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Minecraft 1.16 Pre-release 4
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Java Edition



Дата выпуска

11 июня 2020 г.

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Другие версии 1.16
  • Bedrock Edition
  • PlayStation 3 Edition
  • PlayStation 4 Edition
  • PlayStation Vita Edition

1.16 Pre-release 4 (также известный в лаунчере как 1.16-pre4) — четвёртый предварительный выпуск версии Java Edition 1.16, выпущенный 11 июня 2020,[1] в котором исправлено несколько ошибок.




Формат команд[]

  • Изменено сообщение в чате при включении/выключении пакета данных с «Enabled/Disabled data pack <datapack>» на «Enabling/Disabling data pack <datapack>».[2]

Игровой процесс[]



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22 ошибки исправлены
Из выпущенных версий до 1.16
  • MC-88491 – Projectiles hit the player, snowman and witch who threw them at certain angles or close to the entities.
  • MC-136085 – Blocks attached to multi-block blocks are deleted when breaking the other half of the block.
Из выпущенных предварительных версий 1.16
  • MC-171257 – Using a fire charge on invalid place attempts to make fire.
  • MC-175588 – Zombified baby piglins do not have high pitched idle sounds.
  • MC-177463 – Crash report "Connection:" field contains unuseful value (Object.toString()).
  • MC-179851 – Attribute generic.movement_speed does not work in /attribute.
  • MC-180967 – Advancement description JSON can ignore the first specified color.
  • MC-181498 – Using a fire charge on top of fire briefly creates another fire on top of it.
  • MC-181556 – Baby zombified piglins float while riding striders.
  • MC-181576 – Worlds which are already open in another instance of Minecraft can be selected with arrow keys and tab.
  • MC-184613 – End stone generates in "Floating Islands" setting.
  • MC-184644 – Cave buffet generator generates with netherrack, even if using a non-nether biome.
  • MC-186468 – Although reload failed, the game will also tell you "Disabled data pack [XXX]".
  • MC-187419 – Hand animation is not played when feeding horses or donkeys with golden carrots.
  • MC-187550/datapack enable shows success message after the command is run rather than after a data pack is enabled.
  • MC-188352 – Creative mode cow milking / mushroom stewing inconsistent with picking up placed fluids.
  • MC-188463 – Transparent dropped items render in wrong order when behind entities when graphics setting is set to Fabulous.
Из предыдущей предварительной версии
  • MC-188451 – Game crashes when dispensing a shulker box from a dispenser – java.lang.NullPointerException: Exception while ticking.
  • MC-188467 – "Sound Director" in credits is too light compared to the rest of the text, and is missing an "S".
  • MC-188517 – Cannot create multiple empty tags in a datapack.
  • MC-188519 – Clouds render on top of blocks.
  • MC-188528 – Particles render on top of stained glass.


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