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Ham Materyaller




Evet, takasla


Evet (64)

Data value

dec: 331 hex: 14B bin: 101001011



For advanced redstone circuitry, see Redstone circuit.

Kızıltaş inşaat ve iksir yapımında kullanılır. Kızıltaş, kızıltaş madeninden çıkar ve madeni kırmak için demir yada daha iyi bir kazma gerekir. Kızıltaş yere sağ tıklama ile bir kablo yapmak için kullanılabilir,kızıltaş ayrıca kızıltaş meşalesi ve tekrarlayıcı yapmakta kullanılabilir. Bu malzemeler tuzak veya devre yapmakta kullanılır.

Kızıltaş oyuna özgün olup,şalterler ve kızıltaş meşaleleri; kızıltaşa elektrik verir.


İçindekiler Giren » Çıkan
Kızıltaş madeni

Not: Kızıltaş madeni, ipeksi dokunuş kullanılmadan ele alınamaz, bir kızıltaş madeni'nin kırılması 4-5 kızıltaş tozu verir.

Üretim Eşyası Olarak

İçindekiler Giren » Çıkan
Kızıltaş tozu
Kızıltaş Meşalesi,
Kızıltaş Tozu,
Altın Külçesi,
Kızıltaş Tozu

Gold Ingot
Gold IngotRedstoneGold Ingot
Gold Ingot

Demir Külçesi,
Kızıltaş Tozu
Ahşap plakalar,
Kızıltaş Tozu
Altın Külçesi,
Kızıltaş Tozu
Demir Külçesi,
Ahşap Basınç Plakası,
Kızıltaş Tozu
Kırık Taş,
Kızıltaş Tozu
Ahşap Plaka,
Kırık Taş,
Demir Külçesi,
Kızıltaş Tozu
Kızıltaş +
Parıltı Taşı

Bir Demleme Malzemesi Olarak

İçindekiler Input » Output
Redstone Dust
Water Bottle
Mundane Potion


Mundane Potion

Redstone Dust in the trading dialog.


Redstone Dust, as of 12w21a will now be obtainable via Villager trading.


  • The introduction of redstone was a small step towards interactivity, and brought with it the mechanics of redstone circuits, making it possible to create circuits linked with buttons, levers, pressure plates and logic gates, which can currently be tied to things like doors, minecart tracks and TNT. It is possible, however, to connect levers, buttons and pressure plates directly to these objects, as Redstone wire is not needed when switches are directly adjacent to objects.
  • Redstone Dust's appearance is shared by glowstone dust and, to a lesser extent, gunpowder and sugar.
  • Another good use for redstone, as people generally accumulate too much of it while exploring natural dungeons, is to use it as a way to find your way in a cave, so that you do not get lost. By placing redstone dust on the right- hand side of the cave, you can find your way out again by keeping the placed dust on your left.
  • Redstone is also useful for making an obsidian generator. This is a bug that will likely be patched in a later update, but is currently a safe and economical way to get obsidian. By using one bucket of water and one of lava, redstone can be converted into obsidian.[1]
  • In Minecraft 1.0 a single block of redstone not connected to anything looks like a small square (rather than a +).
  • In a SMP server, if PVP (being able to hurt other players) is off, you can still kill someone by using redstone dust to make a trap.
  • The break texture doesn't work right on redstone dust.

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