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이 기능은 Java EditionBedrock Edition 전용입니다. 

A protocol version number[1] (PVN) is an integer used to check for incompatibilities between server versions.


파일:Outdated client.png

An outdated client attempting to connect to a server on a a newer version.

Client and server versions with the same protocol version are compatible with each other. For example, a client running Java Edition 1.8.9 can connect to a server running Java Edition 1.8, as both have a protocol version of 47.

Upon attempting to join a multiplayer server, the game will check if the client has a protocol version newer or older than the selected server; if it does, the game will then alert the player that their client (or the server) is outdated.


All versions, including minor releases and development versions on both Java and Bedrock editions, have their own protocol version. The version takes the form of an ever-increasing positive integer unlike client versions. Protocol versions may occasionally be skipped between major releases.

Storage location[]

Each Minecraft build since 18w47b specifies its current protocol version in the version.json file, found in the root directory of the client and server jars.

  • version.json
    •  protocol_version: The protocol version of this build.

List of protocol versions[]

자바 에디션의 최신 버전인 1.18.2의 프로토콜 버전은 Pending이다. 자바 에디션의 최신 개발 버전인 22w16b의 프로토콜 버전은 Pending이다.


Java Edition 클래식
?Added protocol versions.
Java Edition 알파
v1.0.17_02Reset the protocol version number to 1.
Java Edition
1.7.213w41aRewrote the protocol versioning system to use Netty, resetting protocol versions back to 0. Protocol versions before this update are not compatible with server versions with the same protocol number after this update.
Pocket Edition 알파
0.1.0Added protocol versions.

See also[]

  • Data version


  1. server.jar, located in class com.mojang.bridge.game.GameVersion