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Corrompido pelo mal, movido pela vingança, o Arce-Illager fez todos se curvarem. Quem se recusasse, pagaria o preço.

Cinemática de abertura do Minecraft Dungeons

O Arce-Illager, também conhecido por seu nome de nascimento como Archie[1], é o principal antagonista de Minecraft Dungeons. Ele é o líder dos Illagers no jogo.


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Ele tornou-se o Arce-Illager quando obteu o poder do Orbe da Dominância. Mas antes disso, ele era um Illager desajustado que não se encaixava em uma sociedade normal dos Illager.

Chris Nordgren (idioma original)

Antes dos eventos do jogo, Archie era um exilado de seu povo, procurando repetidamente uma vila para chamar de lar, apenas para que os aldeões o rejeitassem (possivelmente devido à cultura guerreira do Illager).

Eventualmente, Archie encontrou uma caverna em uma montanha contendo o Orbe da Dominância. In an almost hypnotic state due to the Orb's power, he snatched the Orb and quickly took on the title of Arch-Illager, gaining immense power over his people. He then used his army of Illagers to raid the villages, taking their Villagers as slaves and developed a forge to create machines such as the Redstone Monstrosities.

The Arch-Illager repeatedly appears in the game to summon Illagers to attack the players, which occurs less often as the game progresses.

Eventually, once the players reach Highblock Halls, the Arch-Illager resides on his throne, summoning one last attack as the players reach him, before retreating to the Obsidian Pinnacle.

After the players reach him, he fights them himself. After taking enough damage, he is sucked towards the Orb of Dominance and manifests the Heart of Ender. Once it is defeated, the Orb of Dominance shatters, relieving Archie of its control, who then celebrates its destruction with the players.


The Arch-Illager has 2 attacks. Sometimes, he teleports around the arena between attacks.

Summon Dark Creations

Since he is not much of a warrior, The Arch-Illager summons his darkest creations, a group of Illagers to assist him, usually, a ring of Vindicators around the player or a line of Pillagers through the center of the arena, however, this attack can rarely spawn a Redstone Golem instead. Unlike the Vindicators and Pillagers, the Redstone Golem will not despawn once the Arch-Illager is defeated. This attack is used sparingly.

Energy Blasts

The Arch-Illager fires 3 purple energy blasts in a horizontal swath towards a random player. Deals moderate damage if it hits. Used extremely often.

Enchant hostile mobs

The Arch-Illager can enchant hostile mobs in the same way that the Enchanter does.


Load Spell
Mirror In
Mirror Out
Disappear Spell
Hurt (Boss)
Idle (Boss)
Intro Chimes (Boss)
Intro Final Blow (Boss)
Intro Greetings (Boss)
Intro Laugh (Boss)
Intro First Fly (Boss)
Intro Second Fly (Boss)
Intro Third Fly (Boss)
Intro Wieee (Boss)
Magic Impact (Boss)
Orb Wobble Struggle (Boss)
Summon Mobs (Boss)
Whirlwind (Boss)
Visage Beam Attack (Boss)
Visage Beam Loop (Boss)
Visage Mortar Shoot (Boss)
Visage Teleport In (Boss)
Visage Teleport Out (Boss)


  • The Arch-Illager's robe is similar to that of the Wandering Trader, albeit with a two-pixel high white bottom.
  • The Arch-Illager's head is different from that of any other illager: it is wider than it is tall.
    • He also has different eyebrows.
  • The Arch-Illager's teleport sound is identical to that of the unused Illusioner in the base game.


Despite being incredibly small, the Arch-Illager is actually said to be an Evoker. However, he does more advanced magic, like summoning Illagers and other evil things. Archie was born a Villager, and his parents loved him. But the rest of the Village thought he was an abomination. This is why we find him in the wild when we first see him.