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Логотип 18w33a.png

Java Edition


Предварительная сборка

Дата выпуска

15 августа 2018 г.

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Версия данных


18w33a — пятый снимок для обновления 1.13.1.[1]

Нововведения[править | править код]

  • Добавлены названия вёдер с тропическими рыбами.
Вёдра с тропической рыбой

Изменения[править | править код]

  • Оптимизирована производительность жидкостей.

Исправления [не переведено][править | править код]

18 ошибок исправлено
Из выпущенных версий до 1.13
  • MC-1357 – Logged out players appear on maps.
  • MC-3715 – Beds and the /teleport command.
  • MC-67780 – Standing on/flying above a block placed at y:255 makes sky dark.
  • MC-79697 – Entities don't render properly when next to invisible spider, charged creeper, or wither boss with armor.
  • MC-86943 – Cooldown overlay is solid white on item stacks of more than 1 item.
  • MC-90842 – Sweep attack knocks back marker armor stands.
  • MC-98796 – Armor loses durability when blocking damage with shield.
  • MC-108592 – Witches do not despawn correctly if they have a potion effect.
  • MC-118258 – Spelling mistakes in the 'Commandblock chain tried to execure more than x steps!' warning message.
Из 1.13
  • MC-131346 – It's possible to place buckets of water, lava or fish in adventure mode.
  • MC-132063 – Stone item appears when resizing window.
  • MC-133098 – Loading a world with a corrupted stats file crashes the game.
  • MC-133127 – Drowned from ocean ruins never spawn with a trident, a nautilus shell or a fishing rod.
  • MC-134702 – Fish spawned from buckets count towards the aquatic mob cap.
  • MC-135816 – Trident does not return uppon reload of world.
  • MC-135857 – Beacon effect icon doesn’t have a blue edge if it overwrites a potion effect.
  • MC-135893 – Upgrading from 1.12.2 to a newer version will cause trapped chests placed in 1.12.2 and earlier to stop triggering redstone through the floor.
Частные проблемы

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