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이 틀을 사용하면 업적 혹은 지정된 문서로부터 {{achievements}} 표의 사용을 불러올 수 있다.


{{{1}}} can be used to specify the name of the achievement to load. The name will be the same as the title shown on the achievement, although only one name is required in the case of a split title, and it is case insensitive. If the achievement cannot be found, the page gets added to Category:Missing achievement. Using ; between achievement names allows multiple different achievements to be loaded in a single call.

Setting {{{id}}} shows the Internal ID column. It defaults to hidden.

To allow another usage of this template or of {{Achievements}} to be used underneath, set {{{continue}}}.

The parameter {{{page}}} can be set to determine the page to load the achievement from. It defaults to Achievements

The main article link can be set by {{{main}}}, and it defaults to {{{page}}}. Setting it to none removes the link.

{{load achievements|최초의 나무}}


아이콘 업적 게임 내의 설명 실제 달성 조건 (다를 경우) 수행 가능한 플랫폼 Xbox 점수 트로피 종류 (PS)
Xbox PS 베드락 닌텐도
최초의 나무원목 블록이 튀어나올 때까지 나무를 때리십시오땅에서 원목을 집으면 달성된다.가능가능가능가능10GBronze
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