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Deze functies bestaan ​​alleen in verouderde versies van Minecraft.
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Eerste versie

Minecraft Infdev (27th of February, 2010)

Laatste versie

Minecraft Infdev (30th of June, 2010)



Infdev (ofwel Infinite Development,vertaald: oneindige ontwikkeling) is de derde fase in de Development Cyclus van Minecraft en is alleen bespeelbaar in single player survival modus.

Infdev succeeded Indev when Notch decided to rewrite the game's code to allow terrain to be infinite and procedurally generated rather than finite. This principle of how maps are generated is similar to how current Minecraft levels are. Ever since Infdev, maps generated generate terrain theoretically 8 times the size of the Earth. Infdev was also the first appearance of the Far Lands.

Infdev was given its name as a play on words from Indev (which stood for In Development); the "Inf" stands for Infinite.


An early version of Infdev


  • Infinite map generation.
  • More craftable items.
  • 3D clouds.
  • Much more complex cave systems.
  • Dynamic fluid system.
  • Signs, Ladders, and Doors
  • Minecarts and their tracks

For full changes, see Infdev version history.

Alpha replacing Infdev[]

Because Infdev's main purpose was to catch an infinite terrain version up to par with Indev's content, that purpose was filled around June 2010. Infdev was replaced by the name of Alpha as a sign of progression towards release. Infdev no longer gets updated, and its link has been removed from the Minecraft website.

Infdev, along with Indev, were still available on Minecraft.net up until September 2010, and to play Infdev now, you must use a 3rd Party program to backdate your minecraft.jar.

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