Classic 0.0.19a_01

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Java Edition

Дата выпуска

20 июня 2009 г.

Версия сервера


Версия протокола


Версия данных


0.0.19a_01 — это версия Minecraft Classic, выпущенная 20 июня 2009 года.

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  1. June 19 IRC logs: "P5:59:14 <Notch> I might just revert the glass to the horrible non-transparent texture from the screenshot" [...] "P5:59:49 <Evil-Ville> I actually liked the old glass more Notch" [...] "P6:19:32 <Notch> I'm switching glass to a non-semi-trasparent texture" [...] "P6:25:51 <Redshift> yeah windows definitely need to be less opaque, personally i think they should have no texture, and just a slight hint of opacity" (22:59 to 23:25 UTC) | "the screenshot" refers to | The opaque glass texture refers to the Стекло JE1.png 0.0.19a texture.
  2. June 22 IRC logs: P1:17:31 <Haruhi2> the version that was semi-opaque looked more like ice than glass [...] then the version after that was fine [...] then he changed it a bit and now it doesn't really look like either