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This template is used on pages describing people of note.

Blank form

Copy and paste this blank template to the page you want to use it on.

|title          = 
|image          = 
|imagesize      = 
|real_name      = 
|date_of_birth  = 
|dob_suffix     = 
|occupation     = 
|nationality    = 
|website        =
|known_for      = 
|also_known_as  = 
|twitter        =
|minecraft_name = 
|drops          = 


Parameter Function Default value
title Box title Name of the page the infobox is placed on
image Image of the person (should be approx. 150x150px) No image.svg
imagesize Adjusts the size of the image 150px
real_name Birth/real name Optional
date_of_birth Date of birth. Please use YYYY-MM-DD (or another format that is recognized by {{#dateformat:}} Optional
dob_suffix Displays directly after date_of_birth. Use this for referencing a birth date, or for birth dates that will not meet the formatting requirements of date_of_birth. Optional
occupation Occupation Optional
nationality Nationality Optional
website Website address Optional
known_for Known for Optional
also_known_as Aliases Optional
twitter Username on Twitter Optional
minecraft_name Username in Minecraft Optional
drops What the person drops when killed in SMP Optional


|title          = Notch
|image          = Notch3.jpg
|imagesize      = 
|real_name      = Markus Alexej Persson
|date_of_birth  = 1979-06-01
|dob_suffix     = <ref></ref>
|occupation     = Game developer, [[Mojang AB]]
|nationality    = Swedish
|website        = []
|known_for      = Creating Minecraft, owner of Mojang AB
|also_known_as  = Markus Alexej
|twitter        = Notch
|minecraft_name = Notch
|drops          = {{ItemLink|Red Apple}}
Nome verdadeiro

Markus Alexej Persson

Data de nascimento

junho 1, 1979[1]


Game developer, Mojang AB




Conhecido por

Creating Minecraft, owner of Mojang AB

Conhecido como

Markus Alexej

Nome no Twitter


Nome no Minecraft



Red Apple


This references section is included here to show what the dob_suffix parameter is doing.

See also

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