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บทความ นี้ยังเป็นโครง 
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ฟีเจอร์นี้พิเศษเฉพาะใน Pocket Edition และ รุ่น Legacy Console 
Disambig color.svg "The End?" และ "The End." ถูกเปลี่ยนทางมาที่นี้ สำหรับมิติ (โลก) ดูที่ The End
Disambig color.svg บางชื่อของ Achievements ถูกเปลี่ยนทางมาที่นี้ สำหรับ Advancements ดูที่ Advancements#รายการความก้าวหน้า
Disambig color.svg บทความนี้เกี่ยวกับachievements สำหรับthe removed command ดูที่ Commands#achievement
I like achievements. I know a lot of people don't, but I like them. I've had the idea to make achievements kind of like the in-game questing.

So you'd be able to see the first achievement in a tree of achievements, and you unlock the top ones first before you can unlock the ones further down. So the first one might be to chop down a tree, or kill a chicken, and then these branch into more things you can do. Hopefully it would encourage people to try new areas.

It could converge into a big task, like kill a dragon or something, which would put a kind of narrative into the achievement tree.

I'd want these achievements to feel like things that you can try, rather than these are things you have to do. People can follow them, but only if they want to.

Notch, ในงานสัมภาษณ์กับ Gamasutra

ความสำเร็จ (อังกฤษ: Achievement) วิธีที่ค่อย ๆ แนะนำผู้เล่นใหม่ใน Minecraft และให้ความท้าทายแก่พวกเขา ในรุ่นจาวาจะเป็นระบบ Advancements แทน


There are 91 achievements in the Bedrock Edition, 87 achievements in the Xbox One Edition and Nintendo Switch Edition, 93 achievements in the Xbox 360 Edition and Wii U Edition, 94 trophies in the PlayStation 3 Edition, PlayStation 4 Edition and PlayStation Vita Edition, and 57 achievements in the New Nintendo 3DS Edition.

Achievements/trophies are tracked per user account, and per edition. In other words, one user account will have one (and only one) set of achievements on Windows 10, one set on Android, one set on Fire OS, and so on. They are not tracked separately per world; achievements earned in one world apply to all worlds using that edition and that user account.

They are independent of one another, allowing players to get them in any order. Once earned, they cannot be reset.

Achievements/trophies can only be earned in Survival mode. If the game is saved[note 1] while in Creative mode, or if host privileges[รุ่น Legacy Console เท่านั้น] are enabled, the ability to earn achievements/trophies in that world is permanently disabled. Going back to Survival mode or disabling host privileges will not re-enable it.

  1. In Console Edition, the autosave feature can be turned off, so that Creative mode can be played without saving, and as long as the game does not save, achievements are not disabled. In Bedrock Edition, there is no control over how often the game saves, and it saves fairly often.

รุ่น Bedrock และ Xbox 360 รุ่น Legacy Console[]

An Xbox Live account is used to track achievements on the Bedrock and Xbox 360 editions of Minecraft.

In the Bedrock and Xbox editions, the game can be played without being logged in, but achievements cannot be earned when doing so.

Achievements grant the player gamerscore, totaling 2,070 in Bedrock Edition and 2,185 on Xbox 360 consoles.

The Achievements also show characters instead of blocks or items.

PlayStation รุ่น Console[]

A PlayStation Network ID is used to track trophies for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita editions.[1][2][3]The Reason for having 88 achievements unlike the other legacy console editions is due to obtaining a platinum trophy when all other trophies have been collected after completing the achievements. If played while logged out or without a PlayStation Network ID, trophies cannot be obtained.

Nintendo รุ่น Console[]

In the Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and New Nintendo 3DS editions, achievements are tracked through a console user account, whether or not it's linked with a Nintendo Network ID. Unlike other Legacy console editions and Bedrock edition, these do not provide anything to the user's profile as these Nintendo Consoles do not have their own achievement system.[ต้องการข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม]


ไอคอน Achievement คำอธิบายในเกม ความต้องการที่แท้จริง (ถ้าแตกต่าง) มีอยู่ Xbox points earned Trophy type (PS)
Xbox PS Pocket Nintendo
Taking Inventoryกด 'E' เพื่อเปิดช่องเก็บของ
(Press 'E' to open your inventory)
Open your inventory. The description will match the configured inventory key.YesYesYesYes10GBronze
Getting Woodโจมตีต้นไม้จนบล็อกไม้ ปรากฏออกมา
(Attack a tree until a block of wood pops out)
Pick up wood from the ground.YesYesYesYes10GBronze
Benchmakingคราฟต์ workbench ด้วยสี่บล็อก planks
(Craft a workbench with four blocks of planks)
Pick up a crafting table from your inventory's crafting field output or a crafting table output.YesYesYesYes10GBronze
Time to Mine!ใช้ planks และ sticks เพื่อทำอีเต้อ
(Use planks and sticks to make a pickaxe)
Pick up any type of pickaxe from a crafting table output.YesYesYesYes10GBronze
Hot TopicConstruct a furnace out of eight stone blocksPick up a furnace from a crafting table output.YesYesYesYes15GBronze
Acquire HardwareSmelt an iron ingotPick up an iron ingot from a furnace output.YesPS3YesYes15GSilver
PS4, PSVitaBronze
Time to Farm!Use planks and sticks to make a hoePick up any type of hoe from a crafting table output.YesYesYesYes10GBronze
Bake BreadTurn wheat into breadPick up bread from a crafting table output.Xbox OnePS3YesYes15GSilver
Xbox 360PS4, VitaAlt20GBronze
The LieWheat, sugar, milk, and eggs!Pick up a cake from a crafting table output.YesPS3AltYes40GSilver
AltPS4, PSVitaYesAlt30GBronze
Getting an UpgradeConstruct a better pickaxePick up a pickaxe from a crafting table output that is not a wooden pickaxe.YesYesYesYes15GBronze
Delicious FishCatch and cook a fish!Pick up a cooked fish from a furnace output. Doesn't work if the furnace is hooked up to a hopper, as the player is not getting the item directly from the furnace.YesYesYesYes15GSilver
On A RailTravel by minecart to a point at least 500m in a single direction from where you started.Travel by minecart to a point at least 500 m from where you started. Distance is measured in a straight line.YesYesYesYes40GGold
Time to Strike!Use planks and sticks to make a swordPick up any type of sword from a crafting table output.YesYesYesYes10GBronze
Monster HunterAttack and destroy a monsterKill a hostile mob or one of the following neutral mobs: enderman, zombie pigman, spider, cave spider.Xbox OneYesYesYes15GBronze
Xbox 360Alt20G
Cow TipperHarvest some leatherPick up leather from the ground.YesYesYesYes15GBronze
When Pigs FlyFly a pig off a cliffBe riding a pig (e.g. using a saddle) when it hits the ground with a fall distance greater than 5.YesPS3YesYes40GGold
PS4, PSVitaSilver
Sniper DuelKill a skeleton with an arrow from more than 50 metersUse a launched arrow to kill a skeleton, wither skeleton, or a stray from 50 or more blocks away, horizontally.YesPS3YesYes30GSilver
PS4, PSVitaBronze
DIAMONDS!Acquire diamonds with your iron toolsPick up a diamond from the ground.YesPS3YesWii U, Switch20GGold
PS4, PSVitaBronze
Into The NetherBuild a portal to the NetherLight a nether portal.YesPS3YesYes40GSilver
PS4, PSVitaBronze
Return to SenderDestroy a Ghast with a fireballKill a ghast using a ghast fireball.YesPS3YesYes30GGold
PS4, PSVitaSilver
Into FireRelieve a Blaze of its rodPick up a blaze rod from the ground.YesPS3YesWii U, Switch20GSilver
PS4, PSVitaBronze
Local BreweryBrew a potionPick up a potion from a brewing stand potion slot. An already-created potion placed and removed qualifies.YesPS3YesYes15GSilver
PS4, PSVitaBronze
The End?Locate the EndEnter an end portal.YesPSVitaYesYes20GBronze
PS3, PS4Gold
The End.Defeat the Ender DragonEnter the end exit portal.YesPS4YesYes40GBronze
PS3, PSVitaGold
EnchanterUse a book, obsidian and diamonds to construct an enchantment tablePick up an enchantment table from a crafting table output.YesPS3YesYes20GSilver
PS4, PSVitaBronze
OverkillDeal nine hearts of damage in a single hitDamage can be dealt to any mob, even those that do not have nine hearts of health overall.YesYesYesYes30GBronze
LibrarianBuild some bookshelves to improve your enchantment tablePick up a bookshelf from a crafting table output.YesYesYesYes20GBronze
Adventuring TimeDiscover 17 biomesVisit any 17 biomes. Does not have to be in a single world.YesYesYesWii U, Switch40GSilver
The Beginning?Spawn the WitherBe within a 100.9×100.9×103.5 cuboid centered on the Wither when it is spawned.YesYesYesYes20GBronze
The Beginning.Kill the WitherBe within a 100.9×100.9×203.5 cuboid centered on the Wither when it drops the nether star.YesYesYesYes40GSilver
BeaconatorCreate a full beaconBe within a 20×20×14 cuboid centered on the pyramid when the beacon block realizes it is fully powered.YesYesAltYes60GGold
The BeaconatorAltAltYesAlt
RepopulationBreed two cows with wheatBreed two cows or two mooshrooms.YesYesYesYes15GBronze
Diamonds to you!Throw diamonds at another playerDrop a diamond. Another player or a mob must then pick up this diamond.YesYesYesWii U, Switch15GBronze
OverpoweredEat a Notch appleEat an enchanted golden apple.YesYesYesYes30GSilver
MOAR ToolsConstruct one type of each tool (one pickaxe, one shovel, one axe and one hoe).YesYesYesWii U, Switch15GBronze
Dispense With ThisConstruct a Dispenser.YesPS3YesYes20GSilver
PS4, PSVitaBronze
Leader Of The PackBefriend five Wolves.This does not have to be in a single game, so multiple games or reloading old saves does count toward this achievement.Xbox OnePS3YesWii U, Switch20GSilver
Xbox 360PS4, PSVitaAlt30GBronze
Awarded All TrophiesAll trophies have been awarded.Automatically obtained when all other trophies have been obtainedNoYesNoNoPlatinum
Pork ChopCook and eat a pork chop.YesYesYesYes10GBronze
Passing the TimePlay for 100 days.Play for 100 Minecraft days, which is equivalent to 33 hours in real time.YesYesYesWii U, Switch20GBronze
The HagglerAcquire or spend 30 Emeralds by trading with villagers.Xbox OneYesYesYes30GSilver
Xbox 360Alt20G
Pot PlanterCraft and place a Flower Pot.YesYesYesWii U, Switch15GBronze
It's a Sign!Craft and place a Sign.YesYesYesWii U, Switch15GBronze
Iron BellyStop starvation using Rotten FleshEat a piece of rotten flesh while starving (zero hunger points).YesYesYesYes20GBronze
Have a Shearful DayUse Shears to obtain wool from a sheep.YesYesYesYes15GBronze
Rainbow CollectionGather all 16 colors of wool.All the colors of wool do not have to be in the inventory at the same time, but must have been picked up by the player once.Xbox OneYesYesWii U, Switch30GSilver
Xbox 360Alt20G
Stayin' FrostySwim in lava while having the Fire Resistance effect.YesYesYesYes20GBronze
Chestful of CobblestoneMine 1,728 Cobblestone and place it in a chestA player must mine 1,728 cobblestone and place 1,728 cobblestone, or 27 stacks, in a chest. The cobblestone placed in the chest does not have to be the same cobblestone that was mined.YesYesYesWii U, Switch20GBronze
Renewable EnergySmelt wood trunks using charcoal to make more charcoal.YesYesYesYes10GBronze
Music to my EarsPlay a music disc in a Jukebox.YesYesNoWii U, Switch20GBronze
Body GuardCreate an Iron Golem.YesYesYesYes20GBronze
Iron ManWear a full suit of Iron Armor.YesYesYesYes15GBronze
Zombie DoctorCure a zombie villager.Throw a splash potion of weakness at a zombie villager and give it a golden apple (by facing the zombie and pressing the use key with a golden apple in your hand)Xbox OneYesYesYes40GGold
Xbox 360Alt20G
Lion TamerTame an Ocelot.‌[รุ่น Legacy Console เท่านั้น] / Gain the trust of an Ocelot.‌[รุ่น Bedrock เท่านั้น]YesYesYesYes15GBronze
ArcherKill a creeper with arrows.YesYesYesWii U, Switch10GBronze
Tie Dye OutfitDye all 4 unique pieces of leather armor.YesYesYesWii U, Switch15GBronze
TrampolineBounce 30 blocks upward off a slime block.YesYesYesWii U, Switch15GBronze
CamouflageKill a mob while wearing the same type of mob head.YesYesYesWii U, Switch30GBronze
Map RoomPlace 9 fully explored, adjacent maps into 9 item frames in a 3 by 3 square.YesYesYesWii U, Switch40GSilver
Freight StationUse a hopper to move an item from a chest minecart to a chest.NoNoYesNew 3DS15G
Smelt Everything!Connect three chests to a single furnace using three hoppers.Xbox OneNoYesNew 3DS15G
Taste of Your Own MedicinePoison a witch with a splash potion.Throw a splash potion of poison at a witch (by facing the witch and pressing the use key).YesYesYesYes20GSilver
InceptionPush a piston with a piston, then pull the original piston with that piston.NoNoYesNew 3DS20G
Saddle UpTame a horse.YesYesYesYes20GBronze
Artificial SelectionBreed a mule from a horse and a donkey.YesNoYesNew 3DS30G
The Student...Win a public Battle mini game.YesYesNoWii U, Switch25GSilver
...has become the masterWin 3 public Battle games in a row.YesYesNoWii U, Switch60GGold
'Tis but a scratchTake 100 damage in a round of a public Battle mini game.YesYesNoWii U, Switch40GSilver
CupidKill 2 players in a round of a public Battle mini game using a bow and arrow.YesYesNoWii U, Switch20GBronze
Hunger PainKill a player while you are starving in a Battle mini game.YesYesNoWii U, Switch20GBronze
Mine!Open every chest in a Battle mini game arena in one round.YesYesNoWii U, Switch20GBronze
Free DiverStay underwater for 2 minutes.Drink a potion of water breathing that can last for 2 minutes or more, then jump into the water or sneak on a magma block underwater for 2 minutes.Xbox OneYesYesYes20GSilver
Xbox 360Alt30G
Rabbit SeasonCook and eat rabbit meat.NoNoYesNew 3DS15G
The Deep EndDefeat an Elder Guardian.YesYesYesYes30GSilver
Dry SpellDry a sponge in a furnace.YesYesYesYes15GBronze
Super FuelPower a furnace with lavaYesYesYesYes20GBronze
You Need a MintCollect dragon's breath in a glass bottleHave a dragon's breath bottle in your inventoryYesYesYesYes30GSilver
Beam Me UpTeleport over 100 meters from a single throw of an ender pearlYesYesYesYes20GSilver
The End... Again...Respawn the ender dragonYesYesYesYes30GSilver
Great View From Up HereLevitate up 50 blocks from the attacks of a ShulkerYesYesYesYes20GBronze
Super SonicFly with the elytra through a 1 by 1 gap while moving faster than 40 m/sYesYesAltYes60GGold
Back from the DeadWin 3 rounds in a row after one of the opponents has won 2 rounds.YesYesNoWii U, Switch15GBronze
S-no ThrowWin a single round of Snowball Tumble without throwing any Snowballs.YesYesNoWii U, Switch40GSilver
Snow StormHit a single Player with 25 Snowballs in a single public round.YesYesNoWii U, Switch40GSilver
HotshotHit a Player with a Snowball while falling into the Lava.YesYesNoWii U, Switch40GSilver
SnowploughPush three Players into Lava using Snowballs in a single public round.YesYesNoWii U, Switch15GBronze
OverlordStay on the top layer while winning a round in a Snowball Tumble Mini Game.YesYesNoWii U, Switch15GBronze
UnderdogWin a Tumble game whilst on the lowest layer in a Snowball Tumble Mini Game.YesYesNoWii U, Switch15GBronze
Treasure HunterAcquire a map from a cartographer villager, then enter the revealed structureVisit the structure indicated while the purchased map is in your main hand (hotbar).NoNoYesNo40G
Organizational WizardName a Shulker Box with an AnvilNoPS4YesNo30GBronze
Cheating DeathUse the Totem of Undying to cheat deathHave the Totem of Undying in your hand when you die.YesYesYesYes30GSilver
Feeling IllDefeat an EvokerYesYesYesYes30GSilver
Let it Go!Using the Frost Walker boots, walk on at least one block on frozen water on a deep oceanYesYesYesWii U, Switch20GBronze
So I Got That Going for MeLead a Caravan containing at least 5 LlamasYesYesYesWii U, Switch20GBronze
Change of SheetsDye your bed a different colorYesYesNoWii U, Switch20GBronze
Atlantis?Find an underwater ruinNoPS4YesNo20GSilver
Sail the 7 Seasพบไปโอมมหาสมุทรทั้งหมด
(Visit all ocean biomes
Visit all ocean biomes except the deep warm ocean (as it is unused))NoPS4YesNo40GGold
CastawayEat nothing but dried kelp for three in-game daysEat dried kelp once; in the following three in-game days, eat nothing but dried kelp.Xbox 360YesYesWii U20GBronze
Ahoy!Find a shipwreckNoPS4YesNo20GSilver
I'm a Marine BiologistCollect a fish in a bucketUse a water bucket (or an empty bucket[รุ่น Bedrock เท่านั้น]) on any fish mob to collect it.NoAltYesNo20G
Marine BiologistPS4Bronze
Me Gold!ขุดสมบัติที่ถูกฝังขึ้นมา
(Dig up a buried treasure)
Sleep with the Fishesอยู่ใต้น้ำทั้งวัน
(Spend a day underwater)
อยู่ใต้น้ำเป็นเวลา 20 นาทีโดยไม่มีอากาศXbox 360YesYesWii U30GSilver
Alternative FuelPower a furnace with a kelp blockXbox 360YesYesWii U20GBronze
Do a Barrel Roll!Use Riptide to give yourself a boostObtain a trident enchanted with Riptide and launch yourself any distance with it.NoPS4YesNo30GSilver
One Pickle, Two Pickle, Sea Pickle, Fourวาง Sea Pickle สี่อันในกลุ่ม
(Place four Sea Pickles in a group)
Xbox 360YesYesWii U20GBronze
EcholocationFeed a dolphin fish and have it lure you to treasureFeed a dolphin raw cod and have it lure you to treasure.Xbox 360YesYesWii U20GSilver
MoskstraumenActivate a ConduitPlace a conduit in a valid prismarine/sea lantern structure to activate it.Xbox 360YesYesWii U50GGold
Top of the Worldวางนั่งร้านจนถึงขีดจำกัดของโลก
(Place Scaffolding to the world limit)
Where Have You Been?รับของขวัญจากแมวเชื่องในตอนเช้า
(Receive a gift from a tamed cat in the morning)
The gift must be picked up from the ground.NoPS4YesNo20GBronze
(Breed two Pandas with bamboo)
Fruit on the LoomMake a banner using a enchanted apple stencil.Make a banner using an enchanted apple.YesPS4YesNo20GBronze
Plethora of CatsBefriend twenty stray cats.YesPS4YesNo20GSilver
Kill the Beast!เอาชนะปีศาจปล้นสะดม
(Defeat a Ravager)
Buy Low, Sell Highแลกเปลี่ยนราคาที่ดีที่สุดที่เป็นไปได้
(Trade for the best possible price)
Disenchantedใช้หินลับมืด เพื่อรับประสบการณ์จากไอเทมที่ร่ายมนตร์
(Use a Grindstone to get experience from an enchanted item)
We're being attacked!Trigger a Pillager Raid.Walk in a village with the Bad Omen effect applied.YesPS4YesNo20GBronze
Sound the Alarm!Ring the bell with a hostile enemy in the village.YesPS4YesNo20GBronze
I've got a bad feeling about thisฆ่ากัปตันกองโจร
(Kill a Pillager Captain)
Master Traderแลกเปลี่ยน 1,000 มรกต
(Trade for 1,000 emeralds)
Obtain 1,000 emeralds from trading with villagers.YesNoYesNo30G
Bee our guestUse a Campfire to collect Honey from a Beehive using a Bottle without aggravating the bees.YesYesYesYes15GBronze
Total BeelocationMove and place a Bee Nest, with 3 bees inside, using Silk Touch.YesYesYesYes30GSilver
Sticky SituationSlide down a honey block to slow your fall.YesYesYesYes30GSilver
Time for StewGive someone a suspicious stew.YesYesYesYes20GBronze


หมายเหตุ: This video is outdated, as achievements for the Java Edition have been replaced with advancements in 1.12 (17w13a).



February 25, 2011

In an interview by Gamasutra, Notch said:

I like achievements. I know a lot of people don't, but I like them. I've had the idea to make achievements kind of like the in-game questing. So you'd be able to see the first achievement in a tree of achievements, and you unlock the top ones first before you can unlock the ones further down.
So the first one might be to chop down a tree, or kill a chicken, and then these branch into more things you can do. Hopefully it would encourage people to try new areas. It could converge into a big task, like kill a dragon or something, which would put a kind of narrative into the achievement tree.

Finally, asked if such a move would risk leading players down a preset path, rather than encouraging exploration and invention as Minecraft does in its current state, Notch said:

Definitely not. I’d want these achievements to feel like things you can try, rather than these are things you have to do. People can follow them, but only if they want to.
March 18, 2011Notch talks about achievements and statistics on his blog. He says the following:
I worked on the achievement and stats system. One design issue was dealing with offline mode and syncing the achievements once you get a connection again, but that’s been solved. We’ve got a couple of people in the office who don’t like achievements in games at all, so the goal is to design something that they’re fine with.

Also, he adds that achievements will not be chores:

Achievements will NOT be chores like “cut down 10000 trees”, but rather challenges like “ride a pig off a cliff”. Stats, however, will be used to keep track of how many trees you have cut down. The long term plan is to show achievements and stats from the profile page on minecraft.net as well, in case you want to brag.
April 8, 2011Notch uploads a video to YouTube showing weather, statistics and achievements.
รุ่น Java Beta
1.4Test achievements can be found within the source code, and on the test video posted by Notch. Among these are opening the inventory, mining wood and building a workbench.
1.5Achievements added. Initially intended to be released in Beta 1.4 it got pushed back as it was not yet functional.[4] The first achievement confirmed by Notch was When Pigs Fly, although it was more explained than named.
1.8July 13, 2011Notch tweeted about adding the Sniper Duel achievement.[5][6]
รุ่น Java
1.0.0Beta 1.9 Prerelease 6The icon used by The End. changed from Advancement-plain-raw.png to Advancement-plain-raw.png.
1.513w04aAchievements no longer reset when downgrading Minecraft.
1.7.213w36aUpdated the Achievement system, now stored per individual world/server.
Added more achievements: Adventuring Time, The Beginning?, The Beginning., Beaconator, and Repopulation. Adventuring Time was unobtainable.
Achievements can now be used as objectives in the Scoreboard system.
13w37aTime to Mine!, Time to Farm! and Time to Strike! are now also obtained when crafting the tool from a material other than wood. Similarly, Getting an Upgrade is now obtained when crafting any pickaxe other than a wooden one, while it required crafting a stone pickaxe before. If your first pickaxe crafted is not a wooden one, you will get Time to Mine! and Getting an Upgrade at the same time.
13w38aAdded the achievement Diamonds to you!.
The icon for DIAMONDS! was changed from Advancement-plain-raw.png to Advancement-plain-raw.png. The former icon is now used by Diamonds to you!.
13w39bDiamonds to you! can now be obtained by throwing a diamond at a zombie, making the achievement available in singleplayer mode.[7]
1.814w06aAdded the achievement Overpowered.
14w17aAdventuring Time is now available without commands. Before, the 38 biomes had to be visited without visiting any other biomes, which made the achievement unavailable because the End has to be visited for its prerequisite, The End?. The “no other biomes” restriction is now lifted.[8]
Visiting the FrozenOcean and Extreme Hills Edge biomes, which no longer generate since 13w36a, is no longer required for Adventuring Time.
14w32aCorrected the description of the achievement Overkill to say you must deal nine hearts of damage. Previously it said you must deal eight hearts of damage.
1.915w44aEnchanted golden apple recipe was removed, making the Overpowered achievement unobtainable.
15w45aChanged the description and requirements of Overpowered from "Build a Notch Apple" to "Eat a Notch Apple".
1.1217w13aAchievements are no longer supported and are replaced with advancements.
รุ่น Pocket Alpha
0.12.0Added 44 achievements to the Windows 10 Edition.
0.14.0build 1Added eight achievements, bringing the total up to 52.
0.15.0build 1All Windows 10 Edition achievements are now available on Android and iOS.
releaseAdded four achievements, bringing the total up to 56.
0.15.10Added nine achievements, bringing the total up to 65.
รุ่น Pocket
1.0build 1Added seven achievements, bringing the total up to 72.
1.0.4Added "The Haggler" achievement, bringing the total up to 73.
1.1Added six achievements, bringing the total up to 79.
รุ่น Bedrock
1.4Added eight achievements, bringing the total up to 87.
1.5Added four achievements, bringing the total up to 91.
รุ่น Legacy Console
TU1CU1 1.0 Patch 4Patch s1Added the first 20 achievements. The PlayStation editions have an additional trophy.
TU24 1.20 Added an additional 30 achievements, leading to a total of 50 (or 51 on the PlayStation editions).
TU31CU19 1.22 Changed the description of Adventuring Time from "Discover 17 of the 23 different biomes" to "Discover 17 of the 40 different biomes".
TU34CU22 1.25 Added 6 additional achievements, bringing the total up to 56.
TU41CU30 1.33 Patch 11Added 6 additional achievements, bringing the total up to 62.
TU48CU38 1.41 Patch 17Added 18 additional achievements, bringing the total up to 80.
TU54CU54 1.52 Patch 24Patch s4Added 7 additional achievements, bringing the total up to 87.
TU69[[Xbox One Edition –|–]] 1.76 Patch 38[[Nintendo Switch Edition –|–]]Added 6 additional achievements, bringing the total up to 93.
รุ่น New Nintendo 3DS
1.2.12Added 31 achievements.
1.3.12Added 18 additional achievements, bringing the total up to 49.
1.7.10Added 8 additional achievements, bringing the total up to 57.

รุ่น Java[]

The popup that would appear when an achievement was earned.

The achievement interface with the first achievement done.

The entire achievement tree, completed.

The Java edition achievement system involved a tree composed of achievements. Originally the interface showed the achievement tree on the left, and a 'mini-map' of the tree on the right. The mini-map was removed in the final version, which then simply showed the tree. The background of the tree mimicked the world with dirt at the top with stone spanning below, bedrock at the bottom, and ores distributed as they would be in the world. By clicking and dragging, one could view different branches of the achievement tree. Using the scroll wheel on the mouse zoomed in and out of this display, making it easier to see, at a glance, what had been achieved and was still needed to achieve.

In this screen, achievements had hover-text, which became more detailed the closer the player was to achieving them:

  • Attained achievements were given as "Name/Description/Taken!" (for instance "Getting Wood/Attack a tree until a block of wood pops out/Taken!").
  • Unattained achievements for which the player had achieved all the prerequisites were given as "Name/Description".
  • Unattained achievements for which the player was one or two prerequisites away were given as "Name/Requires X" (for instance "The End./Requires 'The End?'").
  • Unattained achievements for which the player was three prerequisites away were given as "???/Requires X" (for instance "???/Requires 'The Beginning?'").
  • Unattained achievements for which the player was four prerequisites away were not given; there was just an icon, no hovertext at all.
  • Unattained achievements for which the player was more than four prerequisites away were not shown, even as an icon.

Achievements were earned on a per-player, per-world basis: each new player in each new world had the potential to fill out a new achievement tree.

When an achievement was earned, "Achievement Get!" and the name of the achievement would be broadcast in chat to any players in the world. "Achievement Get!" was a reference to a decade-old meme: early screenshots of Super Mario Sunshine used the Japanese localization, and featured Mario grabbing a Shine Sprite with the prominent text "Shine Get!". Due to the prominence of the game and the attention given to these screenshots, "[noun] Get!" subsequently became a popular term used on image boards as post count benchmarks, which Notch occasionally visits.

Achievements could be obtained in any game mode. Because of this, it was possible to achieve more difficult achievements such as On A Rail, When Pigs Fly, and Sniper Duel, and others by switching into Creative mode.

  • Return to Sender was an exception to the above, because it required a ghast fireball, and ghasts only attack the player in Survival, Hardcore, and Adventure mode, although it could still be obtained through the /achievement command.

There was an /achievement command which could give and take achievements. When using this command to give an achievement, a player would receive all previously-required achievements in addition to the one being given.

One way a player could reset all achievements in a world was by deleting the "stats" folder in the world file, which would also reset statistics.

When Pigs Fly required Cow Tipper, as cows drop leather, though there was no crafting recipe for a saddle.


ปัญหาเกี่ยวกับ “ความสำเร็จ” จะถูกซ่อมแซมให้ดีขึ้นได้ที่ ติดตามปัญหา โดยที่จะต้องรายงานปัญหาที่นี่


  • A player can get both Time to Mine! and Getting an Upgrade at the same time by crafting a stone, iron, gold, or diamond pickaxe before crafting a wooden pickaxe.


  • The Lie is a reference to the Internet meme "The Cake is a Lie", which itself is a reference to the video game Portal.
  • Return to Sender refers to a message often written on non-personal letters, usually in case that a letter ends up at an incorrect address.
  • When Pigs Fly is a reference to a well known saying meaning something absurd that would never happen.
  • Let it Go! is a reference to the movie Frozen.
  • Do a Barrel Roll! is a reference to the video game Star Fox 64. The icon resembles Peppy Hare, the character that utters the phrase in the game.
  • On a Rail is a reference to a chapter from the game Half-Life.


  • คู่มือการทำความสำเร็จ