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Daniel Rosenfeld
Echte naam

Daniel Rosenfeld[1]


Unknown (Aged 26 as seen on his YouTube Channel)


Freelance musician



Bekend om

Producing the music and sound in Minecraft, making Minecraft's official soundtrack

Ook bekend als


Daniel Rosenfeld, also known as C418 is credited as the producer of the music in Minecraft.[2] He produced the world music, the ambience music and the songs for all 11 Music Discs. He also produced the various sound effects for the game, such as footsteps, and released the game's official soundtrack, "Minecraft - Volume Alpha", which includes all the music present in the game made by him up to the soundtrack's release, plus some bonus tracks.

Music included in Minecraft[bewerken]

(NOTE: As of March 4th 2011, Minecraft's tracks have been given "official" names)

Please note, these tracks have been shortened to 30 seconds on the wiki, due to an agreement with the author to allow them onto the wiki.
This does not apply to "11".

Feature Music Discs Gameplay Available Original Soundtrack Track
Calm1 "Minecraft" Nee Ja Ja Ja Ja
Calm2 "Clark" Nee Ja Ja Ja Ja
Calm3 "Sweden" Nee Ja Ja Ja Ja
Hal1 "Subwoofer Lullaby" Nee Ja Ja Nee Ja
Hal2 "Living Mice" Nee Ja Ja Nee Ja
Hal3 "Haggstrom" Nee Ja Ja Nee Ja
Hal4 "Danny" Nee Ja Ja Nee Ja
Nuance1 "Key" Nee Ja Ja Nee Ja
Nuance2 "Oxygène" Nee Ja Ja Nee Ja
Piano1 "Dry Hands" Nee Ja Ja Nee Ja
Piano2 "Wet Hands" Nee Ja Ja Nee Ja
Piano3 "Mice on Venus" Nee Ja Ja Nee Ja
13 Ja Nee Ja Nee Ja
Cat Ja Nee Ja Nee Ja
11 Ja Nee Ja Nee Nee
Blocks Ja Nee Ja Nee Nee
Chirp Ja Nee Ja Nee Nee
Far Ja Nee Ja Nee Nee
Mall Ja Nee Ja Nee Nee
Mellohi Ja Nee Ja Nee Nee
Stal Ja Nee Ja Nee Nee
Strad Ja Nee Ja Nee Nee
Ward Ja Nee Ja Nee Nee
Where Are We Now Onbekend Onbekend Nee Nee Nee


More music by C418 will be added in Minecraft in the near future. This will include music specific to battles, the Nether, The End, NPC villages, Creative Mode, and many more.[3]

Released Minecraft soundtracks[bewerken]


C418 revealed in an AMA on Reddit that the Ghast sounds are taken from his pet cat, and he makes those sounds when he is disturbed while sleeping.[4] He was also going to have his cat voice Ocelots,[5][6], but since his cat never meows clearly,[7][8], C418 decided to use cat sounds from Freesound instead.[9]


C418's skin
  • In-game music is cued by the time of day, with a random track being played at sunrise, sunset, noon and midnight.
  • Many sounds that C418 has used can be found at [1] (For example the grass walking sounds can be found here.)
  • Like Mojang employees, his in-game character can be seen wearing a cape in survival multiplayer.
  • His Minecraft skin is the default skin, but the head is replaced with the texture for a jukebox.
  • As of 1.9 Pre-Release 2, there are 11 music discs, all containing original C418 songs.
    • These include all of the previously-encoded files except 'Where are we now', due to troubles encountered when adding in music with spaces in the name.


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