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This template uses Module:Infobox, a script written in Lua.
Please see wp:Lua and mw:Extension:Scribunto to learn more.

Script error: No such module "Infobox". This template provides a uniform design similar to {{3rd Party Tool}}, with tweaks designed for base program pages, such as Minecraft, or Pocket Edition.

| title= 
| image= 
| imagesize= 
| author= 
| platform= 
| programming language= 
| version= 
| date= 
| ratings=
| size= 
| license= 
| source available= 
| forum= 
| website= 
| customlinks=
| notes= 
Parameter Function Default value
title Optional value to use a different title instead of the page name {{BASEPAGENAME}}
image Image/Icon of the program (default 200px) {{{title}}}.png if it exists, otherwise No image.svg (linking to the page where to upload the missing image)
imagesize The image's size 200px
author The author(s) of the program ?
platform What platforms the program works on. Use {{OS}} ?
programming language What programming language is the program written in? ?
version The program's current version ?
date The date the program was released ?
ratings Content ratings for Minecraft or other program ?
size The program's filesize ?
license What license is the program under? ?
source available Has the source code been released? ?
forum A link to the program's forum None
website The program's website None
customlinks Any custom link, such as market links
To add multiple links, separate them using a bulleted list
notes Any notes about the program None

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