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LoadBox Example

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This template creates a box able to load content from another page.



The page parameter specifies the wiki link text of the content to be loaded (e.g., page=Namespace:Article/subpage).

The title parameter specifies the identifying text to be displayed in the box, and its link target string (e.g., title=Loaded Content Title). Leaving title unspecified will generate an error message and should be corrected.

The optional float parameter specifies how the box should be positioned. The only two valid values are left, which creates a left-floated box, and none, which creates an un-floated box spanning the available width. If float is not specified, or an invalid value provided, LoadBox creates a right-floated box.


The generated box will change its size when its content is loaded by the reader. Consider using {{-}} to ensure that the box doesn't overlap or push aside other content on the page inappropriately (for example, the Usage heading above has a {{-}} before it so that the example won't overlap it when its content is loaded). Don't necessarily put {{-}} directly after LoadBox -- it may be better to put it below the content the LoadBox accompanies.


The preferred method for initially hiding content that won't significantly impact server load times is a table with class="collapsible", because it keeps all of an article's content in one place.

LoadBox is intended for small article fragments which could impact server load times if placed in the article directly. For large article fragments, which could actually constitute article sections, consider {{LoadPage}}.

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