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id table

This template is used to create the tables on Data values.


Unnamed paremeters
  • {{{1}}}: The name of the block, defaults to "unused". A suffix can be added using parentheses after the name.
  • {{{2}}}: Optional notes. Type the letter(s) corresponding to the note(s) you want to add it.
    • I: Has a separate ID as an inventory item.
    • D: Use the item's Damage field to define its durability.
    • S: Requires additional data from the saved game's Data array to fully define the block.
    • B: Requires additional data in the item's Damage field to fully define the inventory item.
    • N: Requires additional data in the item's NBT data to fully define the inventory item.
    • E: Requires a block entity to store additional data.
  • {{{3}}}: Optional prefix
Named parameters
  • {{{obtain}}}: Limitations on obtaining. Defaults to any. Values include:
    • give: Only available using /give.
    • none: Cannot be obtained no matter what. May be placed using /setblock.
    • creative: Available in creative mode by item list.
    • pick block: Available in creative mode by block picking.
    • trading: Can be obtained by trading with villagers or in creative mode.
    • enchantments: Only available by having enchanted tools or in creative mode.
    • enchantments only: Only available by having enchanted tools or via use of /give, but unobtainable in the creative mode menu.
  • {{{icon}}}: Name of the icon, including the .png. If {{{sprite}}} is set, then the name of the sprite. Defaults to {{{1}}}.
  • {{{iconsize}}}: Size of the icon, defaults to 25px.
  • {{{nameid}}}: Change the nameid to something other than {{{1}}}.
  • {{{link}}}: Link to a different article than {{{1}}}.
  • {{{section}}}: Set the section in data values to something other than {{{1}}}.
Table parameters
  • {{{dv}}}: Sets the data value. Defaults to the previous plus 1.
  • {{{sprite}}}: If set, the icon uses the sprite template listed instead of a file. Setting it causes all later templates to use the same option. To reset to use a files, set it to be empty.
  • {{{table}}}: Sets the header title for the template and all following uses. Defaults to Blocks.
  • {{{namecolumn}}}: If set to 0 then all following uses of the template will have no name column. To use the name column again later simply set it back to 1.
  • {{{foot}}}: If set, then it adds the foot to the table.
  • {{{bedrock}}}: If set to 1, all following uses of the template will have the availability tooltips will be more reflective of the Bedrock Edition, and the name column will be hidden. Simply set to 0 to switch back to Java Edition.


{{id table|Air|icon=none|obtain=none}}
{{id table|Stone|SB}}
{{id table|Grass Block|nameid=grass|icon=Grass.png}}
{{id table|Dirt|SB}}
{{id table|Cobblestone}}
{{id table|Wood Planks|SB|icon=Oak Planks.png}}
{{id table|Sapling|SB}}
{{id table|Bedrock|obtain=creative}}
{{id table|Water|S|section=Water and Lava|nameid=flowing_water|obtain=none}}
{{id table|Water|S|Stationary|section=Water and Lava|obtain=none}}
{{id table|Lava|S|section=Water and Lava|nameid=flowing_water|obtain=none}}
{{id table|Lava (stationary)|S|section=Water and Lava|obtain=none}}
{{id table|Sand|SB}}
{{id table|Gravel}}
{{id table|Gold Ore}}
{{id table|Iron Ore|foot=1}}
Icon Dec Hex Name Block
0 0 minecraft:air Air
Stone JE4 BE3.png 1 1 minecraft:stone Stone S B
Grass Block JE7 BE6.png 2 2 minecraft:grass Grass Block
Dirt.png 3 3 minecraft:dirt Dirt S B
Cobblestone JE6 BE3.png 4 4 minecraft:cobblestone Cobblestone
Oak Planks JE6 BE3.png 5 5 minecraft:wood_planks Wood Planks S B
Sapling.png 6 6 minecraft:sapling Sapling S B
Bedrock JE2 BE2.png 7 7 minecraft:bedrock Bedrock
Água.png 8 8 minecraft:flowing_water Water S
Água.png 9 9 minecraft:water Stationary Water S
Lava JE5.png 10 A minecraft:flowing_water Lava S
Lava JE5.png 11 B minecraft:lava Lava (stationary) S
Sand JE5 BE3.png 12 C minecraft:sand Sand S B
Cascalho.png 13 D minecraft:gravel Gravel
Gold Ore JE3 BE2.png 14 E minecraft:gold_ore Gold Ore
Iron Ore JE3.png 15 F minecraft:iron_ore Iron Ore

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