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The image that currently appears on the minecraft.net home page

minecraft.net is the official homepage of Minecraft. It allows users to sign up, play, and/or buy the game, provides links to related community sites (including the Minecraft Wiki) and is also where players should download the Minecraft launcher and server client.


minecraft.net currently has ten pages. The seventh page, "Profile", is added when logged in. There is also a top news link at the top of all pages which is used to communicate important news relating to Minecraft. The pages are as follows:



The home page of minecraft.net consists of the Minecraft logo and the "Official Minecraft Trailer" YouTube video. Below the video is a very short description of Minecraft. To the left of pages is a picture of a player holding a stone pickaxe standing in front of a pig, and a sheep.

The home page also contains Minecraft's Facebook page widget, as well as a Minecraft update news box, which replaced the Word of Notch news box in May 2012, and tweets from Jeb, which replaced tweets from Notch in May 2012.



This section has text further describing the game, and the origins of Minecraft. It also gives some insights as to what Notch plans to do for the game in the future.

This page has 2 sub pages, 'Getting started' and 'Credits'.

Getting started[]


You can access this page from Game→Getting started. The help page has multiple videos on how to survive your first night, and the basics of Minecraft. This page is mainly intended to help newer Minecraft players.



The credit of Minecraft.



This page consists of multiple links to Minecraft websites and resources including The Word of Notch, Notch's Twitter, and much more.



You can buy Minecraft premium account from this page. This page also consists of T-shirts involving Minecraft such as a shirt having 3 creepers at night with a moon, and one creeper shirt labeled for creepers.



NOTE: This page only appears when logged in. The profile page consists of a skin changer, a change password option, and a gift code section.



This page was created as a gag on April Fools' Day 2011.

NOTE: The original page was removed. It now takes you to the store page.



NOTE: This page is not displayed on the tab menu.

Contains options to redeem a gift code.

Server list[]


NOTE: This page is not displayed on the tab menu.

Contains information about servers, and holds a list of servers on Minecraft Classic.

Pocket Edition[]


NOTE: This page is not displayed on the tab menu.

Short information about Pocket Editions.

Related page[]

Mojang Support Center[]


NOTE: This page is moved from www.minecraft.net/support.

You can access this page from 'Help' link of top of minecraft.net. Contains answers for frequently asked questions. This page also contains server statuses related to Minecraft (e.g. login server, multiplayer session server, and so on), but available from PC (not from smartphones).

Developer URLs[]

Developer calls and URLs found by googling "site:minecraft.net" (Also posted on minecraftforum.):


Used to download resources for the client, such as minecraft.jar.


Used to check if an account is premium or not. Returns true if the username is a premium Minecraft account, returns false otherwise.


The Minecraft launcher uses this to authenticate logins. If the username and password are valid for a premium account, returns "<POSIX time>:<hash of password???>:<username with correct capitalization>:<freshly generated session id>:". If username and password are invalid, returns "Bad login". If the username and password are correct, but the account isn't premium, returns "User not premium". If the given version number is less than 12, returns "Old version". The username is not case-sensitive, but naturally, the password is.

It is also possible to cause an error that breaks this page. See Breaking getversion.jsp for more info. (NB: Now fixed, returns "Bad request")

http://session.minecraft.net/game/joinserver.jsp?user=<USERNAME>&sessionId=<SESSION ID>

This link seems to be called when a server with online-mode=true checks if it should allow a player to join the game. The session ID is generated by the launcher when you log in (you can also generate them with the "getversion.jsp" link above). This URL will return "OK" if the given session ID is the last one to have been generated for that username; otherwise it will return "Bad login".


Directs the user to a page where they can choose if they want to change their skin to <URL>.


Returns the skin for a given username. Case-sensitive, returns an XML access denied page if the skin doesn't exist.


Returns the cloak for a given username. Behaves the same as above.


Returns a list of the latest game files that can be downloaded. The Minecraft launcher uses this to perform an update.


This is most likely used to create the classic server list. How the parameters work is unknown (not changed from what was found on the Google page), though some of them you could figure out. Returns a link to a classic server page (have not investigated the effects of the params on the link fully).


A test page that Mojang asked people to use as they worked on a new launcher for Minecraft. Runs a few processes in the browser, then starts a new version of the launcher, which will be downloaded to /.minecraft/launcher as launcher.jar (only known difference between this launcher and the normal one - this launcher has the new logo)

http://launch.minecraft.net/join.html?serverip=<SERVER IP>

This link gives a glimpse at a future feature to Minecraft. This page says that, in the future, it will be possible to have Minecraft open and connect to the server IP specified in the URL when you access this link. See it for yourself!


Apparently some sort of joke page. It says it is triangulating a satellite and sending benchmark data back to Mojang or whatever, but a look at the source shows it is just an animation.


Contains a picture that is used when Minecraft.net is being updated.


Contains a picture that is used when Minecraft.net is overloaded.