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The Void as of patch 1.8+ is pure black and uses the same particle effects as those underwater.

The Void Of in het Nederlands De Leegte is de term voor de lege ruimte buiten de gegenereerde grenzen van elke map. Het kan worden gezien door de gaten in de onderste laag van Bodemsteen op maps, gegenereerd voor de Halloween Update. Until a recent update, when lava generated on layer 2, the bedrock on layer 1 below it was replaced by smooth stone, making it possible to enter the void without mods. It can now only be entered if one uses a map editor or creative mode to make a hole in the bedrock layer at the bottom of the Overworld or the Nether, or by jumping off of The End.

It is endless, however, falling into the Void causes the player's health to be depleted by about 4 hearts per second, leading to the player's death in 2.5 seconds or less, should he or she drop. If mods are used to make the player invincible, he/she will fall infinitely.

Entities (mobs and items, excluding the player) entering the Void will be deleted in the following tick (as soon as possible). However, as of the 1.1 update, mobs will fall through the Void until they reach Y=-64, at which point they receive the same damage as the player (4 hearts per second). Items will fall until they reach Y=-64 where they disappear.

Blocks cannot be built on the underside of the Bedrock layer, and although Water and Lava appear to flow into it, they will not actually spread and form beneath the lowest layer. This prevents players from descending into the Void safely via swimming.

There is currently a bug in SMP that will remove chunks client-side, so while the data is still there, the client cannot see it and will glitch if they step on it. This can be fixed by reconnecting or placing a torch next to the missing chunk. If you ride a Minecart into this missing chunk, and then you step out of the Minecart, you will fall to the void and die, regardless if you disconnect and reconnect.

Manieren van het bereiken van de leegte[]

  • In een kaart voorafgaand gegenereerd om de Halloween Update, is het mogelijk om gaten in de rotsbodem die leiden vinden in de leegte. * In dit moment gegenereerde kaarten, is het nog steeds mogelijk om gaten te vinden in de basis die leidt tot de leegte, maar ze zijn uiterst zeldzaam. * Maak een Creative wereld en graven recht naar beneden, want in Creative je kan vernietigen gesteente. * In the End, is het mogelijk om gewoon springen de eilanden. Dit zal onmiddellijk zet u in de Leegte. * In het begin van Infdev van de nietige fungeert en zorgt voor schade als een onzichtbare lava zee, en het maken van de lava alleen zichtbaar bij het invoeren van de Leegte * In beta 1.8 pre-releases, Endermen kon oppikken gesteente, waardoor u om de leegte te voeren.


Elke entiteit boven laag 319 of onder laag -64 zal zwart zijn. Dit omvat weggegooide/gehouden voorwerpen, boten/mijnkarren en spelers/mobs.

Als water de grens van de Leegte aanraakt, zal het water dat in de Leegte is gekomen, ook deel worden van haar, zodat u het water er niet in ziet.

Als een speler een server met een hoge vertraging toetreedt, kan het eruit zien dat de speler in "De Leegte" spawnt. De delen van de Server zijn dan nog niet gegenereerd.

Vanaf Beta 1.8, bij de toetreding van een server met een hoge vertraging, sinds de stukken die niet zijn gegenereerd, kan "De Leegte" glitchen tussen de oude, blauwe Leegte en de nieuwe, zwarte Leegte.

De Leegte is het tweede ergste ding wat een Minecraft speler kan ervaren (het eerste ergste ding is The Far Lands, waarin uw opgeslagen bestand corrupt/beschadigd zal worden). Als je erin valt, zult u in een paar seconden sterven (als Minecraft speler). Ook is de enige manier om te sterven bij de Creative Modus in de Leegte vallen.


  • Prior to Beta 1.6, things that fall into the void became black because there is no lighting there.
  • Before Creative mode, The Void was much more difficult to access, since Bedrock is impossible to destroy in Survival mode.
  • Prior to 1.8, the void was the same color as the sky, until Notch added void fog. If using an X-Ray mod, you can see the color of the void change from blue to black while descending. This can also be seen by a player in an ocean biome. Just before the player's head goes under the water, the horizon is seen to turn black, and as the player rises it changes back to blue.
  • As of 1.8, if you are in within 16 blocks of the void, the particle effect will be visible, along with limited visibility, as if you were on render distance tiny.
  • As of 1.8, entities are now lit in the void.
  • As of 1.8 the void is now always pitch black and a particle effect occurs above bedrock.
  • Prior to 11w48a the void fog was in all game modes.
  • As of 11w49a, mobs and items that fall through the Void will receive the same damage as the player (4 hearts per second) and disappear, respectively, when they reach Y=-64.


  • Tossing a block into the void before taking damage can stop you from dying. You will be able to roam around the void, although there is nothing there and really nothing to explore.[citation needed]
  • If you open a hole to the void and block off all light sources, you can see that the void does in fact give off light. (Rather, it is the blocks themselves having a light level higher than 0, not the light "shining out of the hole" as it appears to be). However, the bottom of the bedrock on the last layer is completely black.
  • When you fall through the void, you don't get hurt until you reach the Y-coordinate of -64, and then you take damage at a rate of 4 hearts/second. (Like falling in lava)
  • When you fall into the void on a server with anti flying measures, you are kicked regardless of having a flying mod.
  • Primed TNT can fall into the void and explode.
  • Riding a vehicle into the void will result in the player being stuck in the vehicle until he/she dies.
  • If flying is enabled in Creative mode (patch 1.8), you can fly around in the top layers of the void without taking damage.
  • Falling into the void is the only possible way to die in Creative Mode.

A view of the render distance near bedrock.

  • When the player is at a Y coordinate above 64, the void appears blue, and the black fog is not rendered. When the player is at a Y coordinate below 64, the void will change color to black and the fog will get closer to the player.
  • As of 1.2.5, Sunlight removes the void fog, allowing for full visibility.
  • If one was to pass the 32 million block limit the player would no longer clip (the blocks become non-solid) and fall through to the void resulting in the players eventual death. This is also known as a "Fake Chunk".
  • Shot arrows can stick to the bottom of the lowest level of bedrock (they are stuck on a block in the Void).
  • Arrows on fire (that have gone through lava) will disappear once it enters the Void while normal arrows fired by the player do not immediately disappear.
  • Pistons do not work at the lowest level of bedrock (or the level above the Void).
  • If you destroy bedrock in creative mode and replace it with another block, particles such as rain will still fall through that block.
  • In creative mode, you can destroy a block of bedrock, place a torch on the inside of a surrounding block, and, if flying is on, float directly below the open space. you will be able to see much farther in the void. This stops, however, when you move out from under the space.
  • If you have flying on in creative mode and start destroying blocks on the bottom bedrock layer, the orange horizon line of the sun will slowly start to appear. Where the horizon line appears depends on what time of day it is when you do this. This appears to be a glitch.
  • When you die from falling into The Void, your Y position will be -199.10.
  • In The Nether, the Void is red.
  • Chickens can be spawned in the void using eggs. Like all other entities however, they die below Y=-64.
  • When falling into the void, the sky above only renders for the current chunk. This can easily be tested by falling off on a skyblock world.
  • If you fall more than 32 million blocks down, Minecraft will crash.[1]

    The Void Horizon glitch.

  • When viewed on a map, the Void is seen as the pattern used for an unexplored area.