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Versão Data de Adição Resumo de Adições
1.1 January 12, 2012




  • Language
    • 56 new translations
    • Includes fictional languages, such as Pirate Speak, Klingon, and Quenya
  • New settings in Server.properties:
    • level-type
    • spawn-npcs
    • generate-structures
  • Server
    • Non-operator users are auto-kicked in multiplayer servers if they spam in chat too much
    • Operators are not notified of the kick; they must assume that the user was auto-kicked


Improvements & Changes

  • Brewing
    • Reduced brewing time from 30 seconds to 20 seconds
  • Enchanting
    • Narrowed the various possibility of enchantment levels
  • The Void
    • Removed the void fog in Creative mode

World Generation


  • Superflat
    • World type option
    • Generates completely flat worlds
  • Beach
    • Re-added beaches
    • Are now separate biomes

Improvements & Changes

  • Biome
    • Biomes have more varied elevations of land in previously flatter biomes
    • Smoothed color transitions between biomes
      • Swampland grass, foliage and water smoothly transition into other biomes
    • Taigas now contain snow and ice
  • NPC Village
    • Each blacksmiths now have a chest that contains loot

Blocks & Items


  • Spawn Egg
    • Spawns mobs upon right-clicking
    • 23 types of spawn eggs, each spawning different mobs
    • Unobtainable in Survival mode

Improvements & Changes

  • Bow
    • Bows are now enchantable, with four new enchantments specific to bows: Power, Punch, Infinity, and Flame
  • Arrow
    • Arrows that are burning now set entities on fire upon hit
  • Golden Apple
    • Golden apple recipe changed to use gold nuggets instead of gold blocks
    • Golden apples now restore 🍗🍗 and provide Regeneration for 5 seconds
  • Ladder
    • Removed collision box from ladders
  • Fence Gate
    • The collision box on fence gates now matches that of fences
    • Fence gates can now be opened and closed with redstone
  • Oak Leaves
    • Oak leaves now have a 1/200 chance of dropping apples
  • Melon & Pumpkin
    • Melons and pumpkins can now grow on dirt instead of only farmland
  • Wheat

The distance that wheat attracts mobs has increased from 2-3 blocks to 8-9 blocks

  • Music Disc
    • All music discs except for 11 can now be dropped from creepers



  • Mob AI
    • Added the infrastructure for improved mob AI
      • Allows for more complicated behavior than before
      • These behaviors themselves have not been implemented yet

Improvements & Changes

  • Sheep
    • Sheep now eat grass and Tall Grass, which regain their wool
    • Sheep now drop 1-3 wool per shearing
  • Magma Cube
    • Magma cubes can now drop magma cream upon death