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Cod BE.gif

3 (Heart.svgHalf Heart.svg)






Height: 0.3 Blocks
Width: 0.5 Blocks


See § Spawning







ในรุ่น Java[]

ปลาค็อดจะเกิดในมหาสมุทรปกติ, เย็น และอุ่นปานกลาง โดยจะเกิดเป็นกลุ่ม กลุ่มละสามถึงหกตัว

ในรุ่น Bedrock[]

Cod spawn underwater 12-32 blocks away from the player in normal, cold, frozen, lukewarm oceans, and their deep variants, in groups of 4-7. In addition, cod spawn only on the surface; that is, there must not be a spawnable block above the spawn location with a non-solid block on top.


Cod drop the following upon death:


Cod tend to swim in schools (a maximum of nine cod per school).

The player may collect a cod by using a water bucket on it, which gives the player a bucket of fish. Cod placed with buckets do not despawn naturally. When that fish bucket is used on a block, it empties the bucket, placing water with the cod swimming in it.

An empty bucket may be used as well.‌[รุ่น Bedrock เท่านั้น]


Cod are not able to survive outside of water. Outside of water, they flip around on their sides like guardians for a while trying to get back into the water until, after 10 seconds of time, they eventually start taking suffocation damage and die like squid. ในรุ่น Bedrock, they rotate when flipping when out of water. They cannot swim or breathe in cauldron water.[1] They can swim in, but cannot survive in waterlogged blocks, most noticeably waterlogged slabs and stairs.

Cod are affected by the Impaling enchantment, like squid, turtles, guardians, elder guardians, dolphins, and all other types of fish (salmon, pufferfish, and tropical fish).‌[รุ่น Java เท่านั้น]


Sound Subtitle Namespaced ID Subtitle ID Source Pitch Volume Attenuation distance
N/A No subtitle entity.cod.ambient (Empty sound event) N/A N/A N/A N/A
Cod dies entity.cod.death subtitles.entity.cod.death ? ? ? 16
Cod flops entity.cod.flop subtitles.entity.cod.flop ? ? 0.3 16
Cod hurts entity.cod.hurt subtitles.entity.cod.hurt ? ? ? 16

Data values[]

Entity data[]

ดูเพิ่มเติมที่: Chunk format

Cod have entity data associated with them that contain various properties of the mob.



ไอคอน Achievement คำอธิบายในเกม ความต้องการที่แท้จริง (ถ้าแตกต่าง) มีอยู่ Xbox points earned Trophy type (PS)
Xbox PS Pocket Nintendo
I'm a Marine BiologistCollect a fish in a bucketUse a water bucket (or an empty bucket[รุ่น Bedrock เท่านั้น]) on any fish mob to collect it.NoAltYesNo20G
Marine BiologistPS4Bronze


ไอคอน ความก้าวหน้า คำอธิบายในเกม ก่อนหน้านี้ ความต้องการที่แท้จริง (ถ้าแตกต่าง) ไอดีภายใน
Advancement-plain-raw.pngTactical Fishingตกปลา.. โดยไม่ใช้เบ็ดตกปลา!
(Catch a fish... without a fishing rod!)
Fishy Businessใช้ถังน้ำกับม็อบปลาเพื่อทำถังใส่ปลาminecraft:husbandry/tactical_fishing


รุ่น Java Alpha
June 28, 2010Notch mentioned that fish might be a feature of coral, if he were able to add coral: "... I do know that the corals will have tiny fish particles around them."
October 4, 2010Fish were a passive mob that Notch showed interest in adding. In the promotional graphic for the Halloween Update, Notch indicated he would add fish. However, they were added only as an item; there was no code for a fish mob.
รุ่น Java
October 5, 2012Fish were jokingly teased in the fake snapshot 12marc40awesome, along with coral and "fish blocks".
April 13, 2013When Jon Kågström was asked in his AMA on Reddit, "What mob would you like to implement into the game?" He responded, "I would like to add birds, fish and tree animals to make it more alive. However this will take some time before it can be done."
July 31, 2013During Notch's AMA on Reddit, when asked about what happened to his plans of adding fish as a mob, he responded, "Oh yeah, the fish!"
1.1318w08bCod.gif Added cod as a mob.
Cod have 20 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg) health.
18w10aThe max health of cod has now been changed to 3 (Heart.svgHalf Heart.svg).[2]
18w15aCod now drop the cooked version of their item drops, if killed while on fire.
1.13.118w31aCod now have a 5% chance of dropping bone meal when killed.
รุ่น Bedrock
1.4.0beta BE.gif Added cod.
1.13.0beta now drop experience when killed.
รุ่น Legacy Console
TU69 1.76 Patch 38Cod BE.gif Added cod.
1.4.0Cod BE.gif Added cod.





  1. MC-126819 – "fish bouncing and suffocating on top of the cauldron which fill with water" resolved as "Won't Fix"
  2. MC-126091 – "Fish mobs have 20 health", resolved