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Çok oyunculu birden çok oyuncunun aynı dünyada birbiriyle etkileşime girip birlikte yapılar yapmasına beraber maden kazmasına veya birlikte moblarla savaşmasına (birbirleriyle de savaşabilirler) olanak sağlayan server-tabanlı bir Minecraft versiyonudur.


The disclaimer that appears Şablon:İn when clicking onto the Multiplayer section from the main menu.

Çok oyunculu oyunculara aynı internet ağı üzerinden veya çevrimiçi şekilde birbirleriyle etkileşime girme olanağı sağlar. Serverdan servera değişen ve farklı çok oyunculu deneyimleri oluşturulmasını sağlayabilen birçok özelleştirme ayarı bulunmaktadır. Bedrock sürümünde oyuncular, PlayStation4 Nintendo Switch vb. dahil olmak üzere oyuna Xbox Live'dan bağlanırsa 8 kadar kişiyi oyunlarına davet edebilirler.

Minecraftta farkedilebilir birkaç fark dışında oynanış genel olarak tek oyunculuda da çok oyunculuda da aynıdır. Multiplayer has more of an emphasis on community and collaboration between players, which is assisted by the multiplayer chat function. Multiplayer allows for the player to build contraptions that are intended for multiple players. In addition, there are many adventure maps and mini-games in which multiple players are required.

Şablon:IN, there is also an important difference: pausing the game works differently (like pausing when the player opens a LAN world in singleplayer). No game mechanisms stop working if the player pauses the game. For example, if the player has items being smelted in a furnace, pressing ESC does not stop the smelting process. Şablon:IN, there is no difference as opening the menu in a singleplayer doesn't pause the game.


A multiplayer chat snippet.

Shows (from up to down) bold, strikethrough, underlined, italicized, and reset (§r) text (also default)

Please note: Several of these commands are configurable (the defaults are shown here)

In multiplayer, players can press T to open the chat and talk to other players. Chat functions include:

  • Chat history - A small scroll bar is on the side of the chat bar. The player can also scroll using the mouse wheel or PgUp and PgDn. The last 100 chat messages are stored. Holding down ⇧ Left Shift or ⇧ Right Shift and attempting to scroll up or down slows down scrolling.
    • The player can view their own recently sent messages by pressing the and keys while typing.
  • Clickable links can be pasted in chat.
  • The ability to copy (Ctrl+C) & paste (Ctrl+V) in chat (⌘ Cmd is used as a replacement for Ctrl on some Macs). ⇧ Shift + , , , selects text for the player.
  • Font styling: the section symbol (§) allows players to change the style of the text. See the list of formatting codes for further details.
    • Note: the section symbol cannot be typed in vanilla clients because they are restricted characters. If § is pasted and posted in chat, the player who sent it is automatically kicked from the server with an "Illegal characters in chat" message, and a server-side disconnect.endOfStream error is given.
  • On Bedrock Edition, certain emojis appear as icons in-game, such as the hunger and armor icons[1]. Other emojis and unknown character show up as a ? (question mark.)

Players can also type commands into the chatbox. Commands are identified by the server with the use of a forward slash (/) at the beginning of the message.

  • Simply pressing / acts like a command key; it opens the chat with a / in it.
    • Typing / and then pressing Tab ↹ lists available commands, similar to entering the /help command.

While typing, pressing Tab ↹ autocompletes the first possible command or username starting with the letter(s) typed. If there are multiple usernames or commands beginning with the letter(s), the chat displays a list of possibilities; pressing tab again scrolls through the list.

  • Some commands may also have additional parameters that may be autocompleted by pressing Tab ↹ at that point.
    • Certain commands that handle blocks (/blockdata, /fill, etc.) have parameters that need the x, y, and z coordinates of the target block(s). Using the Tab ↹ key when these coordinates are needed automatically adds the coordinates of the block the player is looking at.

Şablon:IN, the chatbox can be reduced in size, the opacity may be adjusted or it may be hidden via the chat settings in the options menu. Şablon:IN, the chat settings are found within the chat screen and include options to change the color of the chat, the font, and its size.

Şablon:IN, swear words in multiple languages are censored and show up as asterisks.


If the player types a nonexistent command, the command contains syntax errors or the player does not have permission to use the specified command, the player receives an error message and the command does not function.

The user then receives an error message that is only seen by the user who has done the error that can be of all reasons why above.


The different narrator settings.

Pressing CTRL + B toggles the narrator, a text-to-speech engine that automatically reads chat messages, including the username. This keyboard shortcut was intentionally hardcoded as to be unchangeable,[2] but for unknown reasons, however, this stance appears to be under review. The narrator can be toggled between several settings:

  • Off: The narrator is inactive.
  • All: The narrator reads chat and system messages.
  • Chat: The narrator reads only messages produced by players.
  • System: The narrator reads only messages produced by the system (command outputs, notifications, etc.).

The narrator does not read commands or command outputs.



0.0.15a (Multiplayer Test 1)Multiplayer is first tested.
0.0.15a (Multiplayer Test 4)Players' names now shows above their heads.
0.0.15a (Multiplayer Test 5)Chat has been added.
?Added commands for admins such as /kick, /ban, and /fly.
?Reduced bandwidth usage.
0.0.16aMultiplayer released after many beta trials.
0.0.17aPlayers can now see the chat log when typing.
Added the ability to see the list of players logged in by pressing Tab ↹.
?Custom player skin test.
0.0.18aCustom skins released.
0.0.18a_01Added support in chat for characters |, @, and $.
0.0.23aClicking a player's name under the Tab menu pastes their nickname into the chat.
v1.0.10Mojang hosts a private Survival multiplayer server, only way the player can get in is a private invite.
v1.0.12Survival multiplayer testing begins.
v1.0.15Survival multiplayer is released.
v1.2.2Vehicles are now functional.
v1.2.3Health and damage now functional.
v1.2.3_05Other players are shown as sneaking when they are sneaking.
1.0Inventory is now server-side (fixes disappearing items and duplication as a result).
1.2Worn armor is now visible on other players.
Paintings now work.
1.3Players standing on fences no longer get stuck.
1.4"Ghost" client-sided slimes no longer spawn.
1.5Wolves no longer constantly whimper when they have full health.
1.6?The Nether now works in multiplayer.
Dispensers now emit smoke and play sounds when used.
Fixed fake client-sided music discs spawned when ejecting them from a jukebox.
New settings in Server.properties: view-distance and allow-nether.
1.7.3Modded clients may no longer edit text of placed signs.
1.8?Ghast attack sounds in multiplayer fixed.
1.1?It was possible to enter colored text in multiplayer chat.
1.2.1?It is no longer possible to enter colored text in multiplayer's chat with the vanilla client.
Monster spawners now show the correct mob inside them.
Mob hitboxes were fixed (it is now possible to hit their legs).
1.2.4Chat was greatly improved. There is now a chat history, it is now possible to complete usernames using the Tab ↹ key, and it is now possible to copy-paste text.
1.3.112w23aPlayers can now see the cracking effect when other players mine blocks.
Multiplayer now scans for local games.
1.814w02aImproved chat communication.
Messages are now either chat, system or action bar messages.
Action bar messages are always shown, chat and system messages are only shown if chat settings are configured that way.
Some instances of usernames in the chat do now show the player's UUID when hovered on when debug tooltips are enabled.
1.915w43aChat supports for Chinese, Japanese and Korean, and probably other IME entered languages.
1.1116w38aChat messages can now be 256 characters long instead of 100.
1.1217w13aAdded the narrator, which can read chat messages aloud.
17w15aAdded a toast notification for toggling the narrator.
The narrator now has four settings: "off", "all", "chat", and "system".
17w18bMade the narrator work on nearly all systems (Linux requires Flite for it to work).
1.1620w15aChat line spacing can be adjusted.
A chat delay can be set between 0 (default) and 6 seconds.
New 3ds
1.4.23Added support for 2-player multiplayer using Local Play.


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  2. MC-122645