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These data values apply only to Minecraft Pocket Edition. For other versions of the game, see Data values and Data values (Classic)

Block IDs[]

Red Cannot be legitimately obtained. Only available by hex editing the "level.dat" file stored in the world save folder in a survival world (v.0.2.0 and later) or the "player.dat" file stored there (v.0.1.3 and below).
Green Cannot be obtained in the Demo version.
D Requires additional data from the saved game's Data array to fully define the block.
B Requires additional data in the item's Damage field to fully define the inventory item.
Icon Dec Hex Block Type
Stone.png 1 0x1 Stone
Grass.png 2 0x2 Grass
Dirt.png 3 0x3 Dirt
Cobblestone.png 4 0x4 Cobblestone
Wooden Plank.png 5 0x5 Wooden Plank
Bedrock.png 7 0x7 Bedrock
Water.png 8 0x8 Flowing Water (having it in slot 2 makes the icon in slot one bugged but it will still place correctly)
Water.png 9 0x9 Stationary Water (also bugs other inventory icons)
Lava.png 10 0xA Flowing Lava (also bugs other inventory icons)
Lava.png 11 0xB Stationary Lava (also bugs other inventory icons)
Sand.png 12 0xC Sand
Gravel.png 13 0xD Gravel
Gold (Ore).png 14 0xE Gold Ore
Iron (Ore).png 15 0xF Iron Ore
Coal (Ore).png 16 0x10 Coal Ore
Wood.png 17 0x11 Wood
Leaves.png 18 0x12 Leaves
Glass.png 20 0x14 Glass
Lapis Lazuli (Ore).png 21 0x15 Lapis Lazuli Ore
Lapis Lazuli (Block).png 22 0x16 Lapis Lazuli Block
Sandstone.png 24 0x18 Sandstone
White Wool.png 35 0x23 Wool D B
Dandelion.png 37 0x25 Yellow Flower
Cyan Flower.png 38 0x26 Cyan Flower
Brown Mushroom.png 39 0x27 Brown Mushroom
Red Mushroom.png 40 0x28 Red Mushroom
Gold (Block).png 41 0x29 Gold Block
Iron (Block).png 42 0x2A Iron Block
Double Stone Slab.png 43 0x2B Double Stone Slab (has the top texture on all sides in inventory but places as a normal double stone slab)
Stone Slab.png 44 0x2C Stone Slab
Brick (Block).png 45 0x2D Brick Block
TNT.png 46 0x2E TNT (Can be primed as of v0.2.0)
Bookshelf.png 47 0x2F Bookshelf
Moss Stone.png 48 0x30 Moss Stone
Obsidian.png 49 0x31 Obsidian
Torch.png 50 0x32 Torch
Fire.png 51 0x33 Fire (does not seem to actually place down but does cause smoke particles very briefly when you attempt to place it)
Wooden Stairs.png 53 0x35 Wooden Stairs
Diamond (Ore).png 56 0x38 Diamond Ore
Diamond (Block).png 57 0x39 Diamond Block
Crafting Table.png 58 0x3A Crafting Table
Farmland.png 60 0x3C Farmland (works just like desktop edition, saturating when near water as well as drying out back to dirt when away from water or when walked on too much; water flows down the sides of it if placed in water in a manner similar to what glass does; PE's autojump does not appear to work when colliding with farmland)
Wooden Door.png 64 0x40 Wooden Door
Ladders.png 65 0x41 Ladder
Cobblestone Stairs.png 67 0x43 Cobblestone Stairs
Iron Door.png 71 0x47 Iron Door (will not open or close, presumably due to the lack of redstone powering it)
Redstone (Ore).png 73 0x49 Redstone Ore: and 4A (both seem to behave the same, giving off particle effects when struck but no light)
Sneeuw (laag).png 78 0x4E Snow (snow cover)
Ice.png 79 0x4F Ice (like desktop edition in pretty much every way; melts when near lava and turns to water source, slippery, etc.)
Snow (Block).png 80 0x50 Snow Block
Cactus.png 81 0x51 Cactus
Clay (Block).png 82 0x52 Clay
Sugar Cane.png 83 0x53 Sugar Cane
Fence.png 85 0x55 Fence
Fence Gate (Closed).png 107 0x6B Fence Gate D

Item IDs[]

All items have values above 255, making it easy to separate the Block IDs from the Item IDs.

The item IDs seem to correlate with item IDs from the desktop edition, based on experimentation by DanielMeltzer[1]. This list is based on a list of all item variables in the Item class. More experimentation is needed to confirm that these IDs do match.

Icon Dec Hex Item

256 0x100 Iron Shovel

257 0x101 Iron Pickaxe

258 0x102 Iron Axe

262 0x106 Arrow

263 0x107 Coal

264 0x108 Diamond

265 0x109 Iron Ingot

266 0x10A Gold Ingot

267 0x10B Iron Sword

268 0x10C Wooden Sword

269 0x10D Wooden Shovel

270 0x10E Wooden Pickaxe

271 0x10F Wooden Axe

272 0x110 Stone Sword

273 0x111 Stone Shovel

274 0x112 Stone Pickaxe

275 0x113 Stone Axe

276 0x114 Diamond Sword

277 0x115 Diamond Shovel

278 0x116 Diamond Pickaxe

279 0x117 Diamond Axe

280 0x118 Stick

281 0x119 Bowl

283 0x11B Gold Sword

284 0x11C Gold Shovel

285 0x11D Gold Pickaxe

286 0x11E Gold Axe

287 0x11F String
Icon Dec Hex Item

288 0x120 Feather

289 0x121 Gunpowder

296 0x128 Wheat
Icon Dec Hex Item

324 0x144 Wooden door

330 0x14A Iron door

332 0x14C Snowball

334 0x14E Leather

336 0x150 Clay Brick

337 0x151 Clay

338 0x152 Sugar Cane

339 0x153 Paper

340 0x154 Book

341 0x155 Slimeball

345 0x159 Compass

347 0x15B Clock

348 0x15C Glowstone Dust

351 0x15F Dye D
Icon Dec Hex Item

352 0x160 Bone

353 0x161 Sugar

359 0x167 Shears

456 0x1C8 Camera

Entity IDs[]

These are entity IDs found in the getEntityTypeId methods of a disassembled libminecraftpe.so file from Android.

Icon Dec Hex Entity

64 0x40 Dropped item
Icon Dec Hex Entity
Hostile mobs

32 0x20 Zombie
Icon Dec Hex Entity
Passive mobs

10 0xA Chicken

11 0xB Cow

12 0xC Pig

13 0xD Sheep