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A picture of the disc version of the demo

De PC Gamer Minecraft Demo is een gelimiteerde versie van Minecraft Beta 1.3. Je kunt het spelen tot 100 minuten. De demo werd gebundeld bij 214 van PC gamer magazine.

Je "Save" word opgeslagen in "%appdata%\Roaming\.minecraft\saves" en word na gekocht te hebben weer speelbaar, de demo gebruikt seed seed 108181935. Je spawn postitie is: x: 166.5 y: 65.6 z: -56.5

De demo en info worden gedownload op here.



  • If you are at or above layer 89 after the demo expires, you can still interact with the world at or above layer 89.
  • If your window is at it's smaller size while you are playing the demo and you enlargen the window all of the blocks become transparent revealing underground caverns.

Version-Exclusive Features[]

  • PC Gamer skin for cows.


  • A purchased version of minecraft has unused code from the demo, like "demo.day.1=This demo will last five game days, do your best!".
  • The following shows what PC Gamer changed to the world: 53 Red Wool, 90 Snow Blocks, 112 Black Wool, 2 Chests, A Sign, 22 Gunpowder, A nearly broken iron pickaxe, A nearly broken iron axe, A nearly broken flint and steel, 4 Coal, 5 Bread, 4 String, 12 Torches, 2 Sticks, and 3 Compasses.
  • The demo has files for functions added in later updates, such as the sound effects for wolves, weather and pistons. However, they are not used.
  • If you dig directly underneath the sign telling you how to open the chest, you can find a chest that contains 22 gunpowder.
  • The Nether is available in the demo. An easy way to access it is to make it by creating casting lava into obsidian directly in the shape of a portal since five Minecraft days aren't necessarily enough to find 3 diamonds in order to make a diamond pickaxe.
  • If you go to sleep in a bed and skip the night, it will remove that time from your clock, decreasing your play time.
  • If you have a bucket with you after the demo expires, you can use that bucket to milk a cow despite not being able to interact with anything else.
  • You can also interact with boats after the demo expires.

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