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แม่แบบนี้ใช้ มอดูล:Sprite ซึ่งสคริปต์นี้เขียนด้วยภาษาลูอา

This templates creates a page link with an associated sprite image on the left side using the IDs from Template:Mods/Ex Nihilo/BlockSprite. The sprite can be customized with the parameter id if it's not recognized correctly.


Code Result
{{Mods/Ex Nihilo/BlockLink|Aluminum Ore Gravel}} แม่แบบ:Mods/Ex Nihilo/BlockLink
{{Mods/Ex Nihilo/BlockLink|Iron Ore Sand}} แม่แบบ:Mods/Ex Nihilo/BlockLink
{{Mods/Ex Nihilo/BlockLink|Crucible}} แม่แบบ:Mods/Ex Nihilo/BlockLink
{{Mods/Ex Nihilo/BlockLink|Artificial Hive}} แม่แบบ:Mods/Ex Nihilo/BlockLink
{{Mods/Ex Nihilo/BlockLink|id=Artificial Hive Top|Artificial Hive}} แม่แบบ:Mods/Ex Nihilo/BlockLink

Full List

Here is a full list of blocks:

Ore Gravel

    • Aluminum Ore Gravel
    • Copper Ore Gravel
    • Gold Ore Gravel
    • Iron Ore Gravel
    • Lead Ore Gravel
    • Nickel Ore Gravel
    • Osmium Ore Gravel
    • Platinum Ore Gravel
    • Silver Ore Gravel
    • Tin Ore Gravel

Ore Sand

    • Aluminum Ore Sand
    • Copper Ore Sand
    • Gold Ore Sand
    • Iron Ore Sand
    • Lead Ore Sand
    • Nickel Ore Sand
    • Osmium Ore Sand
    • Platinum Ore Sand
    • Silver Ore Sand
    • Tin Ore Sand

Ore Dust

    • Aluminum Ore Dust
    • Copper Ore Dust
    • Gold Ore Dust
    • Iron Ore Dust
    • Lead Ore Dust
    • Nickel Ore Dust
    • Osmium Ore Dust
    • Platinum Ore Dust
    • Silver Ore Dust
    • Tin Ore Dust


    • Artificial Hive
    • Artificial Hive Top
    • Crucible
    • Scented Artificial Hive
    • Sieve
    • Stone Barrel
    • Unfired Crucible
    • Wooden Barrel


    • Dust
    • Infested Leaves
    • Witch Water

See also

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