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This template is used to simplify linking to a version page.


This template should accept any standard Minecraft version number, but does not accept named versions (e.g.: Alpha Seecret Saturday, World of Color Update).

If |2= is set to blank, the version prefix will be automatically removed.


This is the list of prefixes the template will accept to try to link to the right page. "Minecraft" at the start of a version name is ignored, and the prefix is not case sensitive.

  • รุ่น Java: java edition, java, je
  • Minecraft launcher: launcher
  • รุ่น Bedrock: bedrock edition, bedrock, be (note that {{el|be}} is the same as {{vl|be}}
  • รุ่น Pocket: pocket edition, pocket, pe
  • รุ่น Xbox 360: xbox360, 360
  • รุ่น Xbox One: xbone, xbox1, xb1
  • รุ่น PlayStation 3: ps3
  • รุ่น PlayStation 4: ps4
  • รุ่น PlayStation Vita: psv, psvita
  • รุ่น New Nintendo 3DS: new nintendo 3ds edition, new nintendo 3ds, new3ds, 3ds
  • รุ่นสำหรับการศึกษา: education edition, education, ee
  • Realms: realms
  • Minecraft China: china, chinese
    Note: Just links to the history section, as there is no version numbers for this edition.


  1. {{verlink|JE 1.1}}
  2. {{verlink|Bedrock 1.4.0}}
  3. {{verlink|ps4 1.88|custom text}}
    • custom text
  4. {{verlink|Minecraft Launcher 2.1.2481|}}
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