yes Yogscast No
Technic Pack A compilation of industrial mods to give Minecraft a more advanced feel.

Includes: BuildCraft, Industrial Craft, Power Converters, MineFactory Reloaded, Balkon's Weaponmod, Nature Overhaul, Mo' Creatures, Redpower 2 (Pr4), Single Player Commands, Additional BuildCraft Pipes, Rei's MiniMap, Treecapitator, Convinient Inventory, Pfaeff's Mods (Allocator and Jump Pads, Somnia and Xie's Mods, Zeppelin Mod

5.0.5 Website


1.0.0 Yes Kakermix Yes


The preferred ModPack of The Voxel Box.

Includes: ModLoader, The Voxel Box Essentials, Zombe's Modpack, xT Utilities, xT Texture Mods, In-Game Texture Pack Changer, Rei's Minimap, Improved Chat, Macro/Keybind Mod, VoxelGET, Void Fog Remover, Minaptics, and WorldEdit CUI.

7.2 Website 1.0.0 Yes MehStrongBadMeh Yes


Previously containing over 70 mods for Minecraft 1.8.1, Arrrg's Minecraft Community Overhaul returns for the full release of Minecraft!

Currently contains 40 mods including: Buildcraft, Millenaire, Redpower 2, Equivalent Exchange, Tale of Kingdoms, Fossils and Archaeology, Somnia, Zeppelin, Spawner Gui, Minimap, Floating Ruins and many more!

1.0.0 RevA Forum 1.0.0 Yes Arrrg No

Aesthetic and Functional Mods

For a list of Outdated Aesthetic and Functional mods, see here.
Name Description Version Link Latest Compatible Release Requires ModLoader Author SMP Compatible
AdventureCraft AdventureCraft! is a total conversion for Minecraft, which turns the game into a pure adventure mode in which players cannot place or destroy blocks.

You can build there an adventuremap which runs with triggers, spawn locations, triggered doors and more.

r1095 Forum 1.1 No Cryect No
AutoSwitch Automatically switches to the appropriate tool when mining a block and automatically switches to the best weapon when attacking a mob or player. It also switches back when you are done for easy building. Works in SSP and SMP. Supports items and blocks added by mods and enchantments. 1.5.1 Forum 1.1 Yes Thebombzen Yes
Better Enchanting It's no fun to spend a long time grinding experience, only to spend it all on a worthless enchantment you didn't want to begin with. Better Enchanting fixes that. 1.1 Forum 1.0.0 No Qizzok No
Conveyor Belts Automatic crafting and item stansport, with many belt types for complex factories. N/A Forum 1.0.0 Yes MightyPork No
Convenient Inventory Convenient Inventory aims at speeding up inventory management by giving the player many additional features, such as:

Move|Drop|Craft -- single items|stacks of items|all items of the same type -- with a single mouse click. Sort your inventory and chests based on item ids. The key + mouse button combinations for (almost) all these actions can be remapped to whatever fits your gaming style. Everything works in multiplayer.

CI2.2 Forum 1.1 No SmartModding Yes
CraftableSaddles Makes saddles craftable! 1.0 Forum 1.1 Yes Thebombzen No
Creepers FriendlyCreeper, StupidCreeper and MiniCreeper. Makes Creeper more or less explode. 1.1 Forum 1.1 Yes pitman-87 No
Death Chest If you have a chest in your inventory when you die, it will be placed where you die, or in the closest available spot. The chest will be filled with as many items as possible. Any excess that won't fit in the chest will be dropped. 1.1 Forum 1.1 No Risugami No
Drakus's Mods Stronger Gold, Craftable Chainmail, Peaceful Creeper, Better Magma Cube drops, Throwing Daggers, Arrow Mod. 1.0.0 Forum 1.0.0 No Drakus Fett No
Dynamic Lights Adds "shiny" attribute to items, allowing handheld or thrown light sources. 1.1 Forum 1.1 Yes AtomicStryker Yes
Eggz Adds crafting recipes for spawn eggs. v0.1 Forum 1.1 Yes Mattyp153 No
EnchantView Makes the enchanting table show what the enchantments are before you click them. 2.3.1 Forum 1.1 No Thebombzen No
GLSL Shaders Adds a very nice effect to block rendering, adding curves and depth to everything. 2.1.2 Wiki Forum 1.1 No daxnitro Yes
iMod Adds an assortment of iThings to Minecraft as well as iMobs. 3-0 Forum 1.0.0 No Coolio_G, Willispr0 No
Inventory Tweaks Allows to sort your inventory and your chests, and replace any broken tools and emptied stacks by others from your inventory. Fully customizable, and works in both single and multiplayer. 1.36 Forum Website 1.1 Yes Jimeowan Yes
InstaWire Insta-Wire makes redstone computing much faster. It comes with instant repeaters / or / and / memory / xor / inverters. No more delays! 5.1 Website 1.1 Yes djoslin No
iPixeli's Female Gender Option Mod Being for minecraft girls, this mod has the option to turn the player into a female and sticks to the minecraft-y style. The female default (Steve equivalent) is called "Steph" (short for Stephanie). The mod comes with different female models and the female voice. You can choose which model you want to use, and what you want the others to be. As well as adding the female gender, this mod adds a 'male' gender that isn't as gruff as Steve. 1.1.4 Forum 1.1 Yes iPixeli Yes
Material Detector Shows the surrounding environment with possibility to indicate the position of some specific materials like diamond or iron (or whatever you want). Useful to search and dig efficiently some rare materials. 1.17 Forum 1.0.0 Yes Ellian No
MCGO Invisiblocks Allows for an X-Ray use that allows the player to see through dirt, stone, gravel, Etc. Has a brightener that makes the light level 15 for the player and a Cave Finder, that views all nearby caves. It is compatible with MP, but MCGO is not responsible for any server infractions(issues) or bans. 1.0.0 WebsiteForum

Planet Minecraft

1.0.0 Yes Minecraft Gaming Order Yes
MessiahAndrw's Minecraft Renderer Wrapper Custom full screen res, change 3D depth, anaglyph colours, NVidia 3D Vision, cross-eyed. Doesn't modify minecraft.jar. 3/3/11 Forum 1.1 No MessiahAndrw Yes
MinecartLavaBoats Makes minecarts behave like boats in lava. 1.5 Forum 1.1 Yes Thebombzen No
MineChat MineChat is an IRC communication mod for survival single player. It can be used to chat with friends while using mods only available in single player. 1.4 Forum 1.0.0 Yes Blitz_9100 No
Moar Diamonds Makes diamond ore drop more diamonds per ore 1.0.0 Forum 1.0.0 No The2b No
(Mob) Spawner Gui This mod gives you the ability to mine and program mob spawners. 1.1 Forum 1.1 Yes Risugami No
More Stackables Makes food and buckets stackable, but unusable when stacked. It also makes doors, signs, saddles, minecarts, and trees stackable. 1.1 Forum 1.1 Yes Risugami No
Music Discs Adds crafting recipes for all music discs. v0.2 Forum 1.1 Yes Mattyp153 No
NoBoomCreepers NoBoomCreepers makes it so creepers don't explode but walk slowly and hurt you like a zombie. 1.2 Forum 1.1 No Thebombzen No
No more durability Gets rid of durability for everything but not armour 1.0 Forum 1.0.0 No drew1ind No
One Small Step For Man This mod adds a multiplayer command that allows you to change your step height from 1/2(slabs) to 50,000(mountains) or 1(pocket edition)! Another way to explain you never gotta jump no matter how high you're going up(watch the video) or in 1.3+ just no jump for one block up. Good for walking up stairs/mountains without getting hungrier. 1.4 Forum 1.1 No BlakeTheModer Yes
OptiFine This mod adds support for HD textures and a lot of options for better looks and performance. Doubling the FPS is common. Moves fog away, adds mipmaps, chunk loading control (mod CAF), Smooth FPS, time control, VSync, Better Grass, Clear Water, Far View, Zoom, and many other. HD_D3 Forum 1.3.1 No sp614x Yes
Overkill Crafting things gives twice as many items. 0.3 Forum 1.1 Yes Mattyp153 No
Rei's Minimap Shows a minimap in the corner of the screen with configurable waypoints and other options. Useful if you always get lost. 3.0_01 Forum 1.1 Yes ReiNFSK Yes
Sign Tags Adds tags to signs - type [time] to show an in-game clock, [light] to show the light level where the sign is, and [x], [y], and/or [z] to show coordinates, based on the sign's position. [a|b] acts as an input option, where 'a' is shown when the sign is powered, and 'b' is shown otherwise. [biome], [temp], and [humid] tell you the biome, temperature, and humidity of where the sign was placed. 1.1 Forum 1.1 No Risugami No
Single Player Commands Adds commands like fly or world edit. Over 100 commands!(Note: No longer outdated!) 3.1 Forum 1.1 No simo_415 No
Somnia Allows crops to grow and mobs to spawn while asleep. In essence, speeds up time around you while in bed. Also allows 'Napping' in the day. 18 Forum 1.1 Yes MALfunction84 Yes
Timber! Makes all the logs in a tree break when you hit the bottom block of the tree with an axe of any type. Updated 25/11/2011 for the official release. r5 Forum 1.1 Yes TehKrush No
TimeLapse You are able to fast-forward. 1.0.0 Forum 1.0.0 Yes AintLarry & TheSorm Yes
WeatherBeGone WeatherBeGone makes it so neither rain nor snow renders in Single Player or Multiplayer. 1.3 Forum 1.1 No Thebombzen Yes
What's My Light Level Displays light level and other useful information in the upper left corner of the screen. Build 283 Forum 1.1 No iPeer Yes
WorldAndGenerationTweaks A large number of tweaks related to the World and the terrain generation are included in this mod. This mod includes:
  • Twice the height limit (256 instead of 128)
  • Taller and more avatar-like mountains
  • Deeper ground (128 instead of 64)
  • Flat bedrock
  • More red mushrooms
  • Twice as much natural sugar cane
  • 50% more pumpkins
  • Melons generate naturally like pumpkins
  • Smaller underground dirt patches
  • Smaller underground gravel patches
  • Half as many underground dirt patches
  • Half as many underground gravel patches
  • Ores are the same distance from the surface, not the same ratio or the same from bedrock (e.g. Diamond still occurs 48 blocks down from the surface)
  • WAAAY more mushroom biomes (100x more common)
  • Twice as many strongholds (6 per map instead of 3)
  • Twice as many NPC villages.
0.4.1 Forum 1.1 Yes Thebombzen No
World Downloader Copies parts of a multiplayer world from a server to your singleplayer worlds folder. 1.1.0 Forum 1.1 No nairol Yes

New Content

Any mods that add new blocks, items, or mobs will have new Data Values, which can be found on the Mods/Data values page.

For a list of Outdated New Content mods, see here.

Name Description Version Link Latest Compatible Release Requires ModLoader Author SMP Compatible
Aether This mod adds a new world called the Aether by combining a map generator and a mod now finally Updated for 1.0.0 with Forge included and lots of new features! 1.04_01 Forum 1.0.0 Yes KingBDogz, Kodaichi and Shockah Yes
Armor Stand This block will give you a place to show off your armor. 1.1 Forum 1.1 Yes Risugami No
Automatic Turrets / Defense Bot This mod adds 6 types of defense turrets and a defense bot. The turrets acts for themselves (automatic aiming and shooting) and also you can control them. They're grouped in tech stages T1 to T4, (actually) one unique type and one defense bot. T1 shoots arrows, T2 shoots bullets and so on. 1.3_03 Forum 1.1 Yes SanAndreasP Yes
Backpacks Portable chests 2.1 Planet Minecraft 1.0.0 Yes MightyPork Yes
Meteorite This mod adds Meteorite, new armor and new tools. 1.3.1 Forum 1.1 Yes AintLarry und TheSorm No
BaitBox This mod adds a bait box which can be used to trap non-hostile mobs, making it easier to collect their drops. 5.1 Forum 1.1 Yes djoslin No
Blast Proof Glass also adds smeltable glass shards 1.0 Forum 1.0.0 Yes mermz No
BetterOres and Alloys Changes the way ores drop items. Makes every ore drop a configurable amount of items with guaranteed and chance based values.

Makes metal based ores (iron, gold) drop nuggets instead of blocks. Nuggets need to be smelted in a new smelting furnace. API available to easily create new items (which do not need durability) to have subtypes and add new ores which behave like Better Ores.

1.0 Forum 1.0.0 Yes DE3000 No
BetterWheat This mod adds additional items produced from wheat, including flour, straw bales and more bread. Full SMP support. 1.0 Forum


1.0.0 Yes Fearitude Yes
BoneSticks Adds recipes for all your regular tools, only with bones instead of sticks. Also adds a cobblestone workbench and bone torches. (More features are planned for future updates.) 1.4 Forum 1.0.0 Yes 4two89 No
BuildCraft Adds pipes to the game which for example can transfer coal from one chest in the lower slot of a furnace and iron from another chest in the top it comes with four types of pipes. It also adds The Miner and the Quarry which drill downwards for resources Powered by engines crafted yourself. 2.2.12 (Alpha: 3.1.2) Forum 1.1 Yes SpaceToad Yes
Car Mod Adds a driveable minecart. 2.2 Forum 1.0.0 Yes mermz No
CannonPowder Cannon powder works exactly like tnt, except it doesn't remove blocks or damage entities. It's used to push things. I also hooked up the dispenser to spit out live TNT / CannonPowder instead of just the item. 5.1 Website 1.1 Yes djoslin No
ChocoCraft Chococraft is a mod that adds a new mob to Minecraft - Chocobos.

The Chocobos can be tamed, saddled, ridden and even bred, and come in various colors.

1.0.1 Forum 1.1 Yes Eddie V No
Compressed Blocks Having a lot of resources? Shrink them with this new mod! Currently supporting coal, redstone, iron, gold, lapis-lazuli and diamonds! And what to do with these resources afterwards? Make items from them! Now with FORGE API! 4.1 Forum 1.0.0 Yes vino007 Yes
DarkWolffe's Firestone Adds a new light block as well as a god-enhanced sword. Next stable version coming soon! 8.1 Forum 1.0.0 Yes DarkWolffe No
Detector Pressure Plate Adds a detector pressure plate that can be activated by custom entities. 1.0.0 Forum 1.0.0 None Yes JOModCorp No
Dragon Mounts Dragon Eggs have a purpose now! 0.6 Forum 1.1 Yes BarracudaATA No
Elemental Arrows Adds fire, ice, lightning, and explosive arrows, and a gag weapon, egg arrows, along with the unstoppable homing bow. 1.1 Forum 1.1 Yes Risugami No
Elevator This mod allows you to create an elevator that will take you both up and down vast distances quickly. 1.9 Forum 1.1 Yes Exanadu No
Enchantments Mod This mod adds more enchantments to the game, along with a few tweaks. 1.0.2 Forum 1.1 Yes xkyouchoux No
Everfrost A Dimension Mod Of Snow, Ice, And Adventure! N/A www.minecraftforum.net/topic/954063-wipthe-everfrost/page__gopid__12077605#entry12077605 1.1 Yes DarkShadow1223 No
Explodables This adds many new explosives which are designed to be much safer and more flexible, allowing you to control exactly what is destroyed. Full SMP support. 1.4 Forum


1.0.0 Yes Fearitude Yes
Extruder A drill that lays a sequence of blocks behind while drilling blocks in front. Great for building bridges and tunnels. 1.1 Forum 1.0.0 Yes Ljdp Yes
FlashShelter Mod Allows you to craft a mobile instant shelter. 2.1 Forum 1.0.0 Yes Suudsu No
Floodgate Adds a floodgate block, allowing toggleable water and lava falls, or as a trapdoor. 1.1 Forum 1.1 Yes Risugami No
Footprints Leave footprints on soft materials such as snow and dirt. Mobs leave footprints too. 1.4 Forum 1.0.0 Yes Ljdp Yes
GlassLight The glass light is a simple mod. It's a block that lights up on redstone trigger. You can also light it by right clicking it. 5.1 Website 1.1 Yes djoslin No
TheGunMod Allows users to create their own weapons for use in Minecraft! 0.9.5 (Beta) Forum 1.1 Yes Heuristix No
HiddenDoors HiddenDoors adds a hidden door that takes on the texture of whatever it is placed on top of. 1.1 Forum 1.1 Yes TehKrush No
HumanGangsters Adds Gangsters To Minecraft! 1.8 Forum 1.0.0 No TheJukecast No
Hot Air Balloons This mod adds Hot Air Balloons. 2.01 Forum 1.0.0 Yes CsprBzmr
iMod Adds an assortment of iThings to Minecraft! 2-1 Forum 1.0.0 No Coolio_G, Willispr0 No
IndustrialCraft Adds machines and power system to minecraft! 1.43 Wiki 1.0.0 Yes Feanturi Yes
InfinityCraft Adds weapons,redstone, ores, tools, mobs, POTION!!!!!! 3.1 Forum 1.0.0 Yes Val166 No
Light Sensor Adds a light-sensing block as a new redstone input. 1.1 Forum 1.1 Yes Risugami No
Magic Box Like a moving box, can move whole buildings or areas. 2.1 Forum 1.1 Yes pitman-87 No
Magic Wands Ultimate building, breaking and mining tools, great for building servers, harvesting tons of resources and for fun. Simple usage. 3.4 Planet Minecraft 1.0.0 Yes MightyPork Yes
MotionDetector The motion detector is a multipurpose redstone output. You can use it to trigger automatic doors, traps, lights, just about anything. 5.1 Website 1.1 Yes djoslin No
Metallurgy Adds a host of new ores, metals, alloys, and tools. 1.2.1 Forum 1.0.0 Yes Shadowclaimer No
Millénaire Adds in villages to the game, based on medieval Normandy. You can trade with the villagers, and help them expand the village. Also includes new tools, armor, and food. 2.1.1 Forum Wiki 1.1 Yes Kinneken Yes
Mo' Creatures Adds a lot of new mobs: Goats, Sting rays, Manta rays, Jellyfish, Crocodiles, Turtles, Scorpions, Kitties, Mice, Rats, Deer, BigCats™, Lil' Fish (including piranhas), Dolphins, Sharks, Werewolves, Bear, Wolf, Polar Bear, Wraith, Flame Wraith, Ogre, Fire Ogre, Cave Ogre, Ducks, Boars, Bunnies, Birds, Foxes & Horses 3.1.0 Forum 1.0.0 Yes DrZhark Yes
Mo' Food n' Drinks Adds LOTS of new drinks and foods!! You will like it! 1.2 Forum 1.0.0 Yes Eastonium147 and Gigs135 No
Mo' Zombies Adds Different types of zombies. Each with a different ability. 1.01 Forum 1.1 Yes coocoo617 Yes
More Food Adds chocolate, sushi, cheese, pies, and more food ... 1.2 direct download 1.0.0 Yes Val166 No
MoreMeat This mod adds many new meat items from almost every animal. Plus "The Meat Machine" a self contained capturing, slaughtering and butchering device. Full SMP support. 1.1 Forum


1.0.0 Yes Fearitude Yes
MrJoshieMoto's Mod Pack This mod gives new ores which can be converted to dust for magic uses, it also contains PeacefulCraft which allows the player to get any item from hostile mobs in peaceful. various Forum 1.1 Yes Mrjoshiemoto No
Nether Expansion Nether Expansion makes the nether a lot more interesting; it adds a lot to the game like glowing mushrooms, Lava Tortoise and Salamanders 0.1 Forum 1.0.0 Yes Nether_Expansion / Fish2 No
Obsidian Plus Adds obsidian tools and armor. More coming soon 0.2 Forum 1.1 Yes Mattyp153 No
ObsidiBronze Adds Obsidian, and Bronze Armour and tools. Now OFFICIAL RELEASE! The very first mod to include new armour and tools first created in MC 1.0.0, soon adding Paxel! 1.0.1 Forum 1.0.0 Yes EmanP No
Ore food Adds ore food. crafting is in the forum. 3.0 Forum 1.1 Yes drew1ind No
Pfaeff's Mod Adds The Allocator, The Jump Pad, The Chest Trap and The Fan. 0.9.0 Forum 1.0.0 Yes Pfaeff No
Pitfall The block can be placed in the air and will not fall until redstone lights it up. 5.1 Website 1.1 Yes djoslin No
Planes Adds a lot of new items, some new blocks, 7 different planes and anti-aircraft guns. Some planes can fire machine guns and drop bombs. For SSP and SMP. 16 Forum 1.1 Yes jamioflan Yes
PlasticCraft PlasticCraft adds a new technological tier to Minecraft: Plastic! The mod adds a variety of new items to the game, such as water bottles, microwaves, rubber trampolines, and even plastic shovels. 3 Forum 1.1 Yes TehKrush Yes
Pokemobs Pokemobs adds tamable Pokémon and many other features from Pokémon into Minecraft. 0.5 Forum 1.0.0 Yes Seagoingmanatee No
Portable Workbench Craft it, and right click while it's in your hand, and you'll open a 3x3 crafting window. Much better then carrying around workbenches. 1.1 Forum 1.1 Yes TehKrush No
Portal Gun Adds many items from the popular game Portal, and Portal 2, by Valve. 4 Forum 1.0.0 Yes iChun Yes
Prehistoric This mod adds 14 dinosaurs and makes it so only spiders and squids spawn. It also adds 4 new plants, 6 items and 3 blocks. All trees are also a little bigger. 1.1 Forum 1.0.0 Yes gigawa No
Recipe Book This item when used opens up a GUI of every recipe that can be done. 1.1 Forum 1.1 Yes Risugami No
RedPower 2 Simplifies and extends redstone with single block circuits, and introduces new materials and machines, and tubes for moving items around. pr4d Forum Website 1.1 Yes Eloraam Yes
Redstone Lanterns Adds lanterns, that can be turned on/off with redstone. 0.3 Forum 1.0.0 No Kisko Yes
Roads! 5 Different types of road that speed you up. 1.5 Forum 1.0.0 Yes Gloosx Yes
Rope The rope was created for all those times you wanted to rappel down a large cliff or cave. The rope must be attached to a solid block on top. Any rope blocks placed directly next to other rope blocks will be added to the bottom of the rope. 5.1 Website 1.1 Yes djoslin No
SavePointChest Saves your items when you die to a chest you can place anywhere 1.2.1 Forum 1.1 Yes BigBre88ap No
Shelf Allows items to be stored in a way you can see them. 1.1 Forum 1.1 Yes Risugami No
Shifters Similar to pistons but work at a longer range 1.1 Forum 1.0.0 Yes mermz No
Sponge Mod This mod adds 3 types of sponge that absorb water and lava making the nether and under the ocean a much easier place to live. 2.9 Forum 1.1 Yes Exanadu No
Squirrels The Squirrels mod adds cute little rodent squirrels to your Minecraft. They run away from you and act cute as they climb things. 1.1 Forum 1.1 Yes TehKrush No
Team Fortress 2 Teleporter Adds a teleporter to minecraft! 2.1 Forum 1.1 Yes pitman-87 No
Telescope This mod adds a telescope that allows you to get your eyes a little closer to the beauty. Zooms in when right-clicked. 5.1 Website 1.1 Yes djoslin No
TooManyItems The mod allows the player to visually choose and get directly in his inventory any object (blocks or items) from the game without the need to type any command 2012-01-12a Forum 1.1 No Marglyph Yes
Trade Mod This mod adds a nifty gui in which the player can buy and sell blocks and items from. 1.0.7 Forum 1.1 Yes xkyouchoux No
Transmitter The Long-Distance Transmitter transfers a redstone signal wirelessly up to 75 blocks. I've thought of several uses for this mod, including checking the status of your mob traps, routing a minecart from a station to the correct destination, sending an SOS signal, etc. 5.1 Forum 1.1 Yes djoslin No
Turret / Cannon The turret was created for all those times you wanted a mounted gun at your base. Instead of relying on static short-shooting dispensers, you have complete control over the aim. This mod also comes with three types of cannonballs. 5.1 Website 1.1 Yes djoslin No
Twinecraft Twitter client for Minecraft. Mine, tweet and craft at the same time. New tweets from your timeline appear in the chat area, pressing F10 lets you send a tweet, reply and show your mentions and other timelines. 1.3.1 Website 1.1 Yes Satscape No
Vehicles Have you ever gotten tired of exploring your world by plane? Then its time to take to the roads! Includes 4 vehicles. For SSP and SMP. 4 Forum 1.1 Yes jamioflan Yes
Wireless Redstone Adds the ability to transmit signals of redstone current. 1.5 Forum 1.0.0 Yes Ali4z No
WW2 Armors Mod This Mod Adds 12 new armors to the game! The armors have WW2 textures and more armors will be released! 3.0 Forum 1.0.0 Yes Dapro1590 Yes
WW2 Guns Did you ever think that your planes + vehicles war server was getting boring? Something missing? Well here is the missing piece : WW2 Guns! Includes about 20 different guns. For SSP and SMP. 3 Forum 1.1 Yes jamioflan Yes
Zeppelin Make the Airship, place the block, fly away! Forum 1.0.0 Yes blakmajik, DiEvAl No
Zombie Hunt An urban zombie survival mode! 1.0.6 [www.minecraftforum.net/topic/859832-10-zombie-hunt-an-urban-zombie-survival-mode/ Forum] 1.1 Yes Jackfirecracker No

Language Packs

As of snapshot 11w49a, language packs are obsolete, due to the official implementation of other languages. As of Minecraft 1.1, 56 languages including fictional ones, such as pirate, are implemented so language packs are no longer needed to change the in game language.

If you wish to use language packs on 1.0.0 and earlier, Visit this link on the Minecraft Forums for a comprehensive language packs guide.

Server Mods

Server Mods are modifications to the official Minecraft server software. They generally fall into two broad categories: management and gameplay.

Management mods are commonly designed to make administration of servers easier by implementing tiered privileges for commands (such as kicking, banning etc.). They are frequently implemented as "wrappers" which do not actually modify the main server .jar file, instead monitoring its output and sending commands to it.

Gameplay mods are modifications to actual game mechanics, such as restricting the placement of blocks commonly abused by Griefers (e.g. lava, TNT), fixing bugs in the server (e.g. making furnaces function before the update of 10th of September 2010) or adding new gameplay features.

Mod List

This is a list of wrappers and modifications. For server mods for out of date versions, see here.

Server Modifications

Name Description Version Forum Link Latest Compatible Release
  • Plugin System
  • Efficient
  • Security updates to server
  • Multiworld support
1.1-R1 Homepage

Adds magic to minecraft by using runes that can manipulate the world. Bukkit Compatible

  • Teleporters
  • Way points with IDs through different blocks
  • Weapon enchantments (also through runes)
  • Secret Passageways
2.10.1_2 Forum 1.0.1

Administration plugin based on hMod. (hMod v2) Not for much longer though! We're doing a recode which will not use hMod as a base anymore.

  • Plugin System.
  • Simple and Efficient.
  • Built-in Permission system.
  • Plugins hardly ever break.
Crow b4.4.10 Homepage

Server Operating Systems

Server OS' are often Linux distributions specifically built to host a Minecraft server.

They are built to ease the burden for Minecraft server administrators by providing tools to manage deployment & maintenance.

OS List

Name Açıklama Sürüm Website Linki Forum Linki Statüsü

See also

  • Modding (commonly referred to as hacking)
  • Harmful Mods