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I just translated Modül:InvSprite/IDs but it doesn't effected inventory slot template. What should i do? — LambayaFunfDe (mesaj | TR) 00:00, 24 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)

You have reverted the edit to Modül:InvSprite/IDs yourself, with the edit description distinctive of quick rollback available to administrators. It doesn’t ask whether are you sure you want it or not, it just does its thing; I have witnessed a lot of unintentional rollbacks and even myself had one when I was part of a special group on Russian Minecraft Wiki that has been deleted since then. — NickTheRed37 (mesaj | RU) 06:50, 24 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)
It’s because not all articles use Inventory slot, many are still using the obsolete {{Grid}} system. Even if they do use, the item names on articles are not translated. They show the item images because Turkish Minecraft Wiki apparently has a shared image database with the English wiki, and pulls Grid files from there (Grid file support is added as a backup, normally item images are taken from InvSprite sprite sheet which in turn is also located on the English wiki). — NickTheRed37 (mesaj | RU) 07:05, 24 Temmuz 2017 (UTC)

Mate i am still here!

I am here and ready to translate wiki, i am also going to school. I had some exams and I couldn't do them at the same time. And as you see there is noone to help to translate the wiki. It makes me nervous I feel lots of responsibility. We are 80m here in Turkey and please check the YouTube Turkey you will see most watched videos are all about Minecraft. But players in here are mostly children and i am sure they dont even know how to use the wiki. And other people don't know English very well. I tried to call some people from forums but noone answered at all.

So process in Turkish Wiki will be very slowly. I can check there sometimes but my school will take my very much time that year. If you delete the wiki it wont be a problem. LambayaFunfDe
No, no, I doubt the wiki will ever be deleted. The story has already began, and we should continue writing it. I do know about the population number in Turkey and I have already referenced that on the English wiki’s community portal (80 million is comparable to the population of Germany and is more than a half of Russia’s 146-million population). But it’s not only numbers, it’s also the culture that makes a difference. Now if only I could speak Turkish... this would make things on the wiki much simpler. That “ile“ postposition took a while to figure out how to work with it.
Either way, I am glad to see that you are still here. The school is a thing for many people, and I will myself go into school in the near future, but hopefully I will continue looking into this project. (And yes, I have changed my nickname when you were absent.) — BabylonAS (mesaj | ru.Wiki Admin) ex-NickTheRed37 15:27, 31 Ağustos 2017 (UTC)

A Strange Problem

Before I tell the problem, I will give the links of the pages:

In English Wiki Copied Pages The Pages I Translate
en:Template:Template link Template:Template link
Template:Template link/doc
Şablon:Şablon Bağlantısı
Şablon:Şablon Bağlantısı/Doküman

Problem is use of template:

  • If I write: AAAA {{şb|Template link}} AAAA It gives:

AAAA {{Template link}} AAAA

  • But when I write: AAAA {{tl|Template link}} AAAA It gives:

AAAA {{Template link}} AAAA

I copied all codes from other pages as a last resort, but the problem has not been solved. There is no difference, but why the result is different.

The only solution I could find for this problem is write adjacent the template with the string which come after:

  • When I write: AAAA {{şb|Template link}}AAAA It gives:

AAAA {{Template link}}AAAA

But this solution isn't valid in lists or tables.

Same problem exist in {{Not}}, {{Uyarı}}, {{Vurgu}}, {{Gelecek}}and {{Eksik Bilgi}}templates. --Flameofwrathtr (mesaj) 17:25, 26 Ocak 2018 (UTC)

Flameofwrathtr, you have entered a line break before the <noinclude> tag (where you place the documentation) in the template. That’s the source of this problem, because the line break is also transcluded, and because there is a space before AAAA, the wiki thinks that it is pre-formatted text and outputs it in a white box. Fixed for {{Şablon Bağlantısı}}; try to apply the fix to other templates. — BabylonAS (mesaj | ru.Wiki Admin) ex-NickTheRed37 16:46, 1 Şubat 2018 (UTC)
Thanks --Flameofwrathtr (mesaj) 20:01, 1 Şubat 2018 (UTC)