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Map File Format[]

Each edition of Minecraft uses its own file format to store levels. The following information about the different level file formats can be used by software developers to create map editors, servers, level generators, and other programs. Blocks, items and data values are common to all map types.

Map Formats[]

  • Classic Level Format used by the old Minecraft Classic: Survival, Creative, and Multiplayer.
  • Indev Level Format used by Minecraft Indev.
  • Alpha Level Format used by Minecraft Alpha (previously Infdev).
  • Beta Level Format used by Minecraft Beta (from Beta 1.3).
  • Anvil Level Format used by Minecraft (from 1.2)
  • Pocket Edition Level Format used by Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Notch's notes on NBT format files.

Note: As of Minecraft Weekly 12w07a, there is a new NBT tag with ID 11: an integer array tag. This tag is not described in the original NBT docs linked above.

Schematic files based on NBT format are used by a few 3rd party utilities to store sections of a map for later use.

Other Formats[]

  • Map Item Format


Mod Creation Tools[]

  • Minecraft Coder Pack used to create and edit mods to both the Minecraft client and server
  • Techne - the modeler: used to create custom models for in game use, comes with library of standard models.
  • FMCModeler can be used to create custom models for in game use, can also create models from Java code (with some restrictions). Written in Flash. It appears to be abandoned, but it's still working when used with CustomRenderer.

Server Protocol[]

Classic Server Protocol used by the Minecraft Classic Creative Multiplayer server.

For info on the Minecraft Beta server protocol, see the Minecraft Coalition Wiki.



URL Program OS Notes
http://www.delorie.com/djgpp/ Djgpp, GCC for Windows Windows
http://www.cygwin.com/ Cygwin the Linux-on-Windows (Unix Environment) Windows Good for Windows users.
http://www.microsoft.com/express/ Microsoft Visual Studio Express Windows Free version of Visual Studio, an IDE and compiler for C++, C# and Visual Basic.
http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.jsp Java Development Kit download Cross-platform Essential if you want to interpret Java code