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Can puanları

100 × 50


Kolay=26 × 13 Normal=50 × 25 Zor=75 × 37.5


/summon command

Devler çok büyük moblardır ve Survival Test versiyonunda eklenmişlerdir. Sen /summon Giant kullanarak devleri çağırabilirsin. 50 kalp yani 100 canları vardır. Kolay modda 26, Normal Modda 50,Zor Modda 75 can götürürler. Devler silinmemiştir sadece kullanılmıyor.


Onlar oyuncuların düşmanlarıdır. Oyuncuları 16 blok uzaktan görebilirler. Onların vücudu ile zombi vücudu arasında fark yoktur. Hem de davranışları da aynıdır. Zombilerin aksine Devler güneş ışığından etkilenmezler.


0.30Devler Eklendi.
1.7.213w36aDevler /summon command ile çağırılabiliyor.
1.814w06aDevlere armor eklenebilir! 14w05a'daki bug yüzünden bu bozulmuştu ve düzeltildi.

Bundan sonraki kısım İngilizcedir


  • A giant can inflict huge amounts of damage. However, they do have the tendency to get stuck in thick biomes with many trees. This is the perfect opportunity for the player to attack it, since it can no longer move.
  • Giants can be considered the least detailed mob. One pixel is 3/8th the size of a block.
  • Giants are on par in health with Iron Golems and have less health than the Ender Dragon and the Wither.
  • Iron Golems and Snow Golems will attack a giant, as if it was a hostile mob.
  • Prior to 1.0, arrows fired at Giants would stick in them, but the size was not proportioned properly, giving the stuck arrows a giant sized appearance.
  • Using /give @p spawn_egg 1 53, the player may give themselves a spawn egg for the giant. However, the egg is not usable and will not spawn a giant when right clicked.
  • The only way to spawn a giant is to use /summon Giant.
  • Despite using the same skin as Zombies, Giants are not considered an undead mob, so they are damaged by Potions of Harming and healed by Potions of Healing. The Zombie skin may have been a placeholder for an unimplemented human-style skin.
  • Giants are one of the only mobs in the game that don't spawn naturally, with a spawn egg or by a pattern of blocks, along with skeleton horses and zombie horses.
  • In the code, giants need to have a light level both less than 8 and greater than 11 to spawn, but since that can't happen, they don't spawn from monster spawners. However, this spawn condition can be bypassed with a custom spawner, if it attempts to spawn an entity with valid spawn conditions riding a giant.
  • Giants are implemented into the Xbox 360 Edition, although they require external modifications for their egg to be placed in the player's inventory.
  • Iron Golems can fling Giants, in spite of its huge size.
  • Even though the Giant won't take damage if you hit it above the legs area while it's standing, it will still take damage if you shoot it both in the legs and above.
  • Giants will drop experience orbs, but not other drops.
  • Like other mobs, Giants are reluctant to cross rails.
  • If you name a Giant using a Name Tag, its name will appear inside its head.
  • It could be considered a boss monster, because of its attack strength and health.