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Java Edition 전용

1.13 modifies the IDs ​​of many blocks, items, biomes, particles, paintings, entities, statistics and sound events, removes numeric IDs, adds and removes some block states, and change NBT tags and display names.[1] This process is known as "The Flattening". The contents of this page serve as a comparison between the identifiers of versions 1.12.2 and 1.13.

Block and Item IDs[편집 | 원본 편집]

Blocks and items that change their ID in any way also affect their statistics.

Change 1.12.2 1.13
Block Namespaced ID Block Namespaced ID
Separate Stone stone stone
Granite granite
Polished Granite polished_granite
Diorite diorite
Polished Diorite polished_diorite
Andesite andesite
Polished Andesite polished_andesite
Rename Grass Block grass Grass Block grass_block
Separate Dirt dirt Dirt dirt
Coarse Dirt coarse_dirt
Podzol podzol
Separate Planks planks Oak Planks oak_planks
Spruce Planks spruce_planks
Birch Planks birch_planks
Jungle Planks jungle_planks
Acacia Planks acacia_planks
Dark Oak Planks dark_oak_planks
Separate Sapling sapling Oak Sapling oak_sapling
Spruce Sapling spruce_sapling
Birch Sapling birch_sapling
Jungle Sapling jungle_sapling
Acacia Sapling acacia_sapling
Dark Oak Sapling dark_oak_sapling
Separate Sand sand Sand sand
Red Sand red_sand
Separate Log log Oak Log oak_log
Spruce Log spruce_log
Birch Log birch_log
Jungle Log jungle_log
Oak Wood oak_wood
Spruce Wood spruce_wood
Birch Wood birch_wood
Jungle Wood jungle_wood
Separate Log (2) log2 Acacia Log acacia_log
Dark Oak Log dark_oak_log
Acacia Wood acacia_wood
Dark Oak Wood dark_oak_wood
Separate Leaves leaves Oak Leaves oak_leaves
Spruce Leaves spruce_leaves
Birch Leaves birch_leaves
Jungle Leaves jungle_leaves
Separate Leaves (2) leaves2 Acacia Leaves acacia_leaves
Dark Oak Leaves dark_oak_leaves
Separate Sponge sponge Sponge sponge
Wet Sponge wet_sponge
Separate Sandstone sandstone Sandstone sandstone
Chiseled Sandstone chiseled_sandstone
Cut Sandstone cut_sandstone
Rename Note Block noteblock Note Block note_block
Rename Powered Rail golden_rail Powered Rail powered_rail
Rename Cobweb web Cobweb cobweb
Separate Grass tallgrass Dead Bush dead_bush
Grass grass
Fern fern
Rename Dead Bush deadbush Dead Bush dead_bush
Rename Moving Piston [ids note 1] piston_extension Moving Piston [ids note 1] moving_piston
Separate Wool wool White Wool white_wool
Orange Wool orange_wool
Magenta Wool magenta_wool
Light Blue Wool light_blue_wool
Yellow Wool yellow_wool
Lime Wool lime_wool
Pink Wool pink_wool
Gray Wool gray_wool
Light Gray Wool light_gray_wool
Cyan Wool cyan_wool
Purple Wool purple_wool
Blue Wool blue_wool
Brown Wool brown_wool
Green Wool green_wool
Red Wool red_wool
Black Wool black_wool
Rename Dandelion yellow_flower Dandelion dandelion
Separate Flower red_flower Poppy poppy
Blue Orchid blue_orchid
Allium allium
Azure Bluet azure_bluet
Red Tulip red_tulip
Orange Tulip orange_tulip
White Tulip white_tulip
Pink Tulip pink_tulip
Oxeye Daisy oxeye_daisy
Separate and merge Double Wooden Slab [ids note 1] double_wooden_slab Oak Slab oak_slab
Spruce Slab spruce_slab
Birch Slab birch_slab
Wooden Slab wooden_slab Jungle Slab jungle_slab
Acacia Slab acacia_slab
Dark Oak Slab dark_oak_slab
Separate and merge Double Stone Slab [ids note 1] double_stone_slab Stone Slab stone_slab
Sandstone Slab sandstone_slab
Petrified Oak Slab petrified_oak_slab
Cobblestone Slab cobblestone_slab
Brick Slab brick_slab
Stone Slab stone_slab Stone Brick Slab stone_brick_slab
Nether Brick Slab nether_brick_slab
Quartz Slab quartz_slab
Smooth Stone smooth_stone
Smooth Sandstone smooth_sandstone
Smooth Quartz smooth_quartz
Separate and merge Double Red Sandstone Slab [ids note 1] double_stone_slab2 Red Sandstone Slab red_sandstone_slab
Red Sandstone Slab stone_slab2 Smooth Red Sandstone smooth_red_sandstone
Merge Double Purpur Slab [ids note 1] double_purpur_slab Purpur Slab purpur_slab
Purpur Slab purpur_slab
Rename Bricks brick_block Bricks bricks
Rename Spawner mob_spawner Spawner spawner
Rename Nether Portal portal Nether Portal nether_portal
Separate Torch torch Wall Torch [ids note 1] wall_torch
Torch torch
Merge Furnace furnace Furnace furnace
Lit Furnace [ids note 1] lit_furnace
Rename Cobblestone Stairs stone_stairs Cobblestone Stairs cobblestone_stairs
Rename Oak Pressure Plate wooden_pressure_plate Oak Pressure Plate oak_pressure_plate
Merge Redstone Ore redstone_ore Redstone Ore redstone_ore
Lit Redstone Ore [ids note 1] lit_redstone_ore
Separate and merge Unlit Redstone Torch [ids note 1] unlit_redstone_torch Redstone Wall Torch [ids note 1] redstone_wall_torch
Redstone Torch redstone_torch Redstone Torch redstone_torch
Rename Snow snow_layer Snow snow
Rename Snow Block snow Snow Block snow_block
Rename Oak Fence fence Oak Fence oak_fence
Rename Carved Pumpkin pumpkin Carved Pumpkin carved_pumpkin
Rename Jack o'Lantern lit_pumpkin Jack o'Lantern jack_o_lantern
Rename Oak Trapdoor trapdoor Oak Trapdoor oak_trapdoor
Separate Infested Block monster_egg Infested Stone infested_stone
Infested Cobblestone infested_cobblestone
Infested Stone Bricks infested_stone_bricks
Infested Mossy Stone Bricks infested_mossy_stone_bricks
Infested Cracked Stone Bricks infested_cracked_stone_bricks
Infested Chiseled Stone Bricks infested_chiseled_stone_bricks
Separate Stone Bricks stonebrick Stone Bricks stone_bricks
Mossy Stone Bricks mossy_stone_bricks
Cracked Stone Bricks cracked_stone_bricks
Chiseled Stone Bricks chiseled_stone_bricks
Separate and merge Brown Mushroom Block brown_mushroom_block Brown Mushroom Block brown_mushroom_block
Mushroom Stem mushroom_stem
Red Mushroom Block red_mushroom_block
Red Mushroom Block red_mushroom_block
Rename Melon melon_block Melon melon
Rename Oak Fence Gate fence_gate Oak Fence Gate oak_fence_gate
Rename Lily Pad waterlily Lily Pad lily_pad
Rename Nether Bricks nether_brick Nether Bricks nether_bricks
Rename End Stone Bricks end_bricks End Stone Bricks end_stone_bricks
Merge Redstone Lamp redstone_lamp Redstone Lamp redstone_lamp
Lit Redstone Lamp [ids note 1] lit_redstone_lamp
Separate Cobblestone Wall cobblestone_wall Cobblestone Wall cobblestone_wall
Mossy Cobblestone Wall mossy_cobblestone_wall
Rename Oak Button wooden_button Oak Button oak_button
Separate Anvil anvil Anvil anvil
Chipped Anvil chipped_anvil
Damaged Anvil damaged_anvil
Merge Daylight Detector daylight_detector Daylight Detector daylight_detector
Inverted Daylight Detector [ids note 1] daylight_detector_inverted
Rename Nether Quartz Ore quartz_ore Nether Quartz Ore nether_quartz_ore
Separate Block of Quartz quartz_block Block of Quartz quartz_block
Chiseled Quartz Block chiseled_quartz_block
Quartz Pillar quartz_pillar
Separate Colored Terracotta stained_hardened_clay White Terracotta white_terracotta
Orange Terracotta orange_terracotta
Magenta Terracotta magenta_terracotta
Light Blue Terracotta light_blue_terracotta
Yellow Terracotta yellow_terracotta
Lime Terracotta lime_terracotta
Pink Terracotta pink_terracotta
Gray Terracotta gray_terracotta
Light Gray Terracotta light_gray_terracotta
Cyan Terracotta cyan_terracotta
Purple Terracotta purple_terracotta
Blue Terracotta blue_terracotta
Brown Terracotta brown_terracotta
Green Terracotta green_terracotta
Red Terracotta red_terracotta
Black Terracotta black_terracotta
Separate Carpet carpet White Carpet white_carpet
Orange Carpet orange_carpet
Magenta Carpet magenta_carpet
Light Blue Carpet light_blue_carpet
Yellow Carpet yellow_carpet
Lime Carpet lime_carpet
Pink Carpet pink_carpet
Gray Carpet gray_carpet
Light Gray Carpet light_gray_carpet
Cyan Carpet cyan_carpet
Purple Carpet purple_carpet
Blue Carpet blue_carpet
Brown Carpet brown_carpet
Green Carpet green_carpet
Red Carpet red_carpet
Black Carpet black_carpet
Rename Terracotta hardened_clay Terracotta terracotta
Rename Slime Block slime Slime Block slime_block
Separate Double Plant double_plant Sunflower sunflower
Lilac lilac
Double Tallgrass tall_grass
Large Fern large_fern
Rose Bush rose_bush
Peony peony
Separate Stained Glass stained_glass White Stained Glass white_stained_glass
Orange Stained Glass orange_stained_glass
Magenta Stained Glass magenta_stained_glass
Light Blue Stained Glass light_blue_stained_glass
Yellow Stained Glass yellow_stained_glass
Lime Stained Glass lime_stained_glass
Pink Stained Glass pink_stained_glass
Gray Stained Glass gray_stained_glass
Light Gray Stained Glass light_gray_stained_glass
Cyan Stained Glass cyan_stained_glass
Purple Stained Glass purple_stained_glass
Blue Stained Glass blue_stained_glass
Brown Stained Glass brown_stained_glass
Green Stained Glass green_stained_glass
Red Stained Glass red_stained_glass
Black Stained Glass black_stained_glass
Separate Stained Glass Pane stained_glass_pane White Stained Glass Pane white_stained_glass_pane
Orange Stained Glass Pane orange_stained_glass_pane
Magenta Stained Glass Pane magenta_stained_glass_pane
Light Blue Stained Glass Pane light_blue_stained_glass_pane
Yellow Stained Glass Pane yellow_stained_glass_pane
Lime Stained Glass Pane lime_stained_glass_pane
Pink Stained Glass Pane pink_stained_glass_pane
Gray Stained Glass Pane gray_stained_glass_pane
Light Gray Stained Glass Pane light_gray_stained_glass_pane
Cyan Stained Glass Pane cyan_stained_glass_pane
Purple Stained Glass Pane purple_stained_glass_pane
Blue Stained Glass Pane blue_stained_glass_pane
Brown Stained Glass Pane brown_stained_glass_pane
Green Stained Glass Pane green_stained_glass_pane
Red Stained Glass Pane red_stained_glass_pane
Black Stained Glass Pane black_stained_glass_pane
Separate Prismarine prismarine Prismarine prismarine
Prismarine Bricks prismarine_bricks
Dark Prismarine dark_prismarine
Separate Red Sandstone red_sandstone Red Sandstone red_sandstone
Chiseled Red Sandstone chiseled_red_sandstone
Cut Red Sandstone cut_red_sandstone
Rename Magma Block magma Magma Block magma_block
Rename Red Nether Bricks red_nether_brick Red Nether Bricks red_nether_bricks
Rename Light Gray Shulker Box silver_shulker_box Light Gray Shulker Box light_gray_shulker_box
Rename Light Gray Glazed Terracotta silver_glazed_terracotta Light Gray Glazed Terracotta light_gray_glazed_terracotta
Separate Concrete concrete White Concrete white_concrete
Orange Concrete orange_concrete
Magenta Concrete magenta_concrete
Light Blue Concrete light_blue_concrete
Yellow Concrete yellow_concrete
Lime Concrete lime_concrete
Pink Concrete pink_concrete
Gray Concrete gray_concrete
Light Gray Concrete light_gray_concrete
Cyan Concrete cyan_concrete
Purple Concrete purple_concrete
Blue Concrete blue_concrete
Brown Concrete brown_concrete
Green Concrete green_concrete
Red Concrete red_concrete
Black Concrete black_concrete
Separate Concrete Powder concrete_powder White Concrete Powder white_concrete_powder
Orange Concrete Powder orange_concrete_powder
Magenta Concrete Powder magenta_concrete_powder
Light Blue Concrete Powder light_blue_concrete_powder
Yellow Concrete Powder yellow_concrete_powder
Lime Concrete Powder lime_concrete_powder
Pink Concrete Powder pink_concrete_powder
Gray Concrete Powder gray_concrete_powder
Light Gray Concrete Powder light_gray_concrete_powder
Cyan Concrete Powder cyan_concrete_powder
Purple Concrete Powder purple_concrete_powder
Blue Concrete Powder blue_concrete_powder
Brown Concrete Powder brown_concrete_powder
Green Concrete Powder green_concrete_powder
Red Concrete Powder red_concrete_powder
Black Concrete Powder black_concrete_powder
Rename Oak Door wooden_door Oak Door oak_door
Merge Unpowered Redstone Repeater [ids note 1] unpowered_repeater Redstone Repeater repeater
Powered Redstone Repeater [ids note 1] powered_repeater
Redstone Repeater repeater
Merge Unpowered Redstone Comparator [ids note 1] unpowered_comparator Redstone Comparator comparator
Powered Redstone Comparator [ids note 1] powered_comparator
Redstone Comparator comparator
Separate Coal coal Coal coal
Charcoal charcoal
Separate Golden Apple golden_apple Golden Apple golden_apple
Enchanted Golden Apple enchanted_golden_apple
Merge Standing Sign [ids note 1] standing_sign Sign sign
Sign sign
Merge Water [ids note 1] water Water [ids note 1] water
Flowing Water [ids note 1] flowing_water
Merge Lava [ids note 1] lava Lava [ids note 1] lava
Flowing Lava [ids note 1] flowing_lava
Rename Oak Boat boat Oak Boat oak_boat
Rename Sugar cane reeds Sugar cane sugar_cane
Separate Raw Fish fish Raw Cod cod
Raw Salmon salmon
Tropical Fish tropical_fish
Pufferfish pufferfish
Separate Cooked Fish cooked_fish Cooked Cod cooked_cod
Cooked Salmon cooked_salmon
Separate Dye dye Bone Meal bone_meal
Orange Dye orange_dye
Magenta Dye magenta_dye
Light Blue Dye light_blue_dye
Dandelion Yellow dandelion_yellow
Lime Dye lime_dye
Pink Dye pink_dye
Gray Dye gray_dye
Light Gray Dye light_gray_dye
Cyan Dye cyan_dye
Purple Dye purple_dye
Lapis Lazuli lapis_lazuli
Cocoa Beans cocoa_beans
Cactus Green cactus_green
Rose Red rose_red
Ink Sac ink_sac
Separate Bed bed White Bed white_bed
Orange Bed orange_bed
Magenta Bed magenta_bed
Light Blue Bed light_blue_bed
Yellow Bed yellow_bed
Lime Bed lime_bed
Pink Bed pink_bed
Gray Bed gray_bed
Light Gray Bed light_gray_bed
Cyan Bed cyan_bed
Purple Bed purple_bed
Blue Bed blue_bed
Brown Bed brown_bed
Green Bed green_bed
Red Bed red_bed
Black Bed black_bed
Rename Melon Slice melon Melon Slice melon_slice
Separate Pumpkin Stem [ids note 1] pumpkin_stem Pumpkin Stem [ids note 1] pumpkin_stem
Attached Pumpkin Stem [ids note 1] attached_pumpkin_stem
Separate Melon Stem [ids note 1] melon_stem Melon Stem [ids note 1] melon_stem
Attached Melon Stem [ids note 1] attached_melon_stem
Rename Glistering Melon Slice speckled_melon Glistering Melon Slice glistering_melon_slice
Separate Spawn Egg spawn_egg Bat Spawn Egg bat_spawn_egg
Blaze Spawn Egg blaze_spawn_egg
Cave Spider Spawn Egg cave_spider_spawn_egg
Chicken Spawn Egg chicken_spawn_egg
Cow Spawn Egg cow_spawn_egg
Creeper Spawn Egg creeper_spawn_egg
Donkey Spawn Egg donkey_spawn_egg
Elder Guardian Spawn Egg elder_guardian_spawn_egg
Enderman Spawn Egg enderman_spawn_egg
Endermite Spawn Egg endermite_spawn_egg
Evoker Spawn Egg evoker_spawn_egg
Ghast Spawn Egg ghast_spawn_egg
Guardian Spawn Egg guardian_spawn_egg
Horse Spawn Egg horse_spawn_egg
Husk Spawn Egg husk_spawn_egg
Llama Spawn Egg llama_spawn_egg
Magma Cube Spawn Egg magma_cube_spawn_egg
Mooshroom Spawn Egg mooshroom_spawn_egg
Mule Spawn Egg mule_spawn_egg
Ocelot Spawn Egg ocelot_spawn_egg
Parrot Spawn Egg parrot_spawn_egg
Pig Spawn Egg pig_spawn_egg
Polar Bear Spawn Egg polar_bear_spawn_egg
Rabbit Spawn Egg rabbit_spawn_egg
Sheep Spawn Egg sheep_spawn_egg
Shulker Spawn Egg shulker_spawn_egg
Silverfish Spawn Egg silverfish_spawn_egg
Skeleton Spawn Egg skeleton_spawn_egg
Skeleton Horse Spawn Egg skeleton_horse_spawn_egg
Slime Spawn Egg slime_spawn_egg
Spider Spawn Egg spider_spawn_egg
Squid Spawn Egg squid_spawn_egg
Stray Spawn Egg stray_spawn_egg
Vex Spawn Egg vex_spawn_egg
Villager Spawn Egg villager_spawn_egg
Vindicator Spawn Egg vindicator_spawn_egg
Witch Spawn Egg witch_spawn_egg
Wither Skeleton Spawn Egg wither_skeleton_spawn_egg
Wolf Spawn Egg wolf_spawn_egg
Zombie Spawn Egg zombie_spawn_egg
Zombie Horse Spawn Egg zombie_horse_spawn_egg
Zombie Pigman Spawn Egg zombie_pigman_spawn_egg
Zombie Villager Spawn Egg zombie_villager_spawn_egg
Separate Flower Pot flower_pot Flower Pot flower_pot
Potted Poppy [ids note 1] potted_poppy
Potted Dandelion [ids note 1] potted_dandelion
Potted Oak Sapling [ids note 1] potted_oak_sapling
Potted Spruce Sapling [ids note 1] potted_spruce_sapling
Potted Birch Sapling [ids note 1] potted_birch_sapling
Potted Jungle Sapling [ids note 1] potted_jungle_sapling
Potted Red Mushroom [ids note 1] potted_red_mushroom
Potted Brown Mushroom [ids note 1] potted_brown_mushroom
Potted Cactus [ids note 1] potted_cactus
Potted Dead Bush [ids note 1] potted_dead_bush
Potted Fern [ids note 1] potted_fern
Potted Acacia Sapling [ids note 1] potted_acacia_sapling
Potted Dark Oak Sapling [ids note 1] potted_dark_oak_sapling
Potted Blue Orchid [ids note 1] potted_blue_orchid
Potted Allium [ids note 1] potted_allium
Potted Azure Bluet [ids note 1] potted_azure_bluet
Potted Red Tulip [ids note 1] potted_red_tulip
Potted Orange Tulip [ids note 1] potted_orange_tulip
Potted White Tulip [ids note 1] potted_white_tulip
Potted Pink Tulip [ids note 1] potted_pink_tulip
Potted Oxeye Daisy [ids note 1] potted_oxeye_daisy
Separate Head skull Skeleton Skull skeleton_skull
Skeleton Wall Skull [ids note 1] skeleton_wall_skull
Wither Skeleton Skull wither_skeleton_skull
Wither Skeleton Wall Skull [ids note 1] wither_skeleton_wall_skull
Zombie Head zombie_head
Zombie Wall Head [ids note 1] zombie_wall_head
Player Head player_head
Player Wall Head [ids note 1] player_wall_head
Creeper Head creeper_head
Creeper Wall Head [ids note 1] creeper_wall_head
Dragon Head dragon_head
Dragon Wall Head [ids note 1] dragon_wall_head
Rename Firework Rocket fireworks Firework Rocket firework_rocket
Rename Firework Star firework_charge Firework Star firework_star
Rename Nether Brick netherbrick Nether Brick nether_brick
Separate and merge Banner [ids note 1] standing_banner White Banner white_banner
Orange Banner orange_banner
Magenta Banner magenta_banner
Light Blue Banner light_blue_banner
Yellow Banner yellow_banner
Lime Banner lime_banner
Pink Banner pink_banner
Gray Banner gray_banner
Banner banner Light Gray Banner light_gray_banner
Cyan Banner cyan_banner
Purple Banner purple_banner
Blue Banner blue_banner
Brown Banner brown_banner
Green Banner green_banner
Red Banner red_banner
Black Banner black_banner
Separate Wall Banner [ids note 1] wall_banner White Wall Banner [ids note 1] white_wall_banner
Orange Wall Banner [ids note 1] orange_wall_banner
Magenta Wall Banner [ids note 1] magenta_wall_banner
Light Blue Wall Banner [ids note 1] light_blue_wall_banner
Yellow Wall Banner [ids note 1] yellow_wall_banner
Lime Wall Banner [ids note 1] lime_wall_banner
Pink Wall Banner [ids note 1] pink_wall_banner
Gray Wall Banner [ids note 1] gray_wall_banner
Light Gray Wall Banner [ids note 1] light_gray_wall_banner
Cyan Wall Banner [ids note 1] cyan_wall_banner
Purple Wall Banner [ids note 1] purple_wall_banner
Blue Wall Banner [ids note 1] blue_wall_banner
Brown Wall Banner [ids note 1] brown_wall_banner
Green Wall Banner [ids note 1] green_wall_banner
Red Wall Banner [ids note 1] red_wall_banner
Black Wall Banner [ids note 1] black_wall_banner
Rename Popped Chorus Fruit chorus_fruit_popped Popped Chorus Fruit popped_chorus_fruit
Rename Music Disc record_13 Music Disc music_disc_13
Rename Music Disc record_cat Music Disc music_disc_cat
Rename Music Disc record_blocks Music Disc music_disc_blocks
Rename Music Disc record_chirp Music Disc music_disc_chirp
Rename Music Disc record_far Music Disc music_disc_far
Rename Music Disc record_mall Music Disc music_disc_mall
Rename Music Disc record_mellohi Music Disc music_disc_mellohi
Rename Music Disc record_stal Music Disc music_disc_stal
Rename Music Disc record_strad Music Disc music_disc_strad
Rename Music Disc record_ward Music Disc music_disc_ward
Rename Music Disc record_11 Music Disc music_disc_11
Rename Music Disc record_wait Music Disc music_disc_wait

Entity IDs[편집 | 원본 편집]

Entities that change their ID in any way also affect their statistics.

Entity 1.12.2 1.13
Experience Orb xp_orb experience_orb
Bottle o' Enchanting xp_bottle experience_bottle
Eye of Ender eye_of_ender_signal eye_of_ender
End Crystal ender_crystal end_crystal
Firework Rocket fireworks_rocket firework_rocket
Minecart with Command Block commandblock_minecart command_block_minecart
Snow Golem snowman snow_golem
Iron Golem villager_golem iron_golem
Evoker Fangs evocation_fangs evoker_fangs
Evoker evocation_illager evoker
Vindicator vindication_illager vindicator
Illusioner illusion_illager illusioner

Biome IDs[편집 | 원본 편집]

Biome 1.12.2 1.13
Mountains extreme_hills mountains
Swamp swampland swamp
Nether hell nether
The End sky the_end
Snowy Tundra ice_flats snowy_tundra
Snowy Mountains ice_mountains snowy_mountains
Mushroom Fields mushroom_island mushroom_fields
Mushroom Field Shore mushroom_island_shore mushroom_field_shore
Beach beaches beach
Wooded Hills forest_hills wooded_hills
Mountain Edge smaller_extreme_hills mountain_edge
Stone Shore stone_beach stone_shore
Snowy Beach cold_beach snowy_beach
Dark Forest roofed_forest dark_forest
Snowy Taiga taiga_cold snowy_taiga
Snowy Taiga Hills taiga_cold_hills snowy_taiga_hills
Giant Tree Taiga redwood_taiga giant_tree_taiga
Giant Tree Taiga Hills redwood_taiga_hills giant_tree_taiga_hills
Wooded Mountains extreme_hills_with_trees wooded_mountains
Savanna Plateau savanna_rock savanna_plateau
Badlands mesa badlands
Wooded Badlands Plateau mesa_rock wooded_badlands_plateau
Badlands Plateau mesa_clear_rock badlands_plateau
The Void void the_void
Sunflower Plains mutated_plains sunflower_plains
Desert Lakes mutated_desert desert_lakes
Gravelly Mountains mutated_extreme_hills gravelly_mountains
Flower Forest mutated_forest flower_forest
Taiga Mountains mutated_taiga taiga_mountains
Swamp Hills mutated_swampland swamp_hills
Ice Spikes mutated_ice_flats ice_spikes
Modified Jungle mutated_jungle modified_jungle
Modified Jungle Edge mutated_jungle_edge modified_jungle_edge
Tall Birch Forest mutated_birch_forest tall_birch_forest
Tall Birch Hills mutated_birch_forest_hills tall_birch_hills
Dark Forest Hills mutated_roofed_forest dark_forest_hills
Snowy Taiga Mountains mutated_taiga_cold snowy_taiga_mountains
Giant Spruce Taiga mutated_redwood_taiga giant_spruce_taiga
Giant Spruce Taiga Hills mutated_redwood_taiga_hills giant_spruce_taiga_hills
Gravelly Mountains+ mutated_extreme_hills_with_trees modified_gravelly_mountains
Shattered Savanna mutated_savanna shattered_savanna
Shattered Savanna Plateau mutated_savanna_rock shattered_savanna_plateau
Eroded Badlands mutated_mesa eroded_badlands
Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau mutated_mesa_rock modified_wooded_badlands_plateau
Modified Badlands Plateau mutated_mesa_clear_rock modified_badlands_plateau

Particle IDs[편집 | 원본 편집]

Particle IDs became namespaced (minecraft: in front) as well as changed the ID.

Change 1.12.2 1.13
Rename angryVillager angry_villager
Merge blockdust block
Rename damageIndicator damage_indicator
Remove depthsuspend
Rename dragonbreath dragon_breath
Rename dripLava dripping_lava
Rename dripWater dripping_water
Rename droplet rain
Rename enchantmenttable enchant
Rename endRod end_rod
Merge explode poof
Rename fallingdust falling_dust
Rename fireworksSpark firework
Remove footstep
Rename happyVillager happy_villager
Rename hugeexplosion explosion_emitter
Rename iconcrack item
Rename instantSpell instant_effect
Rename largeexplosion explosion
Rename largesmoke large_smoke
Rename magicCrit enchanted_hit
Rename mobappearance elder_guardian
Rename mobSpell entity_effect
Rename mobSpellAmbient ambient_entity_effect
Rename reddust dust
Rename slime item_slime
Rename snowballpoof item_snowball
Rename spell effect
Rename suspended underwater
Rename sweepAttack sweep_attack
Remove take
Rename totem totem_of_undying
Rename townaura mycelium
Rename wake fishing
Rename witchMagic witch

Sound Events[편집 | 원본 편집]

1.12.2 1.13
block.cloth.break block.wool.break
block.cloth.fall block.wool.fall
block.cloth.hit block.wool.hit
block.cloth.place block.wool.place
block.cloth.step block.wool.step
block.enderchest.close block.ender_chest.close
block.enderchest.open block.ender_chest.open
block.metal_pressureplate.click_off block.metal_pressure_plate.click_off
block.metal_pressureplate.click_on block.metal_pressure_plate.click_on
block.note.basedrum block.note_block.basedrum
block.note.bass block.note_block.bass
block.note.bell block.note_block.bell
block.note.chime block.note_block.chime
block.note.flute block.note_block.flute
block.note.guitar block.note_block.guitar
block.note.harp block.note_block.harp
block.note.hat block.note_block.hat
block.note.pling block.note_block.pling
block.note.snare block.note_block.snare
block.note.xylophone block.note_block.xylophone
block.slime.break block.slime_block.break
block.slime.fall block.slime_block.fall
block.slime.hit block.slime_block.hit
block.slime.place block.slime_block.place
block.slime.step block.slime_block.step
block.stone_pressureplate.click_off block.stone_pressure_plate.click_off
block.stone_pressureplate.click_on block.stone_pressure_plate.click_on
block.waterlily.place block.lily_pad.place
block.wood_pressureplate.click_off block.wooden_pressure_plate.click_off
block.wood_button.click_on block.wooden_button.click_on
block.wood_button.click_off block.wooden_button.click_off
block.wood_pressureplate.click_on block.wooden_pressure_plate.click_on
entity.armorstand.break entity.armor_stand.break
entity.armorstand.fall entity.armor_stand.fall
entity.armorstand.hit entity.armor_stand.hit
entity.armorstand.place entity.armor_stand.place
entity.bobber.retrieve entity.fishing_bobber.retrieve
entity.bobber.splash entity.fishing_bobber.splash
entity.bobber.throw entity.fishing_bobber.throw
entity.enderdragon.ambient entity.ender_dragon.ambient
entity.enderdragon.death entity.ender_dragon.death
entity.enderdragon.flap entity.ender_dragon.flap
entity.enderdragon.growl entity.ender_dragon.growl
entity.enderdragon.hurt entity.ender_dragon.hurt
entity.enderdragon.shoot entity.ender_dragon.shoot
entity.enderdragon_fireball.explode entity.dragon_fireball.explode
entity.endereye.death entity.ender_eye.death
entity.endereye.launch entity.ender_eye.launch
entity.endermen.ambient entity.enderman.ambient
entity.endermen.death entity.enderman.death
entity.endermen.hurt entity.enderman.hurt
entity.endermen.scream entity.enderman.scream
entity.endermen.stare entity.enderman.stare
entity.endermen.teleport entity.enderman.teleport
entity.enderpearl.throw entity.ender_pearl.throw
entity.evocation_illager.ambient entity.evoker.ambient
entity.evocation_illager.cast_spell entity.evoker.cast_spell
entity.evocation_illager.death entity.evoker.death
entity.evocation_illager.hurt entity.evoker.hurt
entity.evocation_illager.prepare_attack entity.evoker.prepare_attack
entity.evocation_illager.prepare_summon entity.evoker.prepare_summon
entity.evocation_illager.prepare_wololo entity.evoker.prepare_wololo
entity.firework.blast entity.firework_rocket.blast
entity.firework.blast_far entity.firework_rocket.blast_far
entity.firework.large_blast entity.firework_rocket.large_blast
entity.firework.large_blast_far entity.firework_rocket.large_blast_far
entity.firework.launch entity.firework_rocket.launch
entity.firework.shoot entity.firework_rocket.shoot
entity.firework.twinkle entity.firework_rocket.twinkle
entity.firework.twinkle_far entity.firework_rocket.twinkle_far
entity.illusion_illager.ambient entity.illusioner.ambient
entity.illusion_illager.cast_spell entity.illusioner.cast_spell
entity.illusion_illager.death entity.illusioner.death
entity.illusion_illager.hurt entity.illusioner.hurt
entity.illusion_illager.mirror_move entity.illusioner.mirror_move
entity.illusion_illager.prepare_blindness entity.illusioner.prepare_blindness
entity.illusion_illager.prepare_mirror entity.illusioner.prepare_mirror
entity.irongolem.attack entity.iron_golem.attack
entity.irongolem.death entity.iron_golem.death
entity.irongolem.hurt entity.iron_golem.hurt
entity.irongolem.step entity.iron_golem.step
entity.itemframe.add_item entity.item_frame.add_item
entity.itemframe.break entity.item_frame.break
entity.itemframe.place entity.item_frame.place
entity.itemframe.remove_item entity.item_frame.remove_item
entity.itemframe.rotate_item entity.item_frame.rotate_item
entity.leashknot.break entity.leash_knot.break
entity.leashknot.place entity.leash_knot.place
entity.lightning.impact entity.lightning_bolt.impact
entity.lightning.thunder entity.lightning_bolt.thunder
entity.lingeringpotion.throw entity.lingering_potion.throw
entity.magmacube.death entity.magma_cube.death
entity.magmacube.hurt entity.magma_cube.hurt
entity.magmacube.jump entity.magma_cube.jump
entity.magmacube.squish entity.magma_cube.squish
entity.parrot.imitate.enderdragon entity.parrot.imitate.ender_dragon
entity.parrot.imitate.evocation_illager entity.parrot.imitate.evoker
entity.parrot.imitate.illusion_illager entity.parrot.imitate.illusioner
entity.parrot.imitate.magmacube entity.parrot.imitate.magma_cube
entity.parrot.imitate.vindication_illager entity.parrot.imitate.vindicator
entity.player.splash.highspeed entity.player.splash.high_speed
entity.polar_bear.baby_ambient entity.polar_bear.ambient_baby
entity.small_magmacube.death entity.magma_cube.death_small
entity.small_magmacube.hurt entity.magma_cube.hurt_small
entity.small_magmacube.squish entity.magma_cube.squish_small
entity.small_slime.death entity.slime.death_small
entity.small_slime.hurt entity.slime.hurt_small
entity.small_slime.jump entity.slime.jump_small
entity.small_slime.squish entity.slime.squish_small
entity.snowman.ambient entity.snow_golem.ambient
entity.snowman.death entity.snow_golem.death
entity.snowman.hurt entity.snow_golem.hurt
entity.snowman.shoot entity.snow_golem.shoot
entity.vindication_illager.ambient entity.vindicator.ambient
entity.vindication_illager.death entity.vindicator.death
entity.vindication_illager.hurt entity.vindicator.hurt
entity.zombie.attack_door_wood entity.zombie.attack_wooden_door
entity.zombie.break_door_wood entity.zombie.break_wooden_door
entity.zombie_pig.ambient entity.zombie_pigman.ambient
entity.zombie_pig.angry entity.zombie_pigman.angry
entity.zombie_pig.death entity.zombie_pigman.death
entity.zombie_pig.hurt entity.zombie_pigman.hurt
record.11 music_disc.11
record.13 music_disc.13
record.blocks music_disc.blocks
record.cat music_disc.cat
record.chirp music_disc.chirp
record.far music_disc.far
record.mall music_disc.mall
record.mellohi music_disc.mellohi
record.stal music_disc.stal
record.strad music_disc.strad
record.wait music_disc.wait
record.ward music_disc.ward

Block states[편집 | 원본 편집]

1.12.2 1.13
Block States Block States
Stone variant Stone
Dirt variant

Coarse Dirt

Podzol snowy
Planks variant Planks
Sapling type Sapling
Sand variant Sand
Log variant
Oak Log

Spruce Log

Birch Log

Jungle Log

Oak Wood

Spruce Wood

Birch Wood

Jungle Wood

Log (2) Acacia Log

Dark Oak Log

Acacia Wood

Dark Oak Wood

Leaves variant


Leaves distance=1-7
Leaves (2)
Sponge wet Sponge
Sandstone type Sandstone
Note Block Note Block note=0-24
Grass type Grass
Moving Piston extended Moving Piston type=normal|sticky
Wool color Wool
Dandelion type Flower
Double Wooden Slab variant Wooden Slab type=top|bottom|double
Wooden Slab variant
Double Stone Slab variant
Stone Slab type=top|bottom|double
Stone Slab variant
Double Red Sandstone Slab variant
Red Sandstone Slab type=top|bottom|double
Red Sandstone Slab variant
Double Purpur Slab variant Purpur Slab type=top|bottom|double
Purpur Slab variant
TNT explode TNT
Torch facing=north|east|south|west|up Wall Torch facing=north|south|east|west
Chest Chest type=single|left|right
Furnace Furnace lit=true|false
Lit Furnace
Lever facing=north|east|south|west|
Lever face=ceiling|wall|floor
Redstone Ore Redstone Ore lit=true|false
Lit Redstone Ore
Unlit Redstone Torch facing=north|east|south|west|up Redstone Wall Torch lit=true|false
Redstone Torch Redstone Torch lit=true|false
Stone Button facing=north|east|south|west|up|down Stone Button face=ceiling|wall|floor
Oak Trapdoor Oak Trapdoor powered=true|false
Infested Block variant Infested Block
Stone Bricks variant Stone Bricks
Brown Mushroom Block variant Brown Mushroom Block up=true|false
Mushroom Stem


Red Mushroom Block variant
Red Mushroom Block up=true|false
Redstone Lamp Redstone Lamp lit=true|false
Lit Redstone Lamp
Cobblestone Wall variant Cobblestone Wall
Oak Button facing=north|east|south|west|up|down Oak Button face=ceiling|wall|floor
Anvil damage Anvil
Trapped Chest Trapped Chest type=single|left|right
Daylight Detector Daylight Detector inverted=true|false
Block of Quartz variant Block of Quartz
Chiseled Quartz Block
Quartz Pillar axis=x|y|z
Colored Terracotta color Colored Terracotta
Iron Trapdoor Iron Trapdoor powered=true|false
Carpet color Carpet
Double Plant facing
Double Plant
Stained Glass color Stained Glass
Stained Glass Pane color Stained Glass Pane
Prismarine variant Prismarine
Red Sandstone variant Red Sandstone
Concrete color Concrete
Concrete Powder color Concrete Powder
Unpowered Redstone Repeater Redstone Repeater powered=true|false
Powered Redstone Repeater
Pumpkin Stem age
Pumpkin Stem age
Attached Pumpkin Stem facing=north|south|east|west
Melon Stem age
Melon Stem age
Attached Melon Stem facing=north|south|east|west
Flower Pot legacy_data
Flower Pot
Head facing=north|east|south|west|up|down
Skeleton Skull

Wither Skeleton Skull

Zombie Head

Player Head

Creeper Head

Dragon Head

Skeleton Wall Skull

Wither Skeleton Wall Skull

Zombie Wall Head

Player Wall Head

Creeper Wall Head

Dragon Wall Head


Painting Motives[편집 | 원본 편집]

Painting Motives became namespaced (minecraft: in front) as well as changed the ID.

Painting 1.12.2 1.13
128px Kebab kebab
128px Aztec aztec
128px Alban alban
128px Aztec2 aztec2
128px Bomb bomb
128px Plant plant
128px Wasteland wasteland
128px Wanderer wanderer
128px Graham graham
128px Pool pool
128px Courbet courbet
128px Sunset sunset
128px Sea sea
128px Creebet creebet
128px Match match
128px Bust bust
128px Stage stage
128px Void void
128px SkullAndRoses skull_and_roses
Wither Painting.png Wither wither
128px Fighters fighters
128px Skeleton skeleton
128px DonkeyKong donkey_kong
128px Pointer pointer
128px Pigscene pigscene
128px BurningSkull burning_skull

Names[편집 | 원본 편집]

1.12.2 1.13
Oak Wood Planks Oak Planks
Spruce Wood Planks Spruce Planks
Birch Wood Planks Birch Planks
Jungle Wood Planks Jungle Planks
Acacia Wood Planks Acacia Planks
Dark Oak Wood Planks Dark Oak Planks
Oak Wood Oak Log
Spruce Wood Spruce Log
Birch Wood Birch Log
Jungle Wood Jungle Log
Acacia Wood Acacia Log
Dark Oak Wood Dark Oak Log
Smooth Sandstone Cut Sandstone
Piston Piston Head
tile.null.name Moving Piston
Mushroom Brown Mushroom
Mushroom Red Mushroom
Oak Wood Slab Oak Slab
Spruce Wood Slab Spruce Slab
Birch Wood Slab Birch Slab
Jungle Wood Slab Jungle Slab
Acacia Wood Slab Acacia Slab
Dark Oak Wood Slab Dark Oak Slab
Wooden Slab Petrified Oak Slab
Bricks Slab Brick Slab
Stone Bricks Slab Stone Brick Slab
Stone Slab Smooth Stone
Stone Slab Smooth Sandstone
Stone Slab Smooth Quartz
Stone Slab Smooth Red Sandstone
Moss Stone Mossy Cobblestone
Monster Spawner Spawner
Portal Nether Portal
Torch (on a wall) Wall Torch
Oak Wood Stairs Oak Stairs
Wooden Pressure Plate Oak Pressure Plate
Redstone Torch (on a wall) Redstone Wall Torch
Button Stone Button
Snow Snow Block
Pumpkin Carved Pumpkin
Wooden Trapdoor Oak Trapdoor
Stone Monster Egg Infested Stone
Cobblestone Monster Egg Infested Cobblestone
Stone Bricks Monster Egg Infested Stone Bricks
Mossy Stone Brick Monster Egg Infested Mossy Stone Bricks
Cracked Stone Brick Monster Egg Infested Cracked Stone Bricks
Chiseled Stone Brick Monster Egg Infested Chiseled Stone Bricks
Mushroom Brown Mushroom Block
Mushroom Red Mushroom Block
Nether Brick Nether Bricks
Enchantment Table Enchanting Table
End Portal End Portal Frame
tile.null.name End Portal
tile.null.name End Gateway
Spruce Wood Stairs Spruce Stairs
Birch Wood Stairs Birch Stairs
Jungle Wood Stairs Jungle Stairs
Button Oak Button
Slightly Damaged Anvil Chipped Anvil
Very Damaged Anvil Damaged Anvil
Weighted Pressure Plate (Light) Light Weighted Pressure Plate
Weighted Pressure Plate (Heavy) Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate
Daylight Sensor Daylight Detector
Pillar Quartz Block Quartz Pillar
Acacia Wood Stairs Acacia Stairs
Dark Oak Wood Stairs Dark Oak Stairs
Double Tallgrass Tall Grass
Smooth Red Sandstone Cut Red Sandstone
Red Nether Brick Red Nether Bricks
Seeds Wheat Seeds
Crops Wheat Crops
Chain Helmet Chainmail Helmet
Chain Chestplate Chainmail Chestplate
Chain Leggings Chainmail Leggings
Chain Boots Chainmail Boots
Golden Apple Enchanted Golden Apple
Sign (on a wall) Wall Sign
Redstone Redstone Dust
Milk Milk Bucket
Sugar Canes Sugar Cane
Raw Fish Raw Cod
Clownfish Tropical Fish
Cooked Fish Cooked Cod
Melon Melon Slice
Pumpkin Stem Attached Pumpkin Stem
Pumpkin Stem [names note 1] Melon Stem
Pumpkin Stem [names note 1] Attached Melon Stem
Glistering Melon Glistering Melon Slice
Spawn Bat Bat Spawn Egg
Spawn Blaze Blaze Spawn Egg
Spawn Cave Spider Cave Spider Spawn Egg
Spawn Chicken Chicken Spawn Egg
Spawn Cow Cow Spawn Egg
Spawn Creeper Creeper Spawn Egg
Spawn Donkey Donkey Spawn Egg
Spawn Elder Guardian Elder Guardian Spawn Egg
Spawn Enderman Enderman Spawn Egg
Spawn Endermite Endermite Spawn Egg
Spawn Evoker Evoker Spawn Egg
Spawn Ghast Ghast Spawn Egg
Spawn Guardian Guardian Spawn Egg
Spawn Horse Horse Spawn Egg
Spawn Husk Husk Spawn Egg
Spawn Llama Llama Spawn Egg
Spawn Magma Cube Magma Cube Spawn Egg
Spawn Mooshroom Mooshroom Spawn Egg
Spawn Mule Mule Spawn Egg
Spawn Ocelot Ocelot Spawn Egg
Spawn Parrot Parrot Spawn Egg
Spawn Pig Pig Spawn Egg
Spawn Polar Bear Polar Bear Spawn Egg
Spawn Rabbit Rabbit Spawn Egg
Spawn Sheep Sheep Spawn Egg
Spawn Shulker Shulker Spawn Egg
Spawn Silverfish Silverfish Spawn Egg
Spawn Skeleton Skeleton Spawn Egg
Spawn Skeleton Horse Skeleton Horse Spawn Egg
Spawn Slime Slime Spawn Egg
Spawn Spider Spider Spawn Egg
Spawn Squid Squid Spawn Egg
Spawn Stray Stray Spawn Egg
Spawn Vex Vex Spawn Egg
Spawn Villager Villager Spawn Egg
Spawn Vindicator Vindicator Spawn Egg
Spawn Witch Witch Spawn Egg
Spawn Wither Skeleton Wither Skeleton Spawn Egg
Spawn Wolf Wolf Spawn Egg
Spawn Zombie Zombie Spawn Egg
Spawn Zombie Horse Zombie Horse Spawn Egg
Spawn Zombie Pigman Zombie Pigman Spawn Egg
Spawn Zombie Villager Zombie Villager Spawn Egg
Flower Pot Potted Poppy
Flower Pot Potted Dandelion
Flower Pot Potted Oak Sapling
Flower Pot Potted Spruce Sapling
Flower Pot Potted Birch Sapling
Flower Pot Potted Jungle Sapling
Flower Pot Potted Red Mushroom
Flower Pot Potted Brown Mushroom
Flower Pot Potted Cactus
Flower Pot Potted Dead Bush
Flower Pot Potted Fern
Flower Pot Potted Acacia Sapling
Flower Pot Potted Dark Oak Sapling
Flower Pot Potted Blue Orchid
Flower Pot Potted Allium
Flower Pot Potted Azure Bluet
Flower Pot Potted Red Tulip
Flower Pot Potted Orange Tulip
Flower Pot Potted White Tulip
Flower Pot Potted Pink Tulip
Flower Pot Potted Oxeye Daisy
Head (item) Player Head
tile.skull.skeleton.name (block, on the ground) Skeleton Skull
tile.skull.skeleton.name (block, on a wall) Skeleton Wall Skull
tile.skull.skeleton.name (block, on the ground) Wither Skeleton Skull
tile.skull.skeleton.name (block, on a wall) Wither Skeleton Wall Skull
tile.skull.skeleton.name (block, on the ground) Zombie Head
tile.skull.skeleton.name (block, on a wall) Zombie Wall Head
tile.skull.skeleton.name (block, on the ground) Player Head
tile.skull.skeleton.name (block, on a wall) Player Wall Head
tile.skull.skeleton.name (block, on the ground) Creeper Head
tile.skull.skeleton.name (block, on a wall) Creeper Wall Head
tile.skull.skeleton.name (block, on the ground) Dragon Head
tile.skull.skeleton.name (block, on a wall) Dragon Wall Head
Gold Horse Armor Golden Horse Armor
White Banner (block, on the ground) Orange Banner
White Banner (block, on the ground) Magenta Banner
White Banner (block, on the ground) Light Blue Banner
White Banner (block, on the ground) Yellow Banner
White Banner (block, on the ground) Lime Banner
White Banner (block, on the ground) Pink Banner
White Banner (block, on the ground) Gray Banner
White Banner (block, on the ground) Light Gray Banner
White Banner (block, on the ground) Cyan Banner
White Banner (block, on the ground) Purple Banner
White Banner (block, on the ground) Blue Banner
White Banner (block, on the ground) Brown Banner
White Banner (block, on the ground) Green Banner
White Banner (block, on the ground) Red Banner
White Banner (block, on the ground) Black Banner
White Banner (block, on a wall) White Banner[names note 2]
White Banner (block, on a wall) Orange Banner[names note 2]
White Banner (block, on a wall) Magenta Banner[names note 2]
White Banner (block, on a wall) Light Blue Banner[names note 2]
White Banner (block, on a wall) Yellow Banner[names note 2]
White Banner (block, on a wall) Lime Banner[names note 2]
White Banner (block, on a wall) Pink Banner[names note 2]
White Banner (block, on a wall) Gray Banner[names note 2]
White Banner (block, on a wall) Light Gray Banner[names note 2]
White Banner (block, on a wall) Cyan Banner[names note 2]
White Banner (block, on a wall) Purple Banner[names note 2]
White Banner (block, on a wall) Blue Banner[names note 2]
White Banner (block, on a wall) Brown Banner[names note 2]
White Banner (block, on a wall) Green Banner[names note 2]
White Banner (block, on a wall) Red Banner[names note 2]
White Banner (block, on a wall) Black Banner[names note 2]
Extreme Hills Mountains
Swampland Swamp
DesertHills Desert Hills
ForestHills Wooded Hills
FrozenOcean Frozen Ocean
FrozenRiver Frozen River
Ice Plains Snowy Tundra
Ice Mountains Snowy Mountains
MushroomIsland Mushroom Fields
MushroomIslandShore Mushroom Field Shore
TaigaHills Taiga Hills
Extreme Hills Edge Mountain Edge
Hell Nether
JungleEdge Jungle Edge
JungleHills Jungle Hills
Stone Beach Stone Shore
Cold Beach Snowy Beach
Roofed Forest Dark Forest
Cold Taiga Snowy Taiga
Cold Taiga Hills Snowy Taiga Hills
Mega Taiga Giant Tree Taiga
Mega Taiga Hills Giant Tree Taiga Hills
Extreme Hills+ Wooded Mountains
Mesa Badlands
Mesa Plateau F Wooded Badlands Plateau
Mesa Plateau Badlands Plateau
Desert M Desert Lakes
Extreme Hills M Gravelly Mountains
Taiga M Taiga Mountains
Swampland M Swamp Hills
Ice Plains Spikes Ice Spikes
Jungle M Modified Jungle
JungleEdge M Modified Jungle Edge
Birch Forest M Tall Birch Forest
Birch Forest Hills M Tall Birch Hills
Roofed Forest M Dark Forest Hills
Cold Taiga M Snowy Taiga Mountains
Mega Spruce Taiga Giant Spruce Taiga
Redwood Taiga Hills Giant Spruce Taiga Hills
Extreme Hills+ M Gravelly Mountains+
Savanna M Shattered Savanna
Savanna Plateau M Shattered Savanna Plateau
Mesa (Bryce) Eroded Badlands
Mesa Plateau F M Modified Wooded Badlands Plateau
Mesa Plateau M Modified Badlands Plateau

  1. 1.0 1.1 This is actually the melon stem, it used the same translation string as pumpkin stems.
  2. 2.00 2.01 2.02 2.03 2.04 2.05 2.06 2.07 2.08 2.09 2.10 2.11 2.12 2.13 2.14 2.15 These translation strings were originally missing, see MC-122579; now they use the same translation strings as standing banners (rather than their own), see MC-124142

Statistics[편집 | 원본 편집]

  • Changed to be namespaced
    • Everything on the "General" tab are now in the form of minecraft.custom:minecraft.something instead of stat.something, and "something" became lowercased and separated with underscores.
    • Mined blocks are now in the form of minecraft.mined:namespace.block_id instead of stat.mineBlock.something, where "something" was either the numeral id or namespace.block_id.
    • Broken items are now in the form of minecraft.broken:namespace.item_id instead of stat.breakItem.something, where "something" was either the numeral id or namespace.item_id.
    • Dropped items are now in the form of minecraft.dropped:namespace.item_id instead of stat.drop.something, where "something" was either the numeral id or namespace.item_id.
    • Used Items are now in the form of minecraft.used:namespace.item_id instead of stat.useItem.something, where "something" was either the numeral id or namespace.item_id.
    • Killed entities are now in the form of minecraft.killed:namespace.entity_id instead of stat.killEntity.something, where "something" was the pre-1.11 entity id.
      • Also now exists for all entities, not just entities with spawn eggs.
    • Killed by entities are now in the form of minecraft.killed_by:namespace.entity_id instead of stat.entityKilledBy.something, where "something" was the pre-1.11 entity id.
      • Also now exists for all entities, not just entities with spawn eggs.
  • Merged the blocks and items tabs.

NBT Data[편집 | 원본 편집]

  • Damage in the root of the item data removed.
  • Damage added in the tag tag, only used for durability.
  • map integer added in the tag tag, for maps.
  • Base of Shields has the colors in the opposite order for consistency.
  • ench for enchantments got renamed to Enchantments.
  • Enchantment Ids in Enchantments and StoredEnchantments now use the string ids.
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 This tag will change to a compound format with {Name:"block_id",Properties:{state:"value"}}

Commands[편집 | 원본 편집]

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 See nbt section for what happens to other data values. See also 1.13's Items section
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 See also 1.13's Blocks section

Advancements[편집 | 원본 편집]

  • icon's data removed.
  • item condition's data removed.

Loot Tables[편집 | 원본 편집]

  • set_data function removed.

Game Assets[편집 | 원본 편집]

  • Models
    • Renamed to use the new ids.
  • Block state files
    • Renamed to use the new ids.
    • "normal" for blocks without block states changed to an empty string ("").
    • Item Frames now have "map=false" instead of "normal" and "map=true" instead of "map".
    • Model references no longer start at the models/block/ folder, but instead at models/.
  • Textures
    • Renamed to use the new ids.
    • Renamed the blocks folder to block.
    • Renamed the items folder to item.
  • Recipes
    • Renamed to use the new ids.
  • Advancements
    • Recipe advancements renamed to use the new ids.
  • Language files
    • Block translation keys are now in the form of block.namespace.block_id instead of tile.something.name (where "something" was an arbitrary name such as "lightgem" for glowstone; for instance "tile.lightgem.name": "Glowstone" has been replaced with "block.minecraft.glowstone": "Glowstone")
    • Item translation keys are now in the form of item.namespace.item_id instead of item.something.name (where "something" was an arbitrary name such as "yellowDust" for glowstone dust; for instance "item.yellowDust.name": "Glowstone Dust" has been replaced with "item.minecraft.glowstone_dust": "Glowstone Dust")
    • Entity translation keys are now in the form of entity.namespace.entity_id instead of entity.something.name (where "something" was an arbitrary name such as "MinecartRideable" for minecart and used to be its ID before Java Edition 1.11; for instance "entity.MinecartRideable.name": "Minecart" has been replaced with "entity.minecraft.minecart": "Minecart")
    • Enchantment translation keys are now in the form of enchantment.namespace.enchantment_id instead of enchantment.something (where "something" was an arbitrary name such as "waterWorker" for Aqua Affinity; for instance "enchant.waterWorker": "Aqua Affinity" has been replaced with "enchantment.minecraft.aqua_affinity": "Aqua Affinity")
    • Effect translation keys are now in the form of effect.namespace.effect_id instead of effect.something (where "something" was an arbitrary name such as "digSlowDown" for Mining Fatigue; for instance "effect.digSlowDown": "Mining Fatigue" has been replaced with "effect.minecraft.mining_fatigue": "Mining Fatigue")
    • General statistic translation keys are now in the form of stat.namespace.statistic_id instead of stat.statisticId (where "statisticId" was the statistic name with capitalization such as "playOneMinute" for Time Played; for instance "stat.playOneMinute": "Time Played" has been replaced with "stat.minecraft.play_one_minute": "Time Played")
    • Statistic information translation keys are now in the form of stat_type.namespace.statistic_type instead of stat.statisticType (where "statisticType" was the statistic type with capitalization such as "entityKills" for killed mobs; for instance "stat.entityKills": "You killed %s %s" has been replaced with "stat_type.minecraft.killed": "You killed %s %s")

References[편집 | 원본 편집]

History[편집 | 원본 편집]

Java Edition
1.1317w45aCommand format changed to no longer use meta data and damage values; making the items differing by damage not possible to be given with commands.
17w47aThe item and block IDs got merged, deleted, separated and renamed.
The block state changes got applied.
Removed damage from items, added damage in the tag tag for tools and armor and added map for maps.
Trapped Chests now got their own block entity id trapped_chest.
Metadata completely removed.
Particle IDs got namespaced and renamed.
Statistics got namespaced, and entity statistics removed.
Translation strings now follow the ID for items, blocks and statistics.
17w47bTrapped Chests now use the chest block entity id again.
17w48aEntity statistics re-added and now apply to all entities.
18w02aPainting motives are now namespaced and renamed.
Wall banners now use the same translation key as their standing variant banners.
The translation keys for entities are now entity.<namespace>.<id> instead of entity.<something>.name.
18w07bRenamed turtle_shell_piece to scute.
18w10bSeparated dead_coral into one for each color.
18w10cMerged water and flowing_water.
Merged lava and flowing_lava.
18w14bRenamed $color_dead_coral to dead_$variant_coral_block.
Renamed $color_coral to $variant_coral_block.
Renamed $color_coral_plant to $variant_coral.
Renamed $color_coral_fan to $variant_coral_fan.
18w19aRenamed (tall_)sea_grass to (tall_)seagrass.
Renamed the entity puffer_fish to pufferfish.
Changed the name of Clownfish to Tropical Fish.
18w20aRenamed kelp_top to kelp.
Renamed kelp to kelp_plant.
Renamed prismarine_bricks_slab to prismarine_brick_slab.
Renamed prismarine_bricks_stairs to prismarine_brick_stairs.
Renamed cod_mob_spawn_egg to cod_spawn_egg.
Renamed salmon_mob_spawn_egg to salmon_spawn_egg.
Renamed cod_mob to cod.
Renamed salmon_mob to salmon.
Changed the name of Weighted Pressure Plate (Heavy) to Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate.
Changed the name of Weighted Pressure Plate (Light) to Light Weighted Pressure Plate.
18w20aChanged the name of Gold Horse Armor to Golden Horse Armor.
Changed the name of Chain Armor to Chainmail Armor.
Changed the name of Milk to Milk Bucket.
Changed the name of Seeds to Wheat Seeds.
Changed the name of Spawn <mob> to <mob> Spawn Egg.
Renamed several block textures.
Renamed several structure files.
18w20bRenamed melon_block to melon.
Renamed melon to melon_slice.
Renamed speckled_melon to glistering_melon_slice.
Changed the entity name Ender Crystal to End Crystal.
Changed the entity name Block of TNT to Primed TNT.
18w21aThe ench NBT tag is now called Enchantments, and no longer has number IDs in each compound.
18w22aThe block state for Leaves changed from check_decay and decayable Booleans to distance (ranging from 1 to 7) and a persistent Boolean.
18w22bBark now has axis=x|y|z block states.
pre3textures/blocks/ changed to textures/block/.
textures/items/ changed to textures/item/.
Block state files now use "" rather than "normal" to specify no block states.
Block state files now reference models starting in models/ rather than models/block/.
pre5Renamed xp_orb to experience_orb.
Renamed xp_bottle to experience_bottle.
Renamed eye_of_ender_signal to eye_of_ender.
Renamed ender_crystal to end_crystal.
Renamed the entity fireworks_rocket to firework_rocket.
Renamed commandblock_minecart to command_block_minecart.
Renamed villager_golem to iron_golem.
Renamed evocation_fangs to evoker_fangs.
Renamed evocation_illager to evoker.
Renamed vindication_illager to vindicator.
pre5Renamed illusion_illager to illusioner.
Renamed evocation_illager_spawn_egg to evoker_spawn_egg.
Renamed vindication_illager_spawn_egg to vindicator_spawn_egg.
Renamed mob_spawner to spawner.
Renamed portal to nether_portal.
Renamed clownfish to tropical_fish.
Renamed clownfish_bucket to tropical_fish_bucket.
Renamed chorus_fruit_popped to popped_chorus_fruit.
Renamed $type_bark to $type_wood.
The sound event changes got applied.
pre5The biome ID changes got applied.
The translation keys for enchantments are now enchantment.<namespace>.<id> instead of enchantment.<something>
The translation keys for effects are now effect.<namespace>.<id> instead of effect.<something>