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In-game screenshot of the tutorial.
The Mansion in the 1.3-1.4 (TU7-TU11) Tutorial World.

Xbox 360 Tutorial Mode is a short walk through of Minecraft's basic mechanics. It allows newcomers to familiarize themselves with the game, primarily with the controls and the crafting system. Found only in the Xbox 360 Edition, the tutorial takes place in a flat area, with trees in small clusters around the side. It will not let you leave the enclosed area until finishing or canceling the tutorial, though the player may do whatever they want within the enclosed area. Around the rest of the world there are approximately 12 hidden chests containing items and a music disc that you can search for.

Begrippen die worden besproken[bewerken]

The tutorial walks the player through:

Other tutorials for items such as beds, Nether portals, boats, pistons, and fishing rods will pop up, but are not part of the main tutorial.

Leerprogramma gebied[bewerken]

The Minecraft logo as it appears in the tutorial.
  • The tutorial area is a flat plain with sparsely growing grass and flowers. There is a lake, with a chest containing 17 fishing rods next to it. There is also a river with a chest next to it, with 9 boats in it.
  • A pond lined with sand can be found in the field. Near this pond is a cobblestone wall with a redstone/piston demonstration area. Opposite, is an incomplete miner's shelter which you are tasked to complete during the tutorial. This shelter is surrounded by gravel, which has a path leading to the exit, which you can only pass through if you have either completed or cancelled the tutorial. Through this exit is a castle.

1.3, 1.3.1 en 1.4 Geheimen[bewerken]

  • In the tutorial world of the Xbox 360 Edition there are 12 hidden chests with Music Discs in them and normally one other item, which are normally moved in every update.


Music disc 1: On your way to the mansion there is a chest inside the abandoned mining shelter.

Music disk 2: Through the shelter is a garden with crossed walkways. Dig down in the middle of the cross of cobblestone to find a chest.

Music disk 3: After that, walk left into a Desert biome and there will be a minecart. Jump into it and ride it to the other end. Then jump off and go inside the Desert Temple and you will find the chest.

Music disk 4: Climb up the ladders or vines on the side of the garden wall or the back of the castle. Turn left and get onto the roof of the castle. On the top of the glass dome will be a chest.

Music disk 5: Once you climb up the ladders turn right then jump of the wall to the left. Walk around the spawn point until you find a medieval tower in the distance. On the top of the tower is a chest.

Music disk 6: Inside the castle, walk into the first corridor to your right that has stairs in it. Pull the lever to your right to make a walkway across the lava and there is your chest.

Music disk 7: In the second room to the right will be a brewing tutorial. You will make a Potion of Fire Resistance using waterbottles, then nether wart, and at last magma cream. This will create a few fire resistance potions. Drink it and walk through the lava in the room. Through the lava is a chest in a small room.

Music disk 8: Walk to the main hallway and travel upstairs. Flip the lever and you'll hear three musical notes play. That lever has revealed a secret room. The painting that you saw when you came up the stairs has the entrance to the secret room behind it. There is a nether portal in that room. Step in it. From your spawn point in the Nether, head directly forwards to the Nether Fortress. In there turn to your second right, down there is the chest.

Music disk 9: Walk straight forward in the Swamp biome to find a house. A chest is beneath it. Walk inside the house and open a trap door. Travel down the ladder and there is the chest.

Music disk 10: From the Swamp house, walk right and you will find a pond with structure submerged in it. It has a trap door surrounded by glass that leads to the chest.

Music disk 11: From the abandoned mining shelter walk in the Mansion courtyard and travel north through the farm(according to the map). Past the farm walk north/northwestward untill you find a set of five pillars with a staircase leading downward. In the underground dwelling there is a chest containing the last disk and an axe.

Muziekplaat locaties (1.3-1.3.1)[bewerken]

  1. Where Are We Now? - (X: 373 Y: 65 Z: -146) On an island On the east border of the map. [Also contains Pickaxe]. (No longer at these coordinates
  2. Strad - (X: 28 Y: 61 Z: 9) Is in a cave underground with pillars up on top . [Also contains Iron Axe with Fortune III].
  3. Cat - (X: -42 Y: 57 Z: 249) In the swamp cabin to the left of the mansion. [Also contains Iron Boots with Feather Falling IV].
  4. 11 - (X: 63 Y: 93 Z: 166) On top of the glass of the mansion. [Also contains Bow with Power V].
  5. 13 - (X: 107 Y: 75 Z: 165) In the tunnel exiting the tutorial area. [Also contains Jukebox, Bow with Flame I, and 20 Arrows].
  6. Ward - (X: 197 Y: 78 Z: 71) Behind tutorial area, on top of the tower. [Also contains Iron Pickaxe with Unbreaking III].
  7. Chirp - (X: 42 Y: 77 Z: 153) Behind the lava-fall in the mansion brewing room. [Also contains Iron Chestplate with Fire Protection V].
  8. Mellohi - (X: 86 Y: 75 Z: 166)under the cobblestone cross in the middle of the stone slabs[also contains iron sword with smite v]
  9. Mall - (X: 102 Y: 60 Z: 268) To the left of the mansion, take the minecart to the sand temple. [Stepping on the pressure plate gives Iron Sword with Looting III from a dispenser].
  10. Blocks - (X: 65 Y: 71 Z: 176) Basement of the mansion . [Also contains Iron Helmet with Respiration III].
  11. Far - (X: -41 Y: 59 Z: 93) In the glass building under the water. [Also contains Iron Shovel with Efficiency V].
  12. Stal - (X: 60 Y: 61 Z: 27) This disc is the only one located in the Nether. It can be found in a humongous Nether Fortress. next to a blaze spawner [Also contains Flint and Steel and enchanted Iron Leggings]. Fair Warning, the nether fortress is very confusing and dark and if you're on easy then wear armor and bring a sword, pick-axe, and flint and steel.

  • At the end of the tunnel exiting the tutorial area, there is a room behind both cobblestone walls full of silverfish blocks.
  • Under the mansion and sand temple, there is a huge cavern system that connects.

1.8.2 geheimen[bewerken]

Rose (2D).png
Deze pagina beschrijft inhoud die niet langer in het spel is.
Deze functies bestaan ​​alleen in verouderde versies van Minecraft.
  • There are 12 hidden chests scattered around the world, each containing a music disc and armor, or tools.
  • Locations:
  1. Chest in the entrance to the first village. Contents: Music Disc, Bow, and 20 Arrows.
  2. Chest is inside glass on the first village entrance. Contents: Music Disc and Stone Sword.
  3. Chest inside the well of the first village. Contents: Music Disc and Golden Armor.
  4. Chest under the A in the Minecraft sign. Contents: Music Disc and Diamond Armor.
  5. Down the well in the first village, there is a stone brick room containing a chest.
  6. In the tower in the 2nd village and the village with the flag there are a Music Disc in each.
  7. Bottom right, village with disk at the top of church
  8. In the village (step 7) there is a dock, take boat out and go straight ahead and you'll reach an island inside the cave to the right go up the steps and turn around there is a lever in the roof click it and reveal a hidden portal
  9. At coordinates X:177 Y:78 Z:-170 there is a large tree with a ladder on it. This ladder leads to a chest with a diamond axe and a music disc. (This ladder appears to be missing as of the last update)
  10. At coordinates X:40 Y:115 Z:-99 there is a chest with a Diamond Sword and a music disc in it. The chest is on top of the mountain on a thin piece of overhanging dirt.
  • At the giant crater in the corner of the world there is a dungeon containing a saddle and bucket. X: 149 Y: 47 Z: -403
  • In the castle behind the tutorial which engages into the cliff wall there is a corridor where you can hear the sound of the Nether. In the ceiling should be a lever to open a piston door to expose the Nether portal.
  • The hill where the large fortress is built is joined to a second hill. Deep under this second hill is a massive stronghold connected to caverns that lead to the large canyon. It is possible to access it from the canyon, but requires quite a bit of work. The stronghold contains at least 3 chests. One in the upper chamber, and two deep below in the library. End Portal Frame X: -338 Y: 21 Z: 306

1.7.3 geheimen[bewerken]

Rose (2D).png
Deze pagina beschrijft inhoud die niet langer in het spel is.
Deze functies bestaan ​​alleen in verouderde versies van Minecraft.
  • There were many secret hidden structures, such as random "caves" with torches all around the walls and hidden villages. One such cave was located directly below the floor of the library in the castle; revealed by digging through two wooden planks. Digging through the wall revealed random redstone placement.
  • Dungeons could be found in the world. Although the player must manually search for them, one of the dungeons had a gravel "x" in which if they dug down from the center they would fall into. Continuing to dig downwards would eventually reveal a small X tunnel with 8 exposed diamond ores.
  • Like the original PC version of Minecraft, the Xbox 360 Tutorial Mode world has four layers of bedrock; however, other worlds generated in the Xbox 360 Edition only have two layers.
  • In the biggest house of the first village, one of the floor blocks hid a ladder down into the ocean.
  • Hidden in the Minecraft logo was a portal to the Nether.
  • By the lighthouse, there was a dungeon.
  • Beside the castle, underwater, there was a 2x2 hole with glowstone lighting the inside that lead downward to a large chest containing all possible diamond tools and armor.
  • A village was always generated in the opposite way of the Tutorial village.
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