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22 oktober 2018






Client  (.json)

1.13.2 is een kleine update die werd uitgebracht op 22 oktober 2018,[1] die een paar prestatieverbeteringen en upgradeprobleemoplossingen bevatte die waren overgebleven van 1.13.1. Het is niet compatibel met 1.13.1-servers.



  • Improved performance of upgrading worlds.
  • Improved performance of turtle pathfinding.
  • Improved startup time.
  • Improved mob spawning performance.
  • Other general performance improvements.


23 bugs opgelost
Van de releases voor 1.13.2
  • MC-91621 – Mobs repetitively despawn and respawn rapidly at high Y coordinates (causing lag).
  • MC-92019 – Shields don't block anything if facing straight down
  • MC-97249 – Preset code offset in superflat customization GUI is not reset, causing text to be pushed too far to the left
  • MC-107933 – Shulker Boxes not appearing on Maps
  • MC-122869 – Minecarts behave differently since 17w48a
  • MC-126810 – Player markers aren't visible on maps placed in item frames
  • MC-129302 – Skeleton arrows don't deal damage, if they shoot while underwater, and you are moving when the arrows hit
  • MC-130741 – Creative Inventory scroll position resets when alt-tabbing
  • MC-130893 – Snow layers don't appear on maps
  • MC-132284 – Upgrade paths for loading structure files are slow
  • MC-133292 – Cave spiders do not take drowning damage.
  • MC-134115 – Containers next to chunk borders can lose items when upgrading.
  • MC-134436 – Pick Block (Middle Button) doesn't work since upgrade to server 1.13
  • MC-134476 – Miswritten sounds.json causing almost all 1.13 subtitles to be unshown (Fix included)
  • MC-134506 – Mobs only spawn when a player is moving on realms
  • MC-134696 – Cod AI performance issue
  • MC-134969 – Minecraft 1.13 Mob spawn rate
  • MC-135130 – Render distance lag
  • MC-136526 – Crash when generating near the top of world.
  • MC-136888 – Game crashes when shift-right-clicking a shulker box while holding bone meal.
  • MC-137034 – World optimalization causes missing chunks
  • MC-137229 – Book corrupts when a 1.8 world is loaded in 1.13.
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