Beta (Bedrock Edition)

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Bedrock Edition


Предварительная сборка

Дата выпуска

Xbox One, Windows 10, Android — 27 июня 2018 г.

Предваряет версию

1.6 (Bedrock Edition)

Версия протокола

281 — вторая предварительная сборка для обновления 1.6.[1]

Добавлено[править | править код]

Изменения[править | править код]

  • Внесены некоторые изменения у фантома
    • Теперь фантом оставляет после смерти мембрану
    • Увеличенное здоровье с 10 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg) до 20 (Heart.svg × 10)
    • Теперь они способны утонуть
  • Элитры теперь требуют мембрану фантома для того, чтобы быть отремонтированы в наковальне вместо кожи.
  • When joining a world, the Default Game Mode selected is now the personal game mode set to the player

Исправления[править | править код]

  • Fixed several crashes that occurred during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when placing renamed items in an Anvil's output slot
  • Fixed mobs missing several limbs on the previous Android beta
  • Crouching on ladders will no longer stop when opening the pause menu or inventory screen
  • MCPE-30821 - Firework Rockets once again give the proper boost when using Elytra
  • Barrier Blocks can now contain water
  • MCPE-32403 - Field of View can once again be adjusted when the "FoV Can Be Altered by Gameplay" option is disabled
  • MCPE-21542 - Redstone dust now renders on the sides of Glass blocks
  • The Ender Dragon is no longer missing the texture on its neck when playing the Norse Mythology Mash-up Pack
  • Fixed the mining cracking animation being out of sync when mining from a boat
  • Fixed a couple of pixels on the Phantom's texture
  • Phantoms' eyes now stay visible when under the invisibility effect
  • Phantoms now fly up after spawning in Creative mode
  • Changes to the Phantom flying animation
  • TNT exploding underwater no longer deals damage to players and other entities
  • Drowned now have a much easier time attacking players that are swimming above them
  • Kelp that is planted by players will now grow over time
  • Baby Horses, Donkeys and Mules can no longer be pushed through solid blocks
  • Creepers no longer remain white or quickly flash when killed
  • Using '/fill doors' now fills the chosen area with doors instead of air blocks
  • Fixed the Cancel button not appearing on Windows 10 devices when joining a cross-platform world
  • MCPE-33747 - Kelp now mimics Seagrass in its placement and can be placed on most blocks underwater
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when players were spawning and the spawn point was getting set every tick
  • Land plants can no longer be placed underwater
  • Water Bottle icons no longer have red liquid on Android devices.
  • Guardians no longer attack fish
  • Visibility now increases over time when submerged in flowing water
  • MCPE-32152 - Used chests can now be equipped to Mules and Llamas
  • MCPE-33917 - Swimming through certain waterlogged blocks no longer removes underwater fog
  • MCPE-28344 - Activating an End Portal will now replace any blocks inside the portal
  • MCPE-29752 - Opening Book & Quill on touch devices no longer causes blocks to break
  • Elder Guardians now drop Wet Sponges when killed
  • Fixed floating Rails that generated in abandoned mineshafts
  • Fixed certain variants of Rails having an incorrect hitbox size
  • Fixed monster spawners appearing empty on converted Console Edition worlds
  • Dolphins can no longer attack players through solid blocks
  • MCPE-21515 - The Resistance effect will now protect against the Wither effect
  • MCPE-19952 - Quick moving items from the hotbar to a container now works as intended
  • Cloning containers no longer removes their custom names
  • Hitting the Enter key in the inventory no longer moves the cursor in/out of the text field or grabs/drops items
  • Particles from Enchanted Arrows no longer drift in flowing water
  • Mobs no longer play a higher pitch sound effect when first spawned
  • Fixed Texture Packs having a placeholder icon on the Pack Validation screen on Android devices
  • Players constantly teleported with now behaves more consistently

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